Reviews for Alasdair: Amber Eyes: August 2029
Dreamers-Requiem chapter 1 . 2/24/2013
This feels not quite finished. Not sure why. Anyway, considering most of your stuff involving these characters has been firmly rooted in realistic, (from what I've read) this 'miracle' seems to have come out of nowhere. It just feels a bit out of place. I've noticed with a lot of your stories you tend to start with some heavy description; I would suggest maybe changing this, as at times it can drag the introduction a bit and make it difficult to connect with the story straight away. I found myself a bit lost in parts of this, as it was sometimes difficult to follow what was actually going on with the characters. My main suggestion would be to slow down the pace a bit, allow the reader time with the characters a bit more and let them get a bit rooted in the story. Other than that, I am as always enjoying reading about these boys, and enjoying learning a little bit more about them with every story.