Reviews for Unbidden
Ghost chapter 15 . 11/19/2013
Your doing a dam good job..!
Keep it up.. I think the shit is hitting the fan now lol.
Ghost chapter 12 . 11/3/2013
Been a bit..

Glad to have more from you.. Good story and please keep writing..
Kazulous chapter 9 . 11/26/2012
Well, I guess I'll try to get the snowball rolling by providing my two cents in the form of a quick, opinionated review.

I initially followed the story in curiosity and was interested in which direction you would take it. When I read this it feels almost like a parody of most fantasy situations, with a little bit of manga style fighting mixed in, topped with the icing of crude humor provided by a crazy ass villain now annoying spirit in protagonist's head. It reminded me of those older teen/young adult western cartoons or a Seinen manga (I suppose part of the influence in my thinking is the cover. She's Ignis from Jingai Makyou, an Eroge by Nitro, a game that isn't for younger ones. :P)

Plot wise, I think that after the first arc it got a little more crazy. While its not so bad, I guess what I'm worried about is that the direction may spin out of control, and the initial goal would be lost in the stream of secondary plots.

What sold me after the initial arc was Zagato. His talks and remarks with Kaiser are just so funny. I can't help but laugh at the comedic chemistry between a rude, perverted, shit-stirring man of chaotic malice and one of justice, honor and his chivalrous innocence towards the opposite sex. And it doesn't help that both are bat-shit crazy when it comes to a fight. (Planning? Pshh, whatever. Just burn it all. LOL)

Too bad Zagato didn't get a female companion to keep him company in Kaiser's head. Jeez, imagine that. If two spirits got freaky in someone's mind would it count as a literal mind rape? -shudder-

Has Karl back from chapter one come back to get vengeance yet? I wonder what the drunkard has in mind...

I'm intrigued to see where things will go after this chapter, so I'll keep following this story in anticipation of the next crazed opponent they go up against.

Good luck with the story!