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icanneverfindmyname chapter 9 . 9/25/2013
I know I said I was gonna wait until you'd finished thins, but I really wanted to read it so hear I am. I really like this as well! It's a brilliant sequel, I read too many sequels where the second one is terrible compared to the first, but this is great. And yeah I don't like Blake as much as I did. But then again he did have reasons, and Kaily was kind of putting him through a lot. Not that she wasn't going through hell. BUt yeah.., I just hope it gets better.
Purpletastic chapter 21 . 4/30/2013
OMG i just started and finished this today! Its great :) It's like a mini-story! But i have to say i like WTLO better cause idk, it has more emotions, and it started from scratch and stuff. But both are reallly good :) I hope i'm not 3 months late again! What i like about the story is Caleb, idk but he's the nicest person in the world! He's,like, my favourite character (oddly) and of course Charlie! (the son, not the ex)
The Dancing Ginger 711 chapter 21 . 4/13/2013
It's over oh my god it's over...
I can't even. Nope I'm just going to sit here and cry because its over, I can't deal with this why does it have to end. It's just not fair!
Even though you're cruel and ended my favourite story, you're an amazing writer and I absolutely loved following this story all the way through and reviewing most of the chapters. It really is a sad fact that this is over but I suppose I will have to deal with it and get over it. Ill have to try reading pregnancy project after I finish the book that I'm reading!
I actually love the way you ended this to be honest, everything that I wanted to happen happened! I think lol. Kaily and Blake stayed together right? They just didn't get married? Because I got a tiny bit confused at that part but i just figured that they did stay together because it would not be good if they didn't.
I like the fact that Selena and Liam got married and had a daughter, it's so cute that Charlie is going to be one of those protective brothers to her!
And then there's Joseph and Noel, that's so nor that they got to open a place like jam how they wanted to! I like that they did that :)
Overall it was an amazing story that you ended perfectly. I could not have asked for a better ending to this story than the one that you gave all of your readers. I know that I am extremely upset that this is over but I do have to admit how much I loved this chapter.
Good job on ending an amazing story! I am going to miss it so much!
WizardofBio chapter 21 . 4/13/2013
That was beautiful. I read Where the Lines Overlap and this so quickly, and I loved it! I adore the Kaily/ Blake relationship and the Selena side of the story. I fell in love with the story and was so happy that you made a sequel. I was a little apprehensive when it said that Kaily and Blake broke up, just because I wanted them to stay together, but i figured you would make the story turn out so well that I just had to keep reading! Well, keep writing, because you obviously have an amazing talent.
Writersdream72 chapter 21 . 4/12/2013
I liked this one more. I was invested more in seeing a happy ending like Selena was because you want to root for this couple. I like traditional romance and this one fit that description. The first one was too dark to be considered as traditional romance. I liked how they handled things as adults too.
Shin M. Hiram chapter 21 . 4/12/2013
Haha, it's the end to a great story! The satisfaction of finishing a great tale is one of the best feelings!

While I have to agree you got problems to sort out, you have quite the backbone here, and there is a lot you can do with this story and its predecessor.

I think I liked WTLO for the sole reasons they were in high school and it was longer. If the length issue is fixed, I would like this story better than WTLO.

I liked the whole story, really, it had good tone and was very realistic. The only thing I can think of that I maybe didn't like at one point was how dark and "emo" the story got at some points. I'm not complaining, as that's inevitable in any story.

You don't have to take my advice or listen to my spiel, but know that I did enjoy this story very much, as I currently AM enjoying your others. Please continue with your good work :)
Scribe of Dreams chapter 21 . 4/12/2013
Wow...this was Amazing. I personally liked WTLO because it seemed a bit more developed. In this one thought, I liked hearing about Selena and Liam's story. About Kaily and Blake's story, I liked how they came from different backgrounds but it wasn't fairy-tale easy going.
Is your first story published? (A couple of your AN made it sound like it was).
Black hawk1234 chapter 20 . 4/11/2013!
The Dancing Ginger 711 chapter 20 . 4/11/2013
Wooaaahh that was a fast update!
Awe I like this chapter a lot! I can't do a long review right now because I have to go to bed, but I like the whole thing how Selena called them and they're all going to start talking again! That's so nice and it just makes me smile so much :)
Oh! I also really like the part how they did the whole like starting over thing and she introduced him as her boyfriend, omg that was just really cute and it made me cry because it made me so happy!
I can't believe there is only an epilogue left! What has the world come to!? This is horrible :'( like I don't even know what I will have to look forward to anymore because this is like one of my all time favourite stories on fiction press and I get really super excited everytime that I see there's a new chapter. I don't want it to end :( you should just keep going with it forever because that would literally make me the happiest girl alive! I'm going to miss it so much :(
Oh ummm I said this wouldn't be a long review... Lol guess I got a little tiny bit carried away! Hahahaha oh wellllll it was a really good chapter by the wayy
Shin M. Hiram chapter 20 . 4/11/2013
Aha, only an epilogue? I'll look forward to it.

All 2's? No
Black hawk1234 chapter 19 . 4/10/2013
Wow. I think the fact that you're almost done nearly shocked me out of my wits. Not sure why. But it's true.
Good chapter.
Writersdream72 chapter 19 . 4/9/2013
I love that Kaily and Blake are working things out again. I feel so bad for poor Selena. Was Liam the right guy for her at all? Update soon.
The Dancing Ginger 711 chapter 19 . 4/9/2013
Why is it so shortttttt? :(
Woahhh Selena freaked out a bit there, I was not expecting that, I totally thought she was going to forgive Liam like right away.
I got really really confused at the Joseph and Noel part, was she saying she actually might be gay? I just didn't really understand that part lol because she kissed him and everything and said that she might like him better, I don't know haha I just didn't get it.
YES iris and Blake are DONE! Woooo happy dance time! No but that actually makes me really happy, now Blake and Kaily can be together without worrying about him cheating on iris, because that would be baaaaddd. All I want is for Blake and Kaily to be happy together now! Oh and I want Selena and Liam to be together even though he has that whole crazy past and everything, they still need to be together!
I liked this chapter, despite the shortness (you need to make these longer ;) ) good job!
kaitlin1198 chapter 19 . 4/9/2013
i didnt log in sry but r u going to update your other story soon?
alchem chapter 19 . 4/9/2013
Thank you for continuing to write. Kaily and Blake's story has really come along. The other plot lines feel like distraction even though they are well written. I think all the plot lines don't tie to a central message or theme. I bet that hard to focus your writing.
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