Reviews for Freeform Essay: The Joker's Sword is Language
Guest chapter 1 . 10/14/2014
He does things according to his own twisted sense of logic, and does not desire money. If there was one thing that he did desire, it would be the power to instill anarchy into Gotham by any means necessary, proving that organization is meaningless and futile. He is an exceptionally intelligent man, and this tends to be his greatest weapon against Batman, the police, and the District Attorney's office. He is often confronted by the authorities, but easily evades capture due to sick and twisted mind games he plays on them, all full of mystery. While Batman prefers to stay in the shadows, The Joker basks in the spotlight, often broadcasting himself to the public and media outlets.
Katsurou Shimizu chapter 1 . 1/14/2013
Konichiwa. Genki Desu.

Okay, that's all I am going to say since I'm not actually Japanese. Don't want to embarrass myself further.

Well, I have to say that I fully agree with whatever you said here. In this day and age of the internet especially, users tend to think they can get away with whatever they say from the safety of their computers, simply because they is no standard law catchment net. I am a guy, and an avid soccer fan, and some of the stuff spouted in the forums are actually seen from some of your examples above. It's saddening really.

But I'm not going to claim that I'm any angel myself. I'm also guilty at times. But at least my mind tends acts faster than my mouth.

Before this turns into another essay, well, I'll just applaud you for writing this piece. This will certainly go on my favourites list as a reminder.

Mata ne! :)