Reviews for Speakers
ImmanenceEnsured chapter 1 . 1/28/2013
This is powerful:) For some reason my fictionpress show the story as having only 36 words. I was curious as to how a story could be so short and still be called a story. But that's false, obviously.

Dylan has a strong presence even though he's on the sidelines. The girls in the room are like cats, watching on silently, and the artist is just plain weird. He has a wise atmosphere about him though, and I like it that he practically speaks in rhythms. The way he understands his art and on what people it belongs.
Dylan's reactions are cute, and they seem to have an underlying tone. I'm almost sad I don't know what it is:)

It's impossible to put a dragon tattoo on a person in that short an amount of time, but that's just a minor nitpicking remark. This was lovely.