Reviews for Faith and Doubt
thenutrunningthenuthouse chapter 1 . 11/20/2012
[If her father could see her now, she thought, he wouldn't be best pleased. In his time as Prince of Wales, the late Edward VIII had referred to one particular Saudi Arabian prince, who had also charmed his wife and Louise's mother Alice, as 'nothing more than a halal-stuffing camel jockey'.] - bahahaah I shouldn't be laughing since this shows Louise's utter disdain even now for her mother, but jeez...I think Louise's personality evolution. I can easily see her becoming narcissistic because of the lack of attention she once received...

I must say, I love how you can incorporate backstory seamlessly throughout this. It makes the readers feel clever for picking up on the fact that Louise is pregnant. (Or it's too early in the morning and this is a typical technique. I don't know. You did it well.) Oh, and that little scene with Henry was kind of sad, but once again, helps paints Alice's and Louise's relationship.

["If you discredit James, that is," Louise laughed at her own joke; her mind again turning to the fashion-savvy, always fastidiously-dressed Prince James]
And she's funny! Oh Alice, you darn well screwed up.

Wow, I love that scene with Charlotte standing up to Georgie. Wow, that's one strong girl. I like how both girls are portrayed as strong - it's interesting to see how their strong differs from Alice's. I like Lotte's little story - when we see her in E&A, she wasn't really the one you thought of to have the fun story of marrying a commoner (well, I suppose he was promoted).

This was a very nice piece and you are a fabulous writer. Keep up the good work.