Reviews for MAGGIE
NIVV chapter 1 . 11/18/2012
Sorry, seems chapter 1 was in the wrong place. I'm new at this!
JaredB chapter 1 . 11/18/2012
So - pardon me, again, but I must have skipped over this for some reason. Allow me to review this part and relate it to the second chapter so it makes a bit more sense ..

First of all, it's a decent opening. Though, be warned, kicking a novel off by the protagonist 'waking up' has been done so much it's almost a dead horse, but you seem to equal things with the scene of her crawling through the filth, which adds a bit of interest and makes us wonder "Why the hell is she doing that? What's going on here?"

Not a bad start. Not great - done plenty of times before, and your beginning doesn't differ too much from the countless others that started like this on fictionpress alone, but it's better than your second chapter, which I had mistaken for your first for some reason. Unfortunately, if it were me, and I had read up to the second chapter, I'd have felt thoroughly cheated at having a good opening lead to such a boring, lethargic scene about her throughout her regular day.

Anyway, sorry for the mix-up! good luck (again)!