Reviews for Pretend
Jinfreak1992 chapter 1 . 7/9/2013
Massive cliffhanger between mason and his sister
Is this titled pretend because of the contradiction at the end, mason being afraid of losing briony? But claiming he is not, just so he wont show the fear, but only goes to prove he is actually fears losing briony?
I am not quite sure you pulled the pretend part off without going into the details of mason's relationship with his just kind of end and patch it up (seems to be your pacing habit, all of the sudden wanting to quickly end the story and the climax...then diving off a cliff)Otherwise as a chapter story it has the romance, the catchy lines and dialogue, but seems to be lacking a goal in all of this especially at the end...the romance more or less acts like a necessarily long character intro, because of that it was almost unnecessary of you to quickly summarize their first meeting, since it only reiterated information that we already knew: that mason cherishes his friend liam, and wouldnt backstab also served to break the pacing of the story
But i still say this again, i like the dialogue and interactions to introduce the characters, just that there is no description of our heroine until the point where your story fell apart (to me) the first meeting...and became patchyfrom there
The Golden Orchid chapter 1 . 1/6/2013
i think we're pretending most of the time, except when we're alone or with someone we trust completely. someone you'd never have to say sorry to, because you know that no matter what, they'd understand. mason is her best friend and i believe that if the person you love isn't your most valued companion, then that isn't true love at all. i hope they somehow end up together, because i think krista and mason are meant to be :)