Reviews for Lessons Learned
A chapter 2 . 12/10/2012
Great story! You have an interesting life and I'm really excited for your next update! Sorry about that mean nun encounter- that was a pretty rotten thing for her to do, espiecally on your , your trip seemed great besides that!
Last year, I was ecstatic when my family went on a trip to L.A.! At 4:00 on September 22 2011, we took a long drive to America to pass the border, then took a plane to Los. Angelos. Once we were there, we went into the 5 star Renneseince (sp?) hotel and got an epic suite! At evening, my family and my dad's co-workers took a LIMO to the St. Monika pier, where I saw the Ocean for the first time AND went on the giant ferris wheel there! Since I love the Ocean, my sister, 5 yr old brother, and Dad went up close to see the Ocean. My brother was really annoying and kept saying, " Why do you want to see the stupid ocean Megan?" he kept saying. Jen and I weren't watching, and our feet got soaked by a big wave. My dad could not stop LOLing, and my brother said," Now do you like the ocean, megan?" It is really funny looking back, but at the time, it was not. We had to walk back in soppy, wet shoes!
The next day, we went to Disneyland and my mom bought a tiara comb. The next day, We went to the world famous studio tour at Universal studios, which was awesome! The next 3 days we spent on the queen Mary, a ship from the'30's. We had a beutiful suite the size of a small house. It felt like going back in time! I don't want to bore you with details, but since I'm a history buff that specializes in edwardian ships, I love the Ocean, and I adore my mom, dad, brother and sister, It was the best trip a ever had, similar to your awesome trip! I really want to see the eiffel tower sometime.