Reviews for In the RAF
Kody Wright chapter 2 . 11/3/2012
you're a very good writer. Just need to do a little more research in historical aviation research though. The RAF didn't hire women pilots and no AAF pilots were transferred to the RAF. There was a program the Brits had for pilots called the ATA. It was through British airways and they hired both men and women to ferry planes. The RAF did recruit locally but did not recruit american pilots that were active in the AAF. They also did not send uniforms out, one had to get fitted and pick one up. In china there was a group of mercinary pilots, "The Flying Tigers" that were american pilots.

The AAF was activily recruiting and trianing men prior to Pearl Harbor. Their numbers swelled during 1940 after decades of neglect. It was really a rag tag group at that point.

American women pilots were recruited through WASP to take up the slack of the men going into battle. They were ferrying pilots and some towed target planes. WASP was not reconized till Jimmy Carter as part of the air force.

The american pilots were paid much better than the RAF. The term, "Over sexed, over paid and over here" was common.

Glenn Miller scene was cute, I love his music. He was a Major in the Army and died during the way in a plane crash. They never recovered his body. Bob Hope was also very popular. The slang used back then was different from today. "Hot chick" would NEVER have been used. "Chick" became popular in the 60's and 70's. The term was "Skirt." They also had other coloful terms, just google popular ww2 terms and a whole bunch comes up.

A little know fact was there was almost a draft for nurses. It was debated in the government but they were able to increase the numbers by 1000 percent to avoid a nursing draft. If you have any aviation questions just ask. I'm a bit of a history buff in ww2 aviation and women in aviation.