Reviews for No Escape
XxWriting MistressxX chapter 1 . 10/15/2013
You've taken a Creative Writing class? No wonder you're so good! I'll be taking a Creative Writing class for my next term of college and I can hardly wait. Anyway, this was well written, but depressing in a way, which I suppose is what you were going for. I read this piece over twice and the second time through, I could easily see the scenario playing out in my head. To be trapped in something with no way out... it's a gloomy thought. if anything though, this is just a good reminder of what can happen if a person doesn't stop and think about how bad actions now can have nasty results later on. Keep up the great writing; I look forward to whatever you may post in the future. :)
Sapphy-Sweets chapter 1 . 4/30/2013
Great job, Sil. The poem is easily relatable. I feel the same sometimes.
Most people wouldn't even consider flaming something like this, no worries. Hopefully, most people wouldn't consider flaming anything...

It's nice to post things from your writing class. I do just that; you'd be surprised how much inspiration lies among the atmosphere of school.

Happy writing,