Reviews for Elbidercni
Kapuchino753 chapter 8 . 12/30/2012
Tho I didn't find this as funny as I expected to, I must say that this is probably the most interesting read I've had in a while.

Bumantha is a very interesting character too. I love how ordinary she is, her bad hygiene and habits, everything about her actually. D
And Arthur. I really like Arthur. I imagine him giving Bummie a restraining order if he gets any more involved in this, lucky he isn't.

For some reason, I imagine Marsha being blonde. Is she blonde? I just wanna know for sure

Oh and another thing, are you by chance... you know, gonna continue this?
Cause it doesn't say anywhere that it's finished so I'm just assuming there's more, and I really wanna read more of your work 3