Reviews for Grind
UAeme chapter 1 . 12/19/2012
Nice! You really have this penchant for building things up and getting the right atmosphere. I'm not a sport person (at all) but even I can feel the pressure, suspense and thrill of the game as I read this. And using stream of consciousness really does get you caught up in the story (as if the reader's the one experiencing it). I like how every sentence starts with 'It's the...' since the repetition of it helps build up the tension to that critical moment.

Oh, and that last sentence? It makes me imagine a person, mid-game, just suddenly seeing everything slow down to a halt as they watch and notice the sounds of the whistle, the strain in their muscles, the shouts of their teammates and realise that yes, 'this moment is mine'. And right after that, time starts moving again and they get back into the game, with renewed motivation to fight for victory.
cadakris chapter 1 . 11/23/2012
Love it! I could really feel the build up as I read it. I almost picture this as a movie. Right in the beginning of the film and the main character is doing a VO as he is about to take the biggest shot of his life (for whatever reason) and then it cuts to where it all began. Could be a movie!

Or, could be the start of a short story...or collection of short stories. Reminds me a little of Athletic Shorts by Chris Crutcher. i read it in high school so I can't exactly remember how it went but there were a lot of short stories about teenagers trying to do their best - in sports and life. This was a pretty good stream of consciousness it only means you're onto some good material ahead of you!