Reviews for Broken Glass
Sera Lee. S. X chapter 1 . 11/20/2012
I found a few unneccessary commas here and there and a few tenses that were mixed up, just a few though. Also, I'm totally waiting on the next chapter but I don't understand what you meant by

So, what went wrong?
I mean, if we all started off pure right at the beginning, who was the one with the twisted mind?
Who was the one who dictated how reality should be like? Who was that one black sheep who made everyone else think that, hey, maybe life isn't a bed of roses after all?
Things like these make you wonder what happened along the way. What really changed our perception of life as a society.
Some would say that at 24 years-old, I'm still living in my own little bubble of fantasy.
But I think I'm just filled with a healthy dose of optimism. After all, it might just be what this world really needs.

Is that her explaination/elaboration to what is wrong? If it is, i'd be even more confused that I already am, but it sound like a soliloquy to me.

Anyway, I favorited and I'm so looking forward to the next chapter to see how Hannah-Leona-Victor thing works out. It sounds like something might develop from Hannah and Victor, but its so early in the story that it can't be anything more than a guess.

Okay, that was sort of long. :) -SCW.