Reviews for Capricious Infection
Kurogane Black Ninja chapter 37 . 4/14
Karkatta and Tony both disagree to go fourth with their perfect world. Meanwhile Pregmacia ponders her alliance with the team and admires David's views. Rezzi is still dealing with her issues with Unwine and Lannad is compelled to be brave. Great chapter!
Axis Tripper chapter 37 . 4/14
There was just a lot of talk and development as everyone established a side or point of view. Good job! I wonder if Lannad and Dante will become an item.
MotherHonker chapter 37 . 4/14
I hope that Lannad can confess and that Dante isn't too hard on her...or maybe he'll accept her. who knows?
TerminalTragedy chapter 37 . 4/14
You know, even if Karkatta is stuck in her ways, maybe it's because she wants to be miserable. People who are miserable don't like change. That could be part of it, that and everyone wants to live like they used to.
Inu-Inu's Midget Friend chapter 37 . 4/14
So, Karkatta is the goddess of misery. I called it, she's a female. I'm going to be honest, I hope Dante turns Lannad down. I don't like her much as a character but a likable female lead is hard for me for some reason. Rezzi and Karkatta are my favorites. Pregmacia is alright, but that's it really. Other than that, great chapter.
KurlozMakara77 chapter 37 . 4/14
I've always thought Dante and Lannad were cute, especially with their backstory as childhood friends and such. I wouldn't mind if they got together. I wonder what Dante will say when she confesses.
Malarky chapter 37 . 4/14
We found out which of the gods Karkatta was. Misery and Suffering is a good title for them. Rezzi is still sulking around. David and Pregmacia have a nice little conversation as well. This is a good chapter all in all.
King Corn chapter 37 . 4/14
It's nice to see how individual and fascinating everyone's views are. I also liked how Rezzi helped to boost Lannad's confidence so she could approach Dante.
RadicalRadicals777 chapter 37 . 4/14
I really like Karkatta, even if she's stubborn. I'm sure she'll come around sooner or later. I hope Lannad and Dante hook up. They're so cute!
Dark Lord Cthulhu chapter 37 . 4/14
It looks like Karkatta doesn't want to give up her ways and Tony doesn't want to give up his. David's going to have a rough time with that. I wonder what Dante will say to Lannad too.
Black Bride Anna chapter 37 . 4/14
More clashing opinions and differences between cultures cause rifts in David's plans with a better society. Makes me wonder what exactly is going to happen when they do rebuild. Also some nice information on Rezzi and Unwine's background too. Good job!
roxy chapter 37 . 4/14
everyone is talking about what to do with this society they're planning. i think that david is aware that oz has everything all planned out. i wonder what he's going to do about having structure and shizzz. rezzi and unwine are still having issues and lannad is going to finally get her ass in fear and ask dante out. I sort of hope he says no because i like, don't really like that couple much. but we'll see what happens.
Ray Chavez chapter 37 . 4/14
I wonder why Karkatta is being so antagonistic about making a society of mixed races? Also Karkatta being misery and suffering sounds about right. She acts miserable all of the time. This chapter was good but not much happened other than talking. I look forward to your next update!
SobrietyInsanity chapter 37 . 4/14
There was a lot about reformation and what they would do if they were able to build their own society. So, Lannad is going to ask Dante out. I wonder how successful that will be?
Lime-sama chapter 37 . 4/14
I think David is right about everyone right now. They kind of are being stubborn, especially Karkatta. Jesus she's even more stubborn than everyone else.
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