Reviews for Untitled - Blurb (First draft)
Gwen Madoc chapter 1 . 1/3/2013
A blurb or synopsis is not enough to start writing on. What you need is an outline of what happens to your main character throughout thr book. Now, you may say well, I don't know what happens until I write it. Ah! That is a dangerous practice. It is very easy to see in your mind's eye the opening of a novel, and to see what the end will be, but it is the middle of the novel you have to think about.
Writing into the void without a map (outline) to follow often results in the book going flat in the middle. Plotting the story is as much fun as writing it. A writer can't see in an outline everything that will happen because the story will change again and again as you write - one idea leading to another. But before you write one word, do think about sketching out an outline. It gives the writer confidence to write and prevents you getting stuck in the middle. Keep writing. :)
frank n stone chapter 1 . 11/17/2012
A potentially exciting story, but the blurb seems a bit overdone in an attempt to be "literary."
Crystal is clear, while the sea is blue or green.
WW I wasn't "born," which seems an inappropriate term for the slaughter it became. "Broke out" of some other violent term is more usual.
No-one has scarlet hair, scarlet being bright red like a fully ripe tomato.
If Charlie had to be "forced" to volunteer, what did his letters make it out to be? You might wish to be somewhat more specific.