Reviews for Back to the Drawing Board
Sarah96 chapter 40 . 6/19
Such a great ending and I wish you wrote a story about Brady meeting this Davy guy and falling for him..:)
Anyway..amazing job and really great characters.
Sarah96 chapter 38 . 6/19
It's sad seeing them like this but I kind get it and they have found a better match for either of them so I'm just happy there on good terms.
Great chapter :)
Sarah96 chapter 37 . 6/19
So she isn't that fake and perfect.. maybe he can present her to Benji and make him
Great chapter
Sarah96 chapter 36 . 6/19
That was hard and his mom is difficult so let's see how it goes.
Great chapter
Sarah96 chapter 35 . 6/19
Such an emotional chapter and his father had the reaction I predicted lol his a lawyer! He must be used to find and notice certain things..his mom had to screw everything else.
That private moment between was great and poor Shaun.
Great chapter
Sarah96 chapter 34 . 6/19
I laugh so hard when Shaun was putting those two in there places! Amazing :)
Great chapter
Sarah96 chapter 33 . 6/19
There really good for each other and it's really sweet seeing them together :)
Hopefully he can gain courage to speak to his dad about his feelings.
Great chapter
Sarah96 chapter 32 . 6/19
I really don't think Bryan was asking for a second chance of the dating type lol
Jason really likes him..still.
Great chapter :)
Sarah96 chapter 31 . 6/19
His dad is so chill lol I just laugh my ass off when his mom is trying to turn everything into a drama..
Great chapter
Sarah96 chapter 30 . 6/19
Owww :) Such a great and intimate chapter..nice job.
I just realized that I always wrote Shaun name wrong lol
Great chapter
Sarah96 chapter 29 . 6/19
Ryan has a bad influence on Shawn sometimes lol but that was an interesting stress reliever.
God! Why do we have to see those annoying idiots every chapter..can't they just disappear? Lol
Great chapter
Guest chapter 28 . 6/19
There so obviously infatuated with watch other its so sweet..but I want them to get together :)
Great chapter
Guest chapter 27 . 6/19
Poor Shawn if it was me I wouldn't control myself and I would have jump the guy. Disgusting!
There so good together.
Great chapter
Sarah96 chapter 26 . 6/19
I'm glad there back together but this thing about making assumptions on Ryan part is getting out of hand and Shawn should have made him crawl a bit more lol
He finally got it!
Great chapter
Sarah96 chapter 25 . 6/19
I wonder why the hell is Ryan giving him the cold shoulder..stupid.
I feel bad for Brady, and I'm glad his back, but I understand Shawn choice in not accepting his apologies yet.
Great chapter
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