Reviews for Where Are Your Friends?
Clear World chapter 3 . 2/10/2013
Why are the two stories I have read from you so depressing? It feels like the world is activity trying to ruin these people lives. Granted, this is different from 'This is Life', but both are still depressing little stories about a girl trying to manage to keep her brother alive.

Ah, but on to a serious note, what is there really to say but the same thing I had said for your other story. For my taste, your story does kind of takes awhile for the first real tragic event to take place (the death of the father meant nothing for me because he was already flagged for death for being in a war).

And also, though your writing is good and everything (seemed a lot better then the last story I checked), but the premise by itself is extremely lack luster. The beginning is more or less info dumping information about her conditions, which isn't all bad, but weren't truly needed all at once.

Also, I have to refer back to your 'This is Life', because these two stories are extremely similar, or at least starts out very similar to each other. In fact, while reading this, I kept thinking these two stories share the same universe. I wouldn't be surprise if that was the actual case.