Reviews for It's a Cruel World, Sir
effthatimmachill chapter 1 . 12/28/2012
Oh, how can I possibly enumerate the reasons why I love your character, Nikki, upon first glance (read)?

I honestly hope you'll write a story all about her, even if Vixen's story just came about. And not only do I absolutely adore Nikki, but I find the rest of the characters very much intriguing. I can already see traces of complexity in them. Chase Kingsley is currently my second favorite. I'd usually die of boredom whenever some hot and mysterious teacher would pop up, but Mr. Kingsley is truthfully and posi-tute-ly (as Evie, from Libba Bray's Diviners, would say) just enigmatic. I like his answer, by the way, the one where he said, "The mind."

I am a sucker for guys who are interested in intelligence and I don't even know why.

On to the story: The summary made me think of vampires. I don't like vampires - with a special exception to Damon Salvatore - but I thought I'd give it a go since I saw the, *Full Summary Inside*, bit. And it turns out I did the right choice - especially when I read that Chase Kingsley was teaching Psychology. It's a subject I think would go perfectly well with stories such as this.

So far I am hooked to your story. Seriously. But I do ask of one thing: I hope you flesh out Vixen. She's not horrible and I have absolutely no right to say anything about her future actions because she's YOUR character, but I really do hope she won't turn out so clich├ęd, if you know what I mean, because I can't just love the male romantic interest and not the girl.

Okay, to sum everything up - I love this story already.
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