Reviews for Poker Face
Irish Eyes 63 chapter 1 . 11/24/2012
Well hello! *cartwheels in* Whaddup.

I've come to review your work and babble about how AWESOMESAUCE it is. Don't mind me, because I'm like, super deprived of well written pieces, and I just found one and sadjfkaslkgbnlgkbfs. It's so exciting! I swear, everything is romance and vampires and blah blah blaaaahhh. I'm tired of it! Sick! Tired! Sick and goddamn tired!

Howeverrrr... this is about you and your excellent workmanship. Let the worshiping commence!

"Ramshackle illusion of life long gone." very awesome. I have no idea what ramshackle means, but my auto-correct says that it is indeed a word and who am I to argue with auto-correct? The 'illusion of life long gone' was especially powerful and had me do this weird twitching out of complete and utter happiness. I loveeed how it was closing your previous sentence, "My head is bare, my back bleeds red through white." I'm a sucker for that kind of style.

"The faces of loved ones, the hugs so tight.
Security. But now I'm just withdrawn." Ahhh. Lovely. I must wonder why she/he/shim is withdrawn. It's confounding and I find myself being drawn in dramatically.

"I try so hard to glue smiles to my lips." soooo good.

"But shadows swathe me, a total eclipse
Of all I am, leaving exposed the lies." I must assume that something occurred to make the shadows close in, exposing the lies that she has kept inside of her? I also find it fascinating that even as the shadows close in, her whole inner self is being revealed. An eclipse cannot be fought, and it's brilliant how her new found revelation cannot be stopped either.

"The issues away, and down each spirit,
'Til it burns the memory and leaves white." had the chills a bit.

"And someone, someday soon, will call my bluff." it happens to everyone, sadly enough. I'm in the motions of cracking a girl who has some issues. I might have to show her this poem to give her issues an outlet... maybe she'll love it as much as I did!

Any how, I really enjoyed this! You have a very rich style that is complex and deep. You manage to give a character more depth in less than 300 words than some others do in a 100,000 word story. So that's always a great thing to accomplish. I'm jealous -.- I'll certainly be on the look out for more of your work. Not to mention stalking all your previous pieces and worshiping those. Great. You've made me a stalker! *strokes imaginary mustache*

Until next time, dearest recently-found-awesome-author!
AppleCrumble chapter 1 . 11/24/2012
I love the imagery. I liked the way the words linked together and the colours. Brilliant!
Mylilblackpen chapter 1 . 11/23/2012
Wow, seriously. This is just jaw-dropping, gobsmacking and stunning. That determination not to let anyone in because the shadows are yours and no else can know. I think this is a very reliable sonnet and I think thought provoking because sometimes you can't see how flawed you're poker face may be till someone calls your bluff. I'm rambling and I'm probably not even making sense, but you know what I don't care because this is awesome and just pure power and emotion. This, hands down, is your finest piece!