Reviews for Derik Ritter
SugarRayne chapter 1 . 11/27/2012
... So, you went to a town called ELDERsmith, met a guy named DERick RITTER who lives in a forest and is tall and slender and bald in a black suit, and found out he has a copy of the Necronomicon. And you followed him anyway.

... Well that was smart. You are the smartest Lovecraftian Protagonist, Matthew Gramond III. You are so smart. That was smart. :D

All joking aside, the whole concept of this story just makes me squee like a little girl. I love the Slenderman Mythos, and I love Lovecraftian Horror. It was only natural the two would fit each other like a glove. Excellent writing, great job keeping the style appropriately horrifying, and overall, just an excellent story that I'd recommend to both Slenderfans and Lovecraft fans alike. Also, the idea of Slenderman being able to assume an even MORE human-like form to camouflage itself is insanely freaking scary. Because then it could be following you, and you wouldn't even know what it really was because you'd think it was just some really freaky looking guy, and just... brrr. Thanks for the shivers, and an instant fave from me.