Reviews for Wingless Bird (Complete)
Moonvibe chapter 34 . 7/27/2014
Wow! What a dramatic and exciting finish to this chapter! J. Carlos' treachery was not totally unsuspected, but his rash actions sure were a surprise. I gotta give it to Fynne though, she can certainly handle herself in any situation. She's got nerves of steel and the moves to match.

The desperation of the members of The Phoenix as they were herded away was brilliantly conveyed through their downtrodden demeanors and frustrated wills. Night's own conflict about the situation in Duson City shone through his battle weary posture too. And the unrest of the citizens gave the environment a truly volatile feel, like chaos could erupt at any moment. The setting was definitely bleak, and no one was exempt from the toll of everything which has transpired beforehand to bring the weight of this tale into full view.

Anton's attempt to reach Fynne was a heroic display of pushing his limits and testing his mettle. His bold move at the end proved costly, and now he inadvertently has blood on his hands. That was a shocker, and no doubt he's going to need a lot of help in dealing his part in J. Carlos' demise. I'm glad that Ada was there for him.

A very enthralling chapter!
Moonvibe chapter 33 . 6/29/2014
Wow, Anton is really determined to get through to Fynne. And he's so driven by his concern for the well being of everyone in Duson City, especially the members of The Phoenix who he's grown attached to. He's still fearful and cowardly, but it looks as if he's finding a cause to overcome all that. :)

The dystopian feel to this story returned in full force as Anton trekked through the city where citizens were hiding within their homes, preparing to resist an invading force that threatens them with conformity or else. Anton's thoughts about the lack of resources necessary to even make and show movies reminded just how depleted his world is too.

Now I must wonder what effect Anton's passionate speech has had on Fynne. J. Carlos certainly didn't seem to like the way Fynne reacted. ;)
Moonvibe chapter 32 . 6/22/2014
Whoa, Anton sure found a bulk of courage under that cloak! That's understandable though, as sometimes we can draw strength from something which we're in awe of. The cloak has empowered him to chase after his own means of resolving the conflict, and he seems to have finally channeled the torrent of emotions he's been harboring into achieving that goal.

Anton's impulsiveness towards Adrian was very indicative of mistrust, and his desperate actions for the sake of Isaac revealed just how much he and the injured man have bonded thus far into the story. It is hard to trust Adrian fully, given that he works directly for the U.O., but he's also taking a risk himself just by hanging around The Phoenix.

And that house-to-house round up doesn't look good for the non-U.O. members of the Duson City populace.

I'm very curious to know what plan Ugata is banking on, and if he intends to follow through with it now that Anton has gone rogue.

I have to wonder if Anton can even reach Fynne, let alone persuade her into considering an alternate path. She seems like a very headstrong leader, someone who won't be convinced so easily.

A very exciting end to yet another gripping chapter in this ongoing struggle! :)
Moonvibe chapter 31 . 6/8/2014
Whoa! What a dramatic and tense chapter!

I thought Ugata was a goner. Adrian really knows how to make an entrance, and a point. His actions seemed traitorous at first, but his unexpected shrewdness saved everyone from the Night Hawk. Whew!

And Night, despite his unwavering obedience to orders, has shown through his defiance to Fynne and his revealing comments that there is more to him than just a killing machine. Still, he's on a relentless mission which is going to turn out bad for everyone if he isn't stopped.

Yet again the Phoenix is crippled with injuries and dismay. How can they possibly carry on?
Moonvibe chapter 30 . 5/9/2014
Man, just when Anton gets a boost of confidence from his leader, the Night Hawk shows up and turns everyone into his terrified prey. Really intense action, especially when Night burst through the window and pinned Jason's head down. That whole segment showed once again why the U.O's top agent is to be feared the most. When it comes to ruthless decimation of enemies, the Night Hawk is second to no one. ;)

It's going to be interesting to see how this rift between Fynne and the Night Hawk plays out. Nothing infuriates a leader more than disobedience, and I pity those like J. Carlos and Adrain who can't escape her wrath so easily.

And just what type of action is Night orchestrating against the Phoenix? Making them a public example of the U.O's heavy-handed rule isn't going to gain them many supporters, just like he already knows. Has the storied and dreaded top agent of the U.O finally snapped?

Exhilarating chapter! :)
Moonvibe chapter 28 . 3/17/2014
Selena's return was a welcome surprise as The Phoenix can use every member it has right now, but I fear her chipper mood must have been devastated upon learning of the tragedies in her absence. I do wonder if she learned anything useful on her mission though.

And I really like the strategy of The Phoenix right now. It seems smart on their behalf to try and affect change within the U.O through aid and influence rather than attempting to combat their forces head on. I mean, The Phoenix is not only severely outnumbered but it's members are dealing with so many troubling issues. Still, as Ugata implied, a good contingency plan in case their efforts fail would be a wise idea.

It was good to see Jason/Adam getting back to his old colorful self a little bit, and I was really glad to see the friendship between Anton and Ada on the mend with their sincere conversation. Despite all that has transpired with this diverse cast of characters they remain at the core and heart of this story to me. And that part about Anton using the cold weather to seek refuge from his troubling thoughts was just an amazing piece of writing.
Moonvibe chapter 27 . 3/13/2014
So the council meeting turned out to be a draw of sorts for both the U.O and the Phoenix. Fynne, who displayed the deceptive charisma of a shady individual, appeared to have won the citizens of Duson City over with hopeful talk for the coming winter; but her attempt at slandering The Phoenix with fabricated propaganda might have backfired just a little, thanks to Ada's boldness.

It seems now that the seeds of doubt have been planted among the citizens concerning both organizations, and no doubt people will be divided over the topic of trusting either one. Regardless, it looks as if the U.O has gained a strategic foothold in the city; and with the Night Hawk around to enforce Fynne's will, the members of The Phoenix will have to step cautiously.

It was good to see Anton finally gaining a bit of confidence, and I have to wonder with him if his parents are under some sort of mind control thanks to advanced U.O tech. And that was quick thinking by Issac to cover for Ada's rash outburst at the meeting. I like how the members of The Phoenix arrived at the meeting too, very stealthy and unsuspecting. No doubt being in the presence of the Night Hawk made them all more than a little uneasy, especially in the wake of recent events.

And that was a close call with Adrian near the end of the chapter. I could feel the fearful anxiety swelling inside him at having his deception discovered in the presence of Fynne and Night. And what was Fynne saying to the Night hawk!?

Great chapter!
Moonvibe chapter 26 . 2/28/2014
This was a solemn chapter for the members of the Phoenix. The tally of their losses and the uncertainty of the group's future has brought a devastating blow to the order. The U.O seems to have the upper hand for sure now, and with the coming city council meeting it appears they will attempt to deal a crushing blow to their arch rivals in Duson City.

The dreary, hopeless mood surrounding the Phoenix was stunted a bit by Adrian's appearance. His revelation of Moray's family was a stunner, and the gifts of a new and improved cloak seemed like a gesture of good faith on his behalf. If the Phoenix is to have any success against an organization like the U.O which has vastly more resources then they are going to need an inside ally with Adrian's credentials.

Ugata seems to already be rebuilding the Phoenix simply by making his leadership known. He does possess strong leadership qualities which are shown through his exchanges with Anton and the way in which he handled Adrian. Decisions have to be made and he seems to weigh them carefully and wisely.

Seeing Anton's ravaged home on the way back to Cherry Circle made it clear it seems that Anton truly has no home to return to. I'm sure the coming events at the city council meeting will play heavily in deciding not only the future of the Phoenix, but also Anton's role within the order.

A somber ending was fitting for such a gloomy chapter, and I'm sure when Issac learns the truth about Moray it will be even more impactful for him.
Veronica Fay chapter 2 . 2/27/2014
Hi! This was good! I like how you portrayed the homeless man. I really felt for him and it was nice when the other man was kind to him. The phoenix connection was really good in this prologue!
Veronica Fay chapter 1 . 2/26/2014
Wow. This was a really great and unique way to start a story! I decided to check out this story of yours while i want for an update for Paper Wings. This looks really interesting!

Moonvibe chapter 25 . 2/17/2014
Another exhilarating chapter! I'm so glad you churned this one out because I was still on the edge of my seat from the last one. Wow, I mean where do I begin?

Adrian's betrayal was a much needed twist for the sake of The Phoenix. It would appear certain members of the U.O may be disillusioned by the U.O's current moves and have their own agendas. His risk was no small one, going against Fynne and tricking the Night Hawk could put him in a very undesirable position if caught. The guy's got brains and guts for sure, and his actions saved Anton and the others twice by the narrowest of margins, making for a truly suspenseful read.

The issue of trust was played out well between Adrian and Ugata, and once again Anton's thoughts and fears anchored the story with the perspective of someone who is having to become more than he is in order to survive. I found the opposing philosophies of co-existence between the U.O and The Phoenix to be very interesting food for thought too.

The descriptions of Anton's physical exhaustion were brilliant, and his perceptions of Ugata and Moray really helped to shape those characters further. I thought some of Ugata's leadership qualities shone through his actions very clearly in this chapter, like when he tested the trust of Adrian and took the daggar from Anton. And Moray showed that he wouldn't go down without a fight, despite the odds.

The action scenes with the Night Hawk were intense and fantastically visual. You've done an excellent job of developing his character within the fast paced pursuit of these last two chapters. Like all great villains, he's absolutely mesmerizing when involved in the events transpiring. His mere presence causes fear and dread to radiate off his would-be prey, (even when they outnumber him) and his cold resolve to accomplish his mission is matched only by the thrill of the hunt that ensures he won't fail or give up. He's ruthless and professional. One thing I really like too is though his reputation would make him seem invulnerable, you've shown that he isn't necessarily invincible, just pretty much better than anybody and everybody at doing what he does. It would seem to that he's obedient to Fynne, since he didn't question the orders to release The Phoenix which he thought were coming from her.

The daring rescue by The Phoenix to save Ugata, Jason, and Rosalie has come at a price with Anton, Ada, and Rosalie suffering from injuries, and Brynn's fate still in question; but with their true leader back at the helm and a possible ally in Adrian to exploit later if needed, they might have gained a valuable foothold in what is surely an uphill battle against the U.O.

And two traitors were killed!? Whoa! Brynn and who else? What a great cliffy!

This story continues to thrill with unexpected twists, compelling characters, amazing action sequences, and a well crafted, intricate plot that keeps me on my toes. Great work!
Moonvibe chapter 24 . 2/14/2014
Oh man, this chapter was amazing! Whew, I've gotta steady my breathing after all that heart-pounding action!

The exchange between J. Carlos and the Night Hawk served really well to give not only a glimpse into those two characters, but also into what the U.O is up to outside of Duson City. Great way to add layers to the story while establishing the formidable reputation of the Night Hawk. J. Carlos' overconfidence was on full display too when he wasn't too concerned about having intruders roaming the building.

When Jason was sprung from the cell his spirited, cheeky behavior proved that though he had been beaten, he was not broken. The colorful exchange between him and Moray was a lot of fun.

The action-packed encounter with the dreaded Night Hawk was nothing short of awesomeness! No doubt he is one bad dude, and I love the steely confidence that lurks just beneath his casual demeanor. He's cold, calculating, and ruthless; and in less than the blink of an eye he's a highly skilled specialist who seems to live for the moments when he can unleash himself upon his prey.

The fight scenes were breathtakingly good and so very exciting! The chase afterward was every bit as gripping too. Every scene was depicted so visually. When the Night Hawk took to the high ceilings to pursue his prey I just knew the scrambling members of The Phoenix were toast, but it seems as if Moray really came through for them in this chapter and his knowledge of the building led them out of harm's way, for the moment.

Poor Ada and it doesn't look good for Brynn. That was a real shocker. Even if he's not dead he's certainly disabled and at the mercy of the U.O now.

I thought Anton's fear and reactions throughout this chapter were very realistic. I especially liked the part where he wanted the safety and comfort of the blankets on his bed. Well done.

What a suspenseful and surprising ending. With Anton and the others huddled together in hopes of somehow avoiding the Night Hawk long enough to make an escape, they still have to find Rosalie and get Ugata to freedom so he can restore The Phoenix order back to a state where it can oppose the tyranny of the U.O. They're trapped behind enemy lines with the most feared agent of their enemy hot on their tails. And then Issac walks in! I did NOT see that coming! Excellent chapter and I can't wait to see what happens next.
Moonvibe chapter 23 . 2/13/2014
Enter the Night Hawk! This was a very exciting chapter!

Brynn's personality disorder was on brilliant display as he basically took command of the mission with unwavering confidence, and the change to his personality proved to be invaluable to the cause of The Phoenix.

I like how Anton was able to draw strength by thinking of the others involved with him. If he can't be brave for himself, at least he can for the other members of his team who are risking just as much as him. Maybe that's where his strength has been all along, and he certainly handled himself fairly well considering he was a total bag of nerves. And perhaps the first signs of his friendship with Ada being on the mend really bolstered him too.

The revealing conversation about Brynn with the female guard was quite telling, and really filled in some blanks surrounding Brynn's credibility while raising a few new questions about his prior involvement with the U.O. The fact that Anton was having doubts about Brynn's affiliation really showed just how convincing Brynn can be when the situation calls for it. I thought the whole encounter with the guard was very suspenseful. I really didn't know if they were going to get in or be exposed. It had me holding my breath.

The teases leading up the first encounter with the Night Hawk were thrilling! Being watched from above and Anton catching a fleeting glimpse of a figure on the roof really worked to create a growing sense of intrigue around the highly regarded and feared agent of the U.O. And that first glimpse of the Night Hawk was very cool, and well described. The air of a supremely confident and capable professional surrounded him with just enough iciness to let you know he's lethal when he chooses to be.

The tension is high with members of The Phoenix having infiltrated the U.O and meeting up with a questionable ally in Moray as they attempt a rescue with the U.O's most feared agent wandering the building. And it sounds like Rosalie's time is running out, which simply takes the pressure of the mission to new heights.

Ugata's visions add a mystical quality that's almost prophetic. I really like how that stirs hope around Ugata and the cause of The Phoenix.

Fantastic descriptions of a desolate and crumbling Grand Taver, and just great visual writing all around. Again, I really enjoyed the side of Brynn that this chapter showed, and the plot is shaping up nicely around the characters and their purposes. Awesome story!
Moonvibe chapter 22 . 2/4/2014
I'm not sure what you're aiming for with Ugata, but I see him as resourceful, wise, and unyielding. Those traits aren't exactly telling of his personality, but considering the relatively small amount of interaction with him thus far in the story, his personality hasn't really had room to shine. The last couple of segments with Ugata and Adam have been very compelling since they've offered a genuine glimpse of Ugata apart from his captors, which has allowed tiny bits of Ugata's personality to surface. Just my opinion of course.

The frustration is really building for Aquilla now. So much is riding on his next move as leader of The Phoenix, and with only a handful of rookies he's got plenty to be concerned about. Though Ada does seem to be a natural who has good instincts, but she's still lacking in experience. Still, it sounds like things are about to get even more serious real soon for Anton and the rest.

And poor Anton seems to be doing all he can to keep himself from unraveling under the stark reality of his current situation. At least Isaac is there to give him at least a little boost of confidence, after almost killing him with training though. lol

I'm still wary of trusting Moray, though he has divulged a lot of crucial information to Ugata. Double agents always make me nervous. And it seems Adam has been a handful to his captors. Beatings and sedatives in his food are serious testaments to his spunk.

The training session was great. The descriptions of weapons, moves, and counters were very well done. The whole scenario with Isaac barking commands and Anton and Ada reacting was terrific. Now that Anton is paired with Ada, and his failures become hers too, it will be interesting to see if he can kick his training up a notch or two. if not for his own sake then maybe for hers.

Overall, great visual writing with excellent character-building insight given through thoughts and emotions. The plot is definitely thickening, and now every single character seems to have something at stake. Nicely done.
Moonvibe chapter 21 . 2/1/2014
Guess I'm gonna have to sit in the corner with a pointy dunce cap on because I'm clueless on the hidden meanings and jokes :( Never have been good with riddles and the like...

I am highly intrigued by this Night Hawk character though. He seems dreadful, for all the right reasons ;)
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