Reviews for Burn
GhostInTheShell chapter 2 . 4/3/2018
I am really surprised this has no reviews yet. I guess that's because of the tragic nature of the story, but still it's a shame.
I liked the setting and pacing a lot. Really. Many authors rush into certain scenes or hush over things to get to the important parts. Your pacing was very well chosen and the characterisations of the protagonists very deep considering the length of the story.
While the summary obviously gave something away, I liked how you didn't make the outcome of events obvious, that was rather graceful, too.
Like every sucker for a happy ending I am now running a head-movie to give Faye some happiness, but I think it was a very good tragic ending you produced here. I wouldn't mind a sequel, of course, but I can understand if that's not going to happen. (I sure hope you will even see this, considering the story is a couple of years old by now).

All in all, great work!