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Ventracere chapter 3 . 6/21
The argument that you start out the chapter gives the scene a tense feeling right from the get go. The words are charged, and even though the two argue, we can see that both Bala and Oz care about each other an extent. Funny how they both disapprove what each other are doing. Though I suspect that Balasar is doing so a means of a defense mechanism. Oz actually disapproves of what Balasar is doing, especially by pointing out that although Balasar denies believing in gods, he dictates his life on them. It's a poignant statement, that stuck with me for the entire chapter, but I'm not exactly sure why, haha.

At the same time, we see that Oz obviously cares about Balasar's wellbeing. I liked how you have the scene with the fish/food to demonstrate it. Oz tries so hard to "help"/care for Balasar, and for some reason it's a bit amusing to see Balasar deny him. It takes Oz a decent amount of prodding to get Balasar to admit things, but eventually he does. That push, push, push by Oz was fun to read. It's great to see that you've established right from the get go that Balasar has some one he can trust, much like Daja, the slave. I'm curious how they're going to meet up though, considering how their paths haven't crossed yet.

Thanks for the read!
Ventracere chapter 2 . 6/20
I loved your descriptions, especially the opener. It came around full circle to the end, where you revisited the idea of "singing chimes" and the idea that the wind had a voice. It gives the chapter a sense of coherency, that unity that kind of wraps the chapter together well as a whole.

The scene at the top of the temple was relaxing and it certainly carried through your words. Daja seems to accept his fate, though at the same time, he's only just coming to terms with it. You explore it well by showing us by how he says it aloud in a sacred place, like he's telling a secret to the wind in hopes that it'll carry it away with him. It's poetic, in words and in scene.

Pacing wise, this is a slower chapter, but it's suitable. I liked how you have the contrast between Daja and Asseo. Asseo's character, which you don't have too much time to flesh out counters Daja's. Daja is much more contemplative, and Asseo comes to the conclusion quickly that Daja might have slipped off had he stayed up there too much longer. Well, not exactly, more like he's protective of Daja. In that short scene, you were able to explore that, so kudos!

Thanks for there read!
DarkWolfWavius chapter 1 . 6/18
I really liked this story :)

One of the reasons I liked this story was because of how descriptive you were. It made a lot of the scenes feel more alive to me :)

The only thing I disliked about this story was a minor one. There are a couple minor grammar issues. It wasn't really that noticeable though so don't worry too much about it :)

Overall, good job D
Chiscribe chapter 7 . 6/17
Despite this being a shorter chapter than the usual, it was a nice change of pace from the last little battle scene and this chapter did a good job of characterization for Bala as we learn that he is regretful in killing the priest because they were just doing their duty while he unfortunately was doing his. It really gives him a touch of humanity in knowing that he doesn't like indiscriminate killing with no reason or a reason that is less than righteous on his eyes.

His interaction with Asseo was also memorable because of his blunt and direct way of telling him what was going to happen if he didn't cooperate and the way you conveyed Asseo's helplessness at the hands of the mercenaries, very intense moments with him indeed.

In all while I wouldn't say much happened in this chapter, it felt more like a buildup to the real bulk of the plot. We're already so far in where the main plot is unfolding at a steady pace and now you've managed to rack up the tension with the question of whether Daja would even appreciate the help he received from Bala and his men
Hedonistic Opportunist chapter 14 . 6/16
Oh yes :D I agree with Eagles - the fight scene was really well done :) I'm generally sort of ambivalent towards them myself in novels, because they're sort of less interesting on paper. More long-winded. Sometimes hard to follow or difficult to picture. Sometimes they drag for ages, and I just want the writer to stop already, because I'm honestly not that engrossed in the fight :P

What I liked here is that build-up was right: you felt Daja's fear, the disbelief of the others, and Ira's clear mocking and complete underestimation of Daja's abilities. Not a cliché in this case though, because Daja is a slender, beautiful sacrifice that those mercenaries stole from a temple; they assume that he's been trained to 'please', and not to fight. (It is a cliché, in so many many battle manga, for the opponents to underestimate the hero/counterpart). I felt that the build-up made the actual fighting scene more interesting, because you got us emotionally involved. This was done through Daja being scared, hesitating and quite frankly, not even believing at first that he had actually spoken those words :3 If you're like me and get protective of literary baes, then you know that I'm really worried for Daja during such moments: when he says something and then gets into trouble (we know how that ended last time ... ): ). There were also very good subtle moments that happened pre-fight, like Asseo holding Daja's fingers. It's such a nice remainder of their bond, and Asseo's concern. My little puppy ;_; Come and let me hug you XDD.

Okay, moving on. My favourite subtle pre-fight moment was Ira showing Daja the weapons of his fallen masters. That was cruel and unexpectedly so, but it does show two things i) Daja really did lose everything and ii) Ira is not just all muscles, and no brain. He's aware of how much Daja must be hurting to see this, and I think that was a clear provocation; he's a bastard all right, but I do love how he knows how to rile up his opponents. And what I loved about Daja in that moment is that he did not fall prey to this provocation; instead, he calmly chose the weapon that he knew would suit him best. Again, that's AWESOME, and shows just how intelligent Daja is: he's not only been growing, but he's showing a very clear survival tactic. He's not letting Ira get to him, and I respect him a lot for that :D

...I like your weapon descriptions. No, I'm not a weapon expert, but I did like the level of detail here (though I got a little mistake somewhere when you talked about Daja's little toy :3 There was an extra unneeded 'my' there. I can't copy/paste, so ): ...Sorry, I'm useless :/). But yeah, I liked your weapons descriptions: it's nice to have something to visualise, and it also seems like you really know what you're talking about. Which gives you more reasons to brag, AND gives this story a sense of authenticity. As for the fight scene itself: I think it was well-handed. Easier to read than most, and nice to follow, though I'm not going to go into great lengths talking about it, because I was more GRIPPED by the Balasar and Daja interactions :P

So. I am honestly glad that we are beginning to see more hints of Daja and Balasar attraction(s) in this chapter. I liked how Balasar, seemingly protective at first, was intrigued by Daja's decision to fight in this chapter: I liked that you hinted at his attraction here, showing that he's interested in Daja's less than submissive nature, in his ability to defend himself and prove to be a force to be reckoned with. It shows that he's not just attracted, because Daja is a 'pretty little thing'. I liked that he stopped/intervened in the fight with Ira, before it got too 'heated', but then did not hesitate to cut Daja's lip when he and Daja fought. I think it's an interesting contradiction: he's willing to hurt Daja, but he's not wiling to let others hurt him :D :D It also hints at his cruelty, but also his protective nature.

BUT let's talk about the fight :D I thought the whole thing - the leading up to the sword fight to the fight itself - was like a sex scene. It had foreplay (hehehehe), the main event and some sexy aftercare. I'm stupid okay, but I just loved how they both were testing each other out, flirting and how Balasar was complimenting Daja, but also - inevitably - teaching him/leading him. In all seriousness, I felt that this was the first time that those two men really saw each other: Daja realised that Balasar was someone who could teach him something/was worth getting to know further, while Balasar realised, really now, that Daja was maybe not something that he should sell off. I liked that here, in this case, he actually was beginning to see Daja as a potential fighter, as someone who could prove to be an ally even :D

Yeah, I'm switching tenses, but I just loved the scene: the part where Balasar wins and then still teaches Daja something was lovely :D Even lovelier was the lip-cutting moment, because it was hot/sizzling/unexpected. If that's how they fight, I really can't wait to see the sex :P Also, I loved how Daja was attracted, confused, interested :D I feel like the boy's finally learning what attraction is. And that's a good thing, but it's also dangerous, because Asseo is in love with him, and Daja is so not aware. He's leading him unintentionally on, and I feel that's not going to end well ):

Not at all.

Mmm. Need to cut this short, I'm tired, and I think I covered everything that I wanted to. I'll review better for 15 :) But thanks for fun read :3
Ventracere chapter 1 . 6/16
Hullo, hullo! Anywho, my first thought was Pendragon - from the name - interesting how the speaker is asking about legends :D yeah. okay. I'll stop right there. Onto the review!

Something that I definitely liked was your opening descriptions. You didn't hit your readers too hard with all these sensory details. What you do tell us of what is happening around Balasar is that enough that we have an idea, but too much that we're overwhelmed.

The pacing of the chapter was a little slow, but I appreciate how you give us an overview of the world that you've set this up in. Abdhi serves as a great way to carry across information to your reader - we get the same information that Balasar is receiving. It puts us right into the story, and we're right along with Balasar as he is accepting the "mission" of sorts.

Last thing I liked, are these lines "'Said the villain to the hero?' Balasar asked. 'I think not, Minister.' He pushed up from his perch against the wall, making to head for the door. 'I'm no hero. I'm working for you, remember?'" This cements the idea that he's aware of what he's doing, the mission he's taking on. In just some dialogue, you've alluded to the fact of just how aware Balasar is of himself. He knows what he's getting into, and where that puts him. It gives him a depth of character I wasn't expecting to see in the first chapter.

Thanks for the read!
Hedonistic Opportunist chapter 13 . 6/16
I hope I can make this review long, but there are so many things I can say, so many thing I *want* to say, but I still owe you a review 10, but I will also play this for the games, since I've been meaning to catch up. But - in a general sense - I think this is a lovely chapter: juicy in terms of plot, and wonderfully detailed in terms of background imagery and scenery that doesn't just serve the purpose of being pretty, but gives this story an atmosphere that straddles the line between being threatening (at the beginning) to hot and humid and heavy while the troupe resumes their travels. But I'll say more about that later :D

What I really, really loved about this chapter was the beginning paragraph about the air being so heavy and humid that everyone had trouble waking up. I have experienced those kind of mornings, and so the description was realistic and relatable. Moreover, I think it was a great starting ground for Balasar to be a bit sluggish and sort of dazed when he got up, making the later discovery so much worse. What I'm saying is that I liked how you set up the moment of his waking up, to seeing Jaleah there, drinking and telling him to go to church very well. You could kind of sense that something was wrong, but rather than playing up the melodrama, I think you build up this scene in a very quiet and realistic manner - I like that; it makes the pacing more natural. I also liked how Jaleah called Balasar 'Bala', since that - yet again - established how close they are to each other :3 I keep saying this, but I love how you play up the closeness of the cast - especially between Balasar and his closer companions. When Ozzrick came into the scene, I could again sense that he and Balasar were close. I liked how Oz was so quiet and serious and just told Balasar to see for himself, what was in the church...

And that church discovery scene, I must say, was honestly chilling. No, you didn't describe much, but I don't think it was necessary: what you did describe was to the point, grotesque and just vivid enough that you could a clear idea of what had happened/how horrifying the discovery was. I really liked that you used the sense of smell to pinpoint the state of the church, and the state of the corpses. It's horrible to think about, truly, but nothing is as clear, as vivid, as direct to a reader as smell (it's something we experience in our daily lives). Also, it was a great way of not simply relying on sight. I loved the follow up to the discovery: Oz and Balasar's conversations are becoming my favourite staple in this story, but this quiet, honest discourse on their part, especially on Oz's part showed a lot: how Oz is scared, how he's trying to warn Balasar, and how Balasar is, yet again, brushing him off. I feel this will backfire on Balasar, but yes, I love this scene for the sense of foreboding it gives me. I mean, it's somehow unsettling me, and I just enjoy those things :D It's kind of like later, in the story, I will be able to tell that this was a sort of early plot hint :D (...I'm tired, ignore me).

I really enjoyed Daja's scenes in this chapter, because we can, yet again, see how he's growing. This is especially evident in the scene where he's sort of cursing on his god and thinking back to Balasar's words; I like this scene, because I felt that he was further accepting his fate, and becoming even less of puppet :D That's really cool, and I also think you handled his thoughts quite well via the form of italics. I also loved the quieter moment, just as he woke up and considered how warm Asseo was. It was a ...very touching moment and so tenderly written; I loved it for that, because it made me remember how young those two are, and how much they have been through. It also brought to mind how Daja will have forever lost the luxury of enjoying such normalcy and innocence ): Poor Asseo too.

Honestly? Daja has so lost so much ):

Anyhow, I loved the moment where Jaleah popped up and healed Daja; it was a quiet moment, but I felt that it served a purpose, and I liked that it hinted at more interaction between Jaleah and Daja (and it was a great way to hint at Daja becoming interested in learning Balasar's tongue). I also think it was a great scene that served as a remainder of Daja's growth, and how he's becoming a survivor :D Also: I loved the scene where he told Balasar to burn the corpses; I also liked how he just knew what had happened at church. It shows how he's so intelligent and self-aware (also he did dream about this, if I recall correctly in earlier chapters ...). Honestly, there are a lot of scenes I loved in this chapter, but I just cannot comment on every single one ;_; But I feel that you are very good with those quiet moments - not only because you build up the characters well, but because you always seem to have the plot in mind too (and are building it up further).

I liked that you introduced a time-skip in this chapter that was short and sweet, but also introduced a few new developments; it helped pace the story a bit, and also was a natural way of showing how Daja is growing closer to Balasar's moment (I like that he's trying to learn their tongues, and is also remembering names; it definitely shows that he's wiling to adapt/has accepted that he has to stay with those people). I think you did a great job of showing Daja's intelligence by having him analyse the structure of this group, Moreover, I also thought it was a great way of informing the reader about the structure in a non-clunky manner; instead, it was very elegant and natural. I also kind of like how there are two fractions: between Balasar and Iramond. I sense a rivalry :D?

ALSO THE LAST PART. I like how you describe Iramond as a decent fighter. Still, he comes across as arrogant, and I love that this riles Daja up :D :D :D I further love how this leads to him challenging Iramond :D It makes for a great cliffhanger, and makes me want to read the next chapter pronto :)
alltheeagles chapter 15 . 6/15

Hmm, SS Dajeo has hit a dead calm and is temporarily not moving. It seems Daja is just feeling sorry for Asseo. Well, okay not exactly sorry but sympathetic, loyal etc, I’m just lazy to define it exactly. Anyway, I’m not going to rant at you about that. I’m fine with them not being a couple, it’s just that what you had presented of them so far was pointing that way so I followed the arrow. This ‘friendship’ (for lack of a better word) is good too. In fact, I like how you lead from ‘I don’t love him’ to ‘He loves you’ to ‘Dang, I don’t know what love is’ – it was so smoothly and organically done.
I like how Balasar is taking a more prominent role now, how he is opening up to Daja so to speak, by sharing his past. The overall plot is also moving with the connection between the goddess and the god, and I like that too because I’ve been so focused on the details of Dajeo and the travails of Asseo that at one point I think I forgot that this wasn’t a lemon, albeit an immensely entertaining and engrossing one. Hence the meltdown into fullblown fangirl mode.
Finally I don’t mind the underlying philosophy of what men do in the name of religion and the undeniable hypocrisy that can be found in some cases, but it’s not something I choose to think about a lot, so frankly, I hope you keep that down to what is absolutely necessary because I don’t want a lecture on morality, I want a LOVE STORY. But please, do ignore this tantrum and very selfish demand, and write the story the way you see it. I’m a pest...
Language: these seem like errors to me – forewent (foreGONE?), decomposure (DECOMPOSITION)
Itsa Mia chapter 15 . 6/15



Chiscribe chapter 6 . 6/13
I really liked the pacing of this chapter. It starts off deceptively slow with just the tiniest hint of impending danger only to have the scene explode in a fury of swords and blood. The action scene itself was wonderfully written and detailed enough as to not leave anything to the imagination while still keeping your vivid style intact, particularly with the descriptions of the mercenaries being so foreign to Daja.

I also liked how you pulled a kind of bait and switch in dealing with the death scene, as I was sure Asseo was about to be the one to die after his personable monologue to Daja, I kind of figured that as the end to his brief character arc. lol

And finally, Daja and Bala meet up! Can't wait to see their interactions with each other!
alltheeagles chapter 14 . 6/9

*Applause* What was that for? For the fight scene! Fight scenes bore me usually but this one was nice and brisk and to the point. Elegant even – you made it sound like a dance of some kind and the inclusion of the wind suggested something more was at work than mere training. So anyway, mightily impressed.
The other thing I like is that Daja is getting Bala’s attention through his fighting ability and not (merely) his prettiness and obvious carnal experience. It goes both ways too – Daja wanting to know how Bala thinks – and I think that’s a better foundation for a relationship than if they were all over each other from the word go. Incidentally Bala’s been portrayed as pretty straight so far, orientation-wise. Is that a significant point, I wonder? Is Daja going to ‘turn’ him, so to speak…
The ending was sweet (‘us’ – nice!) and serves as more wind in the sails of SS Dajeo (pun intended, not matter how bad…)
Nnnnnooooo! No more chapters...
alltheeagles chapter 13 . 6/9

I still don’t know if you’re doing this as a fantasy (taking the angry deity aspect further) or a ‘factual’ account (explain everything rationally) but I guess it doesn’t really matter at this point since we’ve been sidetracked into Daja and Asseo’s love(?) story. It will matter in the end, I suspect – if Bala gets cursed by the god or something, whose side will Daja be on? Assuming it’s still about Bala and Daja then and not Daja and Asseo.

I take back what I said about Isme’s wound being insignificant cause of the ‘foreign energy’ incident. Still no idea how far or how wide the plot gets, but if it’s of saga proportions, then I think Isme definitely has a larger role to play in future.

I like the latest development – Daja gets to show that he’s good for something else other than as a substitute for a woman. That should change the dynamics between him and the men. I hope Asseo gets a chance to show his stuff too. But wait he already did that in the fight and it didn’t impress anybody… wonder what’s going on.

Eeeeee I'm almost out of chapters to read! Arggh...
alltheeagles chapter 12 . 6/7
RG EF review

I was wrong – not Bala to the rescue but Asseo! Not that he did such a great job at that, but hey it’s the thought that counts. Right now I’m not so sure if Asseo did that out of a priest’s sense of outrage or if it’s personal, but he gets major points for trying. He’s rising fast in my like rankings, anyway.
I thought you’d hold off the rape but I guess it makes more sense for it to actually happen. It illustrates how little worth Daja gives himself, and also there is that flash of resistance in ‘I accomplished what I intended.’
The ending part was a good contrast to the madness. It made me feel all achy in the heart and now I’m definitely keeping SS Dajeo afloat. It’s interesting, really, how Daja and Asseo have become the centre of this story when it was presented as a Bala-focused piece in the summary but maybe this will change later. *GASP* You’re not going to… do something… to Asseo? To get him out of the way? Oh poorpoorpoor Asseo!
alltheeagles chapter 11 . 6/7

Nice balance here between the spookiness of the abandoned village and Isme’s story of how she got her scars. Not sure if this figures in the grand scheme or if it’s just an interesting anecdote. I’m thinking the latter, since GS (lazy to type out the whole title) is now shaping up to be an at-least- twice-around-the-park jog rather than a brisk walk around the block. There are at least two questions to answer after all: Will Bala keep Daja for himself, and will the prophesied destruction really come to be? Incidentally, I’m assuming that news of Daja’s snatching has spread already if the villagers are already panicking. Nobody mentioned it though…
That was a superb ending line. Ooh was the only thing that came to mind when I read it, but after I’d blinked a few times, I came to my senses and predicted that you wouldn’t carry through with it, based on the way you’ve been writing this. Instead, I’d say it’s about time Bala stepped in, and it’ll also be an indication of the degree and style of authority that Bala has over his underlings. Now let’s see if I read you correctly…
alltheeagles chapter 10 . 6/7

Ugh, who’s this blob of pity putty? Yes, I know he’s been conditioned all his life to obey and yes I know he’s just had his entire world destroyed. My point: I understand WHY he’s behaving this way but emotionally I don’t LIKE it. I want sparks and ‘Yes master’ spat out with a hiss not this… meek little slave girl. Okay, I’ll stop ranting here, and just conclude by saying that I hope he snaps out of this soon.
I have a thing for hurt/comfort too and that was a nice nod to it there in the Asseo-Daja reunion. Asseo is really shaping up as a major player in how he’s the source of doubt, so to speak, to Daja’s faith. That makes this piece a ‘thinking’ piece rather than an exercise in titillation, clappity-clap. Oh what the heck, I may as well launch my ship now: I hereby set sail on SS Dajeo! Unless you convince me that Bala is having second thoughts about his latest source of income.
Finally: the door breaking like brittle bones – nice line, that.
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