Reviews for Kajin Academy
chaos-tracker chapter 1 . 6/13/2013
Name & Nickname: Koani or Koala Bear

Age: 14

Gender: female

Type of animal he or she is: raven

Appearance, Hair, Face, body type, eyes etc.(what animal parts he or she has, must look human):
-hair is deep black, straight and reaches shoulder blades
-eyes are a blend of gold and brown and red
-petite but lithe and lean body type; height: 5ft
-wings have a span of 12ft

Personality (Personalities need to match somewhat too):
doesn't hold grudges but will repay "favors", has a cool personality, easy to bribe with candy or ice cream, cautious about people but a loyal friend once you gain her trust, slight sadist, protective of people she cares about and will send you to the ICU if you hurt her loved ones, kind of childish if you get past her shields

Flaws, at least three:
-even though she can fly she is afraid of heights
-violent tendencies
-very forgetful
-bad endurance, but excellent stamina

-shiney things
-any type of sweets
-thrill of fights

-how tall she is
-tall people
-bitter food
-loud noises

Habits: just taking shiney things (but eventually returns them, albet reluctantly, usually forced by her friends), getting into fights, eating candy in class, hides behind wings when not wanting to be bothered

-napping (no matter when)

was raised in the foster care system with her older brother (who has a sister complex and always trying to sneak into the school) since she was two years old, her parents suddenly dissappeared. the people to took them in only did it to the get the state funds and that is why she keeps her distance from others. tried to fly once and broke her arm

What brought them to the school:
could not control the urge to take shiney objects and stole jewelry from stores, after one too many times the judge decided to send her to the academy.

Romance: asexual, but will date either gender
Dumb Katt chapter 1 . 2/14/2013
Name & Nickname: Kiko DeRenardeau & Kik or Ki

Age: 19 (I'm guessing this is for a high school? She was held back a year, redoing senior year)

Gender: Female

Type of animal he or she is: Fox

Appearance, Hair, Face, body type, eyes etc.(what animal parts he or she has, must look human):

Hair- really light blonde, and long (like down to her waist)
Eyes- a bright sky blue, iris lined with a darker blue
Face- as fair as a girl's could be; skin is palish
Ears- two fox ears sit on the top of her head, the color is the same as her hair, and it's tipped with a light brown (not black like your usauall fox :P )
Tails- she has two (or one if you want) tails matching the color of her hair, tipped with white
Body- Is very attractive and is fit (and is human, she can shift into a fox at will :D )
PS- just now noticed this, but your pic is just like what im describing... O.o i feel like i plagiarizer

Personality (Personalities need to match somewhat too):
Kiko is very outgoing! Likes to talk, but never repeats what she has already said to some one... unless asked to of course. She is somewhat of a slacker, and likes to eat any time she can (has a high metabolism). She hides her feelings around others for fear of hurting them, or sucking the fun out of events. Cares for everyone, even if they hate her. Teases friends and stands up for them. Also very sly and clever ( she could have gone on to collage in her softmore year if she put her mind to it)

Flaws, at least three:
-Hides feelings
-Makes everything dirty (perverted)
-Flirts with anyone (no matter gender)
-Drinks a lot, till the point of collapse (doesn't really make her throw up till the hangover)
-Her smarts slip out when she becomes drunk

-science ( may secretly experiment on some of her friends )
-to groom her tail/s

-to get wet
-someone touch her tail unless is her lover, or someone she knows really well (i mean like REALLY well)
-mushrooms and other plants in her food
-spicy things

-acidently knocking something to the floor with one of her tail/s
-seating other's food
-growling at people who try to steal her food
-tends to wag tail when happy or excited (like a dog. ears will act more like cat ears)
-growling at people when they make her mad with her teeth bared
-locks herself in her room when doing some serious thinking, or experiencing a strong emotion

-to chew random things
-to run
-play mind games
-experiment on friends

-she has been her for as long as you can 1 year (because of being held back). She doesn't want to leave, because as soon as she is out, her parents want her to marry and take over the husband-to-be's fashion line project. (she prefers doing what she wants when she wants and... she hates fashion)

What brought them to the school:
-her bizie parents didn't have time to teach her the way of the fox shifters' so they sent her there without a second thought.

- is bi, relationship will last long, she must know the person REALLY well before dating them. Like's other foxes the most. Will not date warlocks or any other magic user (idk if there will be any, but just in case :P). Will not date mice or rat creatures (or any other thing that she could eat in her fox form) and Bird creatures scare her...

That took a while... please use her! w
ILikePie99 chapter 1 . 1/28/2013
Nice cover.
EpicDuet chapter 1 . 1/19/2013
Name: Nina Reed
Age: 11
Gender: female.
Appearance: small and thin. Lush brown shoulder length hair, usually in pigtails. Sky blue eyes that turn amber when frightened and an hourglass shaped figure. Regular except for giant hawk wings on her back. She's average height and thin and her wingspan is about 12 feet long. Can fold them so she appears human. They are tawny brown.
Personality: she's fairly sarcastic and hasty. She is nice in a mean way, taunting and often making jokes at her friends expense. She's stubborn and intelligent.
Flaws: she is really rash and stubborn and too brave for her own good, incredibly loyal to friends, and she is unable to forgive anyone.
Likes: quiet, being around friends
Dislikes: bullies, loud noises, pain
Habits: often makes rash decisions.
Hobbies: practicing flying, music.
History: she was born 1-21-01 and lived a carefree life until her mother disappeared and her father tried to use her and sell her to the press and tell the world about her to make money. Disappearing from sight, she was homeless for a while. Still taunted by her mother, who she believes to a fault is still alive.
What brought them: she came against her will when she tried to save a little girl about to be hit by a car and got injured and sent to the hospital where they discovered her wings. She was literally dragged off to the school and she protested wildly, knocking three guards unconsciously with superhuman strength.
Romance: she's 11! But her friend Jack Stone has a secret crush on her. In other words, she friend zoned a guy she secretly kind of likes who also likes her back.
Fun fact: her bones are hollow like birds so she will float in water. She can't fully use her wings yet. Sensitive sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell.
White Wolf Of The Pack chapter 1 . 12/27/2012
Name: Cyra [Pronounced Si ra]
Nickname : Cy or just Cyra

Age: 17


Type of animal he or she is:
-Florida Black Wolf (Species now extinct)

Appearance, Hair, Face, body type, eyes etc.(what animal parts he or she has, must look human):
-Pitch black hair that is mid thigh length
-Honey coloured skin
-Electric blue eyes that change colour according to her mood (The colours of a mood ring basically)
-Black wolf ears and tail that she can make disappear into her skin. Is also able to go completely wolf though her wolf form is the size of Kodiak Bear (Brown bear subspecies)
-Height is 5 foot 10 inches
_Body shape is thin but still curvy

Personality (Personalities need to match somewhat too):
-Usually tries to keep to herself as she had some anger issues when she was 14 that had four fully grown men in intensive care.
-When friends with is quite protective and won't let anyone push herself or her friends around.
-Trained from a young age to kill, she is on an assasin's level of danger and over as she is part wolf with her heightened senses.
-Is reasonably flirty and has no shame in her body

Flaws, at least three:
-Can be to over-protective
-Is able to kill without second thoughts causing lots of people to fear her
-Usually closed off and a lone wolf so is targeted as dangerous by most other wolves.

-Equestrian (Horse riding)
-Fighting (Blacdes, daggers, hand-to-hand combat, archery, etc.)

-Being alone
-Fighting with a crowd watching
-Having her friends stuck in fights with no help

-Drums her nails on surfaces when bored
-Tail twitches when annoyed
-Will make her nails grow out to points (Like wolf claws) when threatening someone

-Horse Riding
-Archery and dagger throwing

-Was raised in a pack with lots of ex-military and assasins. Trained by everyone and excelled in fighting and academic routes (She doesn't like to reveal her academic acheivements or how well she can fight)
-Lived with her pack until she was 14, when she hospitalised the group of men and then her pack was murdered by another wolf pack for taking in a rogue.
-Started living on the streets as she was the only one to survive (Attack came through the night) and killed for money and shelter.

What brought them to the school:
-Was tired of living on the streets so decided that the school was going to be her better option of life.
-Is wary of what will happen in there though

-Whoever you want
LovelyLadyT123 chapter 1 . 12/22/2012
Name & Nickname: Ava-Jade Cole (Ava or Aj)

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Type of animal he or she is: Cheetah

Appearance, Hair, Face, body type, eyes etc.(what animal parts he or she has, must look human): Ava is 5'10", she weighs 115lbs, she has thick, long, curly blonde hair, brown eyes, and is very skinny. Her skin is very tan like a Cheetah and she has cheetah ears but hides them with her hair in public.

Personality (Personalities need to match somewhat too): Ava is very fierce and independent. She is self-centered, mean spirited, and very cocky. She loves to pick on nerds and is very blunt/rude. She doesn't care about anyone but herself and is very spoiled. She is only semi nice to you if you're her friend. She is very insecure about her weight and has Anorexia Nervosa

Flaws, at least three: Mean Spirited, Cocky, Insecure

Likes: The outdoors, Warm Weather, Orange, Picking on Nerds, Flirting, and making sculptures

Dislikes: Nerds, Cold Weather, When people call her fat, being tested on by scientists

Habits: Ava sits in the sun when doing things (reading, writing, making sculptures, etc) because she enjoys warm weather. She always wiggles her ears when nervous.

Hobbies: Making Pottery, Making Sculptures, and Painting Portraits

History: Ava has always been Daddy's little girl and has always gotten attention. She was spoiled and got everything she wanted. One day, her dad got into a 12 car accident and her mother blamed Ava. A few years later, Ava's mother remarried and had 2 daughters. Her mother treats them like royalty and neglects Ava. Her sisters make fun of her for being a "Mut"

What brought them to the school: She wanted to get away from her home life and go to a place where she fits in perfectly fine. She also wanted to stop having to hide who she is.

Romance: She is dating the Quarterback of the football team Randy Thomas. She knows he is unfaithful though.

Hope you accept her :)
Grow Wings and Fly chapter 1 . 12/20/2012
Odd...this story looks alot like a mix of mine and my best friend's story's put together..seeing how mine is about half animals and hers is about monster that live in a apartement called the sanctuary...what a wierd coincidence... anyway, sounds like an intersting story, i might submit in a PM later. chapter 1 . 12/19/2012
Hey! This looks neat!

Name and Nickname: Jayana (Jaya)
Gender: Girl
Animal Type: Arctic Wolf
Appearance: Jaya has white hair and green eyes, with white ears that stick out of her head and a tail. Very lithe, but short. She ofetn wears seat shirst and jeabs with white converse that are covered in marker doodles.
Personality: A loner and vicious. But also very caring and friendly. Shy.
Flaws: Um, she thinks she's strong enough to do anything and that gets her in trouble. Is too smart for her own good and has a llittle bit of an ego.
Like/Dislikes: She loves snow and the color white. Dancing and running and practical jokes. She dislikes jerks and snots. Pink and girly girl stuff. She hates enclosed spaces and being confined.
Habits: Chews her nails and anything she can get her hands on. Pencils, pens, erasers, ect.
Hobbies: Singing Dancing Runnign around, practical jokes, poetry.
History: Jaya was found as a baby in a foster home. She was treated very meanly as she grew up and was subject to a few expiriments on her wolf dna. This made her untrusting towards people and always wished for a family. At age tweleve she was brought to SA
What brought her to school: The people at SA had heard of a girl with animal parts and knew that they had to gt her before she was killed. At age twelve she came to live at SA.
Romance: Up to you.

Good luck!