Reviews for Rise of Evil
ZainKaos chapter 1 . 11/27/2012
Zain chapter 1 . 11/27/2012
Name: Gwen (Short for Gwenivere. Is that medival?)
Race: Werecat
Appearance: White hair, short, and golden eyes, tall and lithe. In were cat form, she has grows white fur and ears, long wicked claws. (Confused...) Always wears a camo cloak, pants, boots, a loose white shirt, almost like a pirate shirt. (Do you know what I mean?)
Hobbies: Hunting, singing, mock combat.
Combat skills: Erm..

Personality: Distant at times, aggresive, but very caring. She hates golems and always is very selfless.

Style of fighting: Very hit and run, not much for hand to hand, uses throwing knives, or a sword if need be. Fast, acrobatic moves to confuse opponent.

Skills: She's a trader, moving goods from one city to another. Gwen is a very good fisher, but also good with healing. An enchanter

Background: Gwen was abandoned by her trader parents when she was ten and lived by herself in the forest. She met a boy there once and they were very good friends. But a golem killed him and she's been hunting them ever since. To make a living she took up her parents trading buisness and taught herself to fight the golems.

Good luck!

Surviving Devil chapter 1 . 11/27/2012
Name: Zoth

Age: 17

Race: Werewolve

Appearance: Black chainmail, that covers most of his body. Long dark black hair going halfway down his back. (If they transform or they are already more animal like) Covered in black fur, with blood red eyes, skinny.
Personality: Often cold hearted, only does stuff if it leads to a benefit on his part. Willing to do almost anything to stay alive. Has an intense hatred for golems, and refuses to work with them, even if it will benefit himself.

Hobbies: Stealing

Combat skills: (Not sure what you mean by this)

Style of fighting: Stealth, tries to stay in the shadow's while taking down the enemy with either a bow and arrow or daggers (if they transform or are already beast like) Mainly claws but if it comes down to it he will end up biting.

Profession skills: Stealth, great aiming with bows

Gathering skills: Hunting

Production skills: smithing (Though most the time he ends up messing it up.)

History and background
As a kid, his family wandered around. His mom sold stuff that she had hunted, pelts, meat, ect. His dad would sell arrows, bows, daggers, and swords that he made. He had a little sister two, that he greatly cared for.

On one of there travels from town to town, they got attacked by a group of bandits, all of them golems. They murdered his parents. He escaped them, with his little sister. When they got to the town, which ended up being the capital, no one would go to help, the leader wouldn't send anyone either. While they tried to convince him, an arrow flew from behind them, barely missing the leader.

They were accused of attempting murder against the leader, and put to death. He was forced to watch his sisters execution before he escaped. From then on, he cared about no one.