Reviews for Down And Dirty at the Motel (II)
It's normal chapter 1 . 12/23/2020
I also had sex my best friend's father. It's nice to see stories like these where other people do it too so it shows it isn't something bad or horrible to do like society says. The only thing I kinda regret is that we had sex when he is married and Mrs Carla doesn't know about it yet, his wife is a good woman, she always treats me nice and gives me food when I go to their house. Though I have got to say that she's a lucky woman because David's cock is so fucking big and it feels so good! I envy her, I truly do! Plus idk if it's because he has had ton of practice with his wife but he knew a fucking lot! Like he left me too tired to even clean myself so he had to help me shower, btw the shower in their room is so beautiful, it left me wanting to have Mrs Carla life just for their shower (and David's cock, of course lol). Now talking about Mr David, he was always nice to me, but I started feeling things for him when I turned 17 years old, and like the dumb girl I am I tried to make him notice me, like that time I was on their pool swimming and I made it seem like I didn't know my bikini was on the wrong place and my tits were out for him to see them through the clear water, I could see him watch me a lot so I guess he wanted me too. Another time was when I stayed the night at their house unplanned, his wife was out for a few days, and I didn't have a change of clothes so after showering I waited till he went past the bathroom to get out naked and I acted surprised covering my body while he stood shocked watching my body up and down, after a moment I told him I didn't have any clothes and that I didn't want to bother my best friend because she was already asleep and it was late. After a few seconds of just watching my body he told me to follow him to his room that he will give me something to wear, so like the good girl I am I grabbed is hand before he could turn around and told him thank you and to lead the way, he stared at my breasts when I stopped covering them and to make things even better for him I tried to make them bounce when we went up the stairs, and of course he couldn't stop watching them from the corner of his eyes. When we got into his room I thought he would give me something to wear from his wife but insted he gave me one of his shirts and a pair of boxers, as one last attempt at seduction I thanked him and turned around too quickly making the boxers slip out of my hands and behind me so I could bend down and show him my shaved (and wet, from the shower of course) pussy. I heard him groan a little and feeling happy with myself I ran out of their room to the guest room to change, his clothes smelled of him so that was something else to be happy about! So I keep showing him my body when I could, I tried to stop using bras and panties when I was at their house, so I could flash him my pussy bending down or my breasts through the collar of my shirts. He started touching me when nobody was watching, I especially remember the first time he touched my pussy while we were watching a movie in their living room, we were all under a big blanket and I sat down beside him with his wife at his other side, when I felt his hand going down my leg till he reached my pussy and started running his fingers slowly and barely there through my folds, I was wet as fuck and almost panting by the time the movie was over. That night I fucked myself with my fingers while I whispered his name. The day finally came when he would take my virginity and make me his for one wonderfull night. One night at dinner he casually let me know that his wife and my best friend will be away for a few days, I took that as a hint for me to come see him and I did. I showed up that night at his house with nothing behind my big coat and he took me to his (their) room. I thought that he will be gentle and slow but I was wrong, he said to me that he was fucking tired of my teasing and that he needed to have me right at that moment, so he laid me naked on the bed and got behind me, took my hips with both hands and thrust inside me making me hurt a lot and almost scream from the pain but at the same time making me feel sastisfied with myself for getting what I wanted after almost a year of waiting for it! He didn't wait for me, he keep fucking my sore vagina but I took it all, pain and all just because it was him, and he was right, he deserved to have my pussy how he wanted it because I showed it to him too often and didn't let him have it all to himself like he was having it right at that moment. I didn't come that first time but he did, I felt it and I loved it, that I could make him feel so good that he could lose himself and forget about me for the moment. After that he took his time with me and made love to me (yes let me dream he loves me). He also let me learn his body and how to pleasure him, that night I knew that he could have my body whenever he wanted it and a part of my heart too (I say a part because even if I know I love him, I'm trying to keep myself from a heartbreak in the future). So that's my story, now we are waiting for when we are alone to do it again, because he said he doesn't like doing those things at hotels since he has a house and he likes doing most things in his own home, that it feels right when he is at home with his family and enjoying his life. I guess I'm a part of his family and his life now, so I'm very happy.