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Hedonistic Opportunist chapter 5 . 12/3/2014
Gonna stop reading after this one, but will be back for more – just no more depth reviews ;_; I just want to fkfjkfjf but depth reviews force me to think! ):

Anyhow, I loved the light you shed on Hadley on this chapter. I love that, in the end, he just wants to protect himself from being hurt (and molested). I think it makes him vulnerable, and very sensitive. I also like how,l in a lot of ways, it makes him more likeable. I can now see him as nearly shy guy who just doesn't want anyone to get too close :D (hehe, but they will!). I love that he is dramatic and acknowledges that, but what I further like is how he is a coward – I love that he just ran away XD. It makes him so cute. And oh Mace. I love that bastard; he really is scheming and evil, but he is alluring too. You still hint at this chapter that he has some dark past going on, and that just keeps making him more and more interesting. I also think he is dangerous, the way he plays with Hadley in this chapter by challenging him – and testing his limit. I do wonder what his agenda is :D I also like how you acknowledge that he is a player: it further shows how naturally charming he is. Oh, and even if Win did not appear in this chapter, I liked that you acknowledged him as simply being a nice guy. I do agree on that …

I just still prefer Mace and Hadley over Win and Hadley. Mace and Hadley just have far more moments together, and I really think that it is is Mace who gets under Hadley's skin. Not only are they attracted (how boy, that one scene was hot), but I really think that Hadley is intrigued by Mace. Sure, he is scared, but I think Mace is the one who is truly falling for (in a way). I like how he counters that Win is dangerous, because he is nice, and all that but I cannot help thinking that it is Mace who is the one who truly could bring Hadley out of his shell. Still, there is no denying, of course, that both have an effect on Hadley, and that both of them confront his fears.

I thought that scene where Mace was getting a blowjob and Hadley just watched was riveting. Your details were incredibly powerful, and I liked how didn't hold back in terms of Hadley's being affected by this. You could tell how shocked he was – and how aroused. The scene was also lovely in terms how it analysed Mace further – his possible boredom, his darkness, and his ability to challenge Hadley. It was dark and disturbing, actually, because I get the feeling that Mace knew exactly what he was doing there. I also liked the scene at the end where Hadley was so messed up ): Poor kitten, he just wants to lead a peaceful a life and not have to interact with anyone. I liked how this scene was the first one where he acknowledged that he was scared, and I also liked how it made him seem more vulnerable.

I am really interested in the plot now, because it is getting darker (Mace is a scheming bastard), and it also is dipping into more realistic themes. I think it is natural for isolated people like Hadley to be scared, and I like how the plot is quite believably addressing the issue of him being so withdrawn. Sure, he is intrigued, but he is also scared, and I think most shy people would just rather run away than confront things. So, I think you are a good job there. I also like how you are not rushing things at all, but telling this story in a very patient way, really letting it unfold before our eyes. I do not feel cheated that way, but just get dragged in more and more. I also like how I cannot tell what is going to happen at all: your plot is unpredictable because of the characters involved, and the tone it takes. This chapter was darker, definitely, but still retained traces of sarcasm and darkness. It's really interesting because it gives the plot such a unique tone, honestly. It's also fun, just a lot of fun, and that is a good thing because stories are supposed to be entertaining in the long run :)


I just like it, okay :D? I will be back for more, but I just cannot type anymore lol.
Hedonistic Opportunist chapter 4 . 12/3/2014
The plot keeps getting better :D :D

I'm not going to lie, I am reading this for the imminent threesome or twosome (I do prefer team Mace, so yay), but w/e. I like how this is an unapologetic slash story. Yup, the tropes are there, yup the sexual attraction is there, and yes, we've got the entire formula prepared for a story that is going to be raunchy. What I love is that you insert genuine humour here, by having scenes that have Hadley contemplate how the dean is like a parent, with the use of clever metaphors. It really keeps the story fresh by having it focus on such issues. It makes it more than a romance, but a fic about a mean boy who has to learn how to live with others. Yup, I like that, because I feel that we might get rewarded not only with smut, but finding out why Hadley is like this, and maybe even see him get better! What I like too is that there are darker hints, like Hadley's father basically being implied not to like his own son, and Hadley having gotten kicked out a few times already. It makes me wonder what happened in the past, and this also keeps the plot moving forward, apart from just being a romance. There's a bit of mystery actually. I also like how there seems to be some sort of intrigue going too, against Hadley. The dean and his father seem to know what is going on, and I cannot help wondering if they know that the other boys are gay, hehe. Yeah, there are basically a lot of things that I like about the plot, but I just not tell you what exactly: it's a mixture of the romance being very well-written so far, especially because it develops at a natural pace. It's also the fact that this is just so character-driven, and that you are doing such a good job at making us care about each and everyone :) I also just really like how the plot is fun :D It's a great story to read if you want to forget about RL blues for a moment.

I love the writing so much in this chapter. From the beginning in this chapter onwards, you just have a lot of clever lines in this chapter that really reflect your wit and your talent at crafting original metaphors. It not only fits the tone of the plot, but it keeps the story refresh and unique. I love the smoothness of the prose, because it just makes for very easy reading. I love the details you insert, because one can visualise everything, and I love how you can incorporate to easily with Hadley's voice. I also like how you tell things from his perspective so well. It's not first person, but you still really get a good idea of how Hadley ticks and feels. I also love the dialogue and the balance you strike between narrative and dialogue. It also flows very well. I also love how your writing is sexy, from the descriptions of the boys to how Hadley reacts to them. I think that is very important for a slash story; you gotta keep the readers excited. And I do feel excited when I read about Mace leaning over Hadley and whispering 'liar'. There is tenseness in the atmosphere,and that is hot.

OH YAY, relationships. First things first, I love how we can still not tell who is going to end up with Hadley. I would say Mace though, because Mace still seems to be the one who gets Hadley more. He is the one who teases Hadley more, and he is also the one that Hadley reacts the most to. I also just think that they have great chemistry, based on their past interactions and this one. But there is also Win, who does flirt around Hadley, and who Hadley notices. Still, I just feel that there is less chemistry there? I also just need to see how they interact around each more, before I get to decide. I also think that there may be something gong on between Mace and Win, who both are gay and seem to naturally get along well with each other. I like how seamless their teamwork is, and how they seem to get each other. It's especially funny when they both troll Hadley, because you can tell that together, they are quite a force to be reckoned with. So yeah, you are doing great with the relationships :D

I am really interested in Hadley's father. The man seems like a bastard, and I cannot help wonder what he is really like. For now, it's implied that he uses money to solve his problems. I liked how you wrote the dean; she seems exasperated and a bit of a hypocrite, but I also get the sense that she does want to help Hadley. I also get the feeling that she knows more than she lets on XD. I still love Hadley. He is such an asshole, but I increasingly get the feeling that he is also lonely and rebelling against his father. It seems like he has not had much love, which is implied in how he sees parents. If anything, I feel that he is trying to be lonely and not giving a fuck about anything because it makes it easier for him to deal with the pain of loneliness. I also like how he is trying to deny that he likes Mace and Win. I love that Mace, who seems to be very good at reading people, can see right through him. Yeah, Mace is interesting; he comes across as a nice guy, but still an enigma …
Hedonistic Opportunist chapter 3 . 12/3/2014
Another one :D I suck at Depth reviews, so I'm sorry but anyhow :D

The plot keeps getting better and better. I really like how this is following some universal principle of Sod's law. Sure, it's been done before, but I see no problem with this, because the way you do it is just so cheeky and entertaining. I really love how your plot just oozes sarcasm and a sense of self-awareness: it knows it's crazy, and that's why you don't pull any punches to make this more and more hilarious. I really like how effectively you pull these punches, by telling the story through well-timed scenes and moments of surprise (like Mace showing up and coming out of the shower, just when Hadley has calmed down a bit). I also like how you tell the story through dialogue and Hadley's utterly hilarious narrative/introspection: it keeps the story personal and character-driven, by telling it from one person's perspective :D I also really like how there are hints of something darker there, towards the end, with Mace implying something that may have been bad. That makes the plot roll and indicates that there might be something more serious lurking around the corner. I also feel that you are implying that Hadley has some sort of trauma, which is most definitely manifested by his wanting to be left alone all the time. He and your plot are very insistent to remind us of that and I cannot help thinking that there is a reason for that. I also like how Win's (or Bubbles) has actually forgotten that they have met before which gives this plot an interesting theme so far, namely that of forgetting. Mace wants to forget something, I think, Win has forgotten something and Hadley just wants to forget about anything but himself (I mean that he wants to forget that he is a human being who needs others). So what I am saying is that even if this story doesn't take itself seriously, it's still got hints of darkness – which makes it interesting and fresh. It works for me, because of your writing style and your characters. You also just tend to set a really good tone. Also, I just love your take on antisocial people and the problems of moving in people. It is realistic :)

There are so many key scenes I loved in this chapter, I actually don't know where to start. For starters, the entire scene in the beginning with Hadley asking Win to leave was fantastic. Not only because Win didn't give a fuck, but then actually started flirting XD. I loved it, because he was so ineffective to Hadley's assholism, and actually just turned the clock around on him XDD. It makes me wonder if he's doing it on purpose in an effort to troll Hadley, or because he just really is such a nice, clueless guy. I love how this thing escalated further with the scene of Mace showing up (naked hehe :D). It was not only cool to see these two guys understanding each other immediately, but I loved how they both teamed up to make Hadley feel uncomfortable. I especially liked how Mace basically made Hadley hard – this not only further confirmed that Hadley is a very much sexual creature, but it also made everything very hot. Actually, this is something I forgot to comment on regarding the Win scene: I liked how it ended up with him just sprawled out on bed, and Hadley more or less admiring him. That was a nice moment of tension, and also really gave this chapter a nice erotic touch (I really like how you write this genre – so playful). I also really liked the last scene, because I felt it was emotionally charged. For one, I think it confirmed that Hadley may be yearning for love, but it was also where the story got darker, with the hint of Mace suppressing something. I also just liked how it was written, what with Hadley initially feeling comfortable and Mace later being so sad. I felt it was an important scene too, as it strengthens the relationships.

Yeah, I cannot help thinking now: just who is Hadley gong to end up with XD? There is definitely tension between him and both boys: he has reacted sexually to both, and I cannot deny that I think all three of them are going to end up in more and more sexy situations (not that I mind :P). However, at this point, I think that Mace is the more interesting one, emotionally speaking. He and Hadley have shared a moment, and there is no denying that, in the previous chapter, Hadley liked him. I also think he is intrigued by him. With Win, however, I feel that he is more irritated, and just a bit attracted in the sense that he thinks Win is hot. However, beyond the sexual attraction and hints of flirtation on part of Win, I don't feel these two have an emotional connection. That might change, and I look forward to it :D I must say I really like that this so open-ended in this case. A lot of slash stories makes it obvious from the get-go who the hero is going to end up with; here you are teasing us, and that is great :) I also liked that the possibility of a threesome is quite possible.

Mace intrigues me. I don't just think that he is a devil anymore, but that there is something deeper to him. He seems to have been hurt in the past, and I wonder why ): It seems such a shame because he is polite and warm so far, especially while he was holding Hadley in bed. He seems like a protective sort. Win is fun too, with his flirtatious nature and naughtiness. I like how he is not shy around Hadley at all, and doesn't seem too perturbed by his being such a meanie. It implies that he is sort of optimistic and happy-go-lucky which I really like. It makes him such a contrast to Hadley, who is always on the edge. I must say I really like how you made Hadley's roommates such a contrast to himself: he is always on the edge and about to explode, while these two are just really nice and (seemingly?) oblivious. It makes for a great combination :D

Also, lovely writing :D
Hedonistic Opportunist chapter 2 . 12/3/2014
I'm trying to do this without for Depth MC, but hey, if someone else shows up and takes it, never mind :D I need a break from crazy papers:

So um, plot:

I have no idea where you are going, but I don't care because I know it's going to be hilarious. It already is. Every bit of this is just fucking hilarious so far, from Hadley being a batshit antisocial person to this being a wonderfully intriguing piece of craziness so far. It's crazy because Hadley is crazy, Mace definitely is too, and the way you write this whole thing is crazy too: it's utterly batshit to make a class shorter by faking an orgasm, but hey that it is also novel and makes me laugh (though, don't try this at home, er school, kids :D). What I really like about the plot so far is that it doesn't seem to take itself seriously, which makes it all the funnier – you just know that the next few chapters are going to be just as sarcastic and tongue-in-cheek. What I also like is that there is an element of order in the chaos: we get to see Bubbles again, who was introduced in the first chapter as being veritably insane :D What I mean is that so far I can see that you have a story in mind, and that in all that insanity, I can see that we're going to have a romance – which is going to be fun, because about the last person Hadley would expect to see is Bubbles. I also like the hint that Mace could play a bigger role here, as the handsome devil who may or may not stir more trouble. So yes, the plot is fun, because it works with humour and sarcasm and also popular tropes to make everything so far seem exciting, but it's also unique because of the tone you use, and how well, I just don't think I have seen a story about an anti-social neat freak before. Not in this context, at least. I look forward to it! I also think your storytelling is unfolding at a very natural pace, and I especially like that you tell in short bursts rather than making this some long epic. The small scenes, immediacy approaches works wonderfully because it keeps the story fresher.

Hehe writing, I love your writing. It's just so light and utterly readable. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that the fact that you don't use too heavy descriptions, or stay away from purple prose. It avoids giving me a headache, and also makes me read this all very quickly. I do like that your descriptions get vivid and detailed when they have to be (hehe, read: Mace). What I like is that your descriptions are very unique and also befitting of the genre (hehe, hot boys … :D). I also like that your writing is very immediate; it not only fits the storytelling, but it makes the reading even lighter. I just think it helps the tone you've got going for this: this very much in the moment, urgent tone that runs through the entire narrative of Hadley. He doesn't seem to think much of the past, but is very focused on the present, so yeah I like how the language reflects that. I also like how crass you are; it fits Hadley's character and further gives this story such a young, modern feel, further making it fit the storyline. I wanted to say more, but I feel dumb tonight. In, short: great fluid prose, great details, and a lot of fun in general :D There are a lot of lines I like, but my favourites are: the chairs smelled of ass, and the prof being so boring that he could even make the fact that shark had two penises sound interesting. I also loved the line about how Hadley didn't give a fuck about things unless it was imminent.

Scenes: The scene where Mace just started faking an orgasm was hilarious :D I loved that he just rolled with it, and made Hadley feel uncomfortable. The scene was unexpected, but also hot. The details, the way you described Hadley's reactions really came across, and I cannot help wondering what it all means (well, I know that it means that Hadley is gay hehe). So yes, I liked how this scene indirectly too told us something about Hadley, and his sexuality. I also thought it was a great way to introduce a new character. Also, the last scene was epic. It came totally out of nowhere, which made it amazing. I also liked how you wrote out Hadley's reactions to it, stating out with the slow process of him registering that someone was there, before realising that OMG Bubbles had moved in :D That was totally hilarious and also very well-timed :) Um, got nothing else say ;_;

((I really don't like Depth reviews, I think ): ))
Character: I really like Hadley, because he's an utter asshole. I love how he doesn't give a fuck about anything, but still focuses on class because he wants to pass. I also like how you can tell he's a snob by dismissing everyone around him, including the prof. I can tell that he's clever, but he also comes across as too proud (maybe?). I feel that one day someone is going to have to make him a bit humbler, hehe. I also love how his antisocial nature comes into full play here; you can really tell that he just wants to be left alone, most especially by his being such a jerk. I also like how he seems so nonchalant :D That makes the whole thing/reaction with Mace funnier, because you can tell he is affected and intrigued. This means that there is a part of him that is still affected by things. What I like is that he acknowledges his desire – that is cool, and a nice break from all the stereotypes regarding denial/being in the closet.

I love Mace: he is such a sneaky devil. He comes across as utterly sneaky and manipulative. I also like how he doesn't care about anything either :D :D

Terribad review, but I love this :D
faerie-gumdrops chapter 4 . 11/30/2014
Ooh so while I remember - ‘Have [g]one with win’ – typo? Maybe? Not sure! Although maybe he not-so-secretly does want to *have one* with Win, because heck why wouldn’t he?

Love what they’ve done to the place – and THREE hookah pipes, well that’s just excessive :D. Much joy to be had though – poor lil Hadley, having his personal space taken over and VANDALISED. With pictures of NAKED MEN and such. The gay intervention was much fun – just like, it’s okay, Hadley. It’s okay that you’re straight. Win was very cute, especially how he was sort of disappointed that Hadley said he was straight. Mace was also very very cool at the end there. HE SEES THE LIES. Muhahaha. I wonder how subtle Hadley’s actually being, given that he seems pretty full of horn dog (poor lad) whenever he’s around these two.

It was also cool to get to know a bit more about Hadley in this one – like what he actually looks like (totally not what I was imagining, which is great) and more about his dad and his dad’s bribery. I love how bitter and cynical old Hadley is (doesn’t believe in love, the silly goose). Sort of wonder how he ended up that way, bless his socks. I hope the dean is right (evil smile aside) and that Mace and Win might actually be good for Hadley. Definitely, they’re going to have to make him loosen up a bit, huh? HOPEFULLY IN LOTS OF INTERESTING AND EXOTIC WAYS.

Also I love that Win’s from New Orleans, gotta love the Gambit accent :D.

So it Hadley sort of denying his boy-likey-ness to get these people off his back? Or out of his emotional bubble. Because they are coming dangerously close to popping that emotional bubble, given that all these funny feelings going on in Hadley-kins. So um, is he actually somewhat romantic when it comes to sex and things (e.g. he can’t do it without feelings) or is he worried that they are, and will start fawning him, and like giving him roses in class and suchlike, and never ever leave him (or his room) alone once they find out he might like them? Hooo, looking forward to finding out, m’dear! I wanna see Hadley’s squishy centre so bad *peers*.
faerie-gumdrops chapter 3 . 11/30/2014
My inner raging pervert just wants to sit inside their room for a few minutes. Or maybe forever and a bit. But squee, this is so much fun. Poor old Hadley, so used to his own space, and then forced to share it with these two (pretty) oddballs. SUCH A HARD LIFE HE HAS.

I liked Win in this chapter. He seems quite different to the boy in chapter one (like, dare I say, sexier?) and, given that he apparently doesn’t remember Hadley (or at least is acting like he doesn’t) you’ve gotta wonder why. You’ve got me wondering so many different things about all of your different characters (e.g. see Stephen and his honey) – I can’t wait until the day that you complete like EVERYTHING YOU’VE EVER WRITTEN and I can look back on these days and just go ‘ahh’.

Most lovely to see some manflesh in this chapter too (although of course I wanted EVEN MORE cos your smut rocks all of the socks right off). Also I am not-so-secretly in love with the whole waking up with a strange boy in your bed thing, what a way to bond with someone. It is sort of adorable that Mace sleepwalks. Unless, you know, he was just being a kook and climbing into bed for the lulz and all that. Still, his spooning sounds amazing, so what a lucky Hadley unlucky Hadley really is. His poor wounded (cuddled stupid) personal space.

Win and Mace seem cute being friends! I hope there is more of this, and more sausage buying and sausage eating and all sorts of fun things with large sausages (and yes, they are the best kind, even for odd vegetarians like me). Also, loved Win’s reaction eaaarly on in the chapter to Hadley’s warmth and friendliness – ‘I like that’. WELL DON’T WE ALL LOVE UPTIGHT LITTLE BUGGERS. I know I do anyhoo. And now he is a horny uptight little bugger, which is even better, indeed.

Also Dr Seuss 333
faerie-gumdrops chapter 2 . 11/30/2014
Ack, I cannot believe how slow I have been with this! Will rectify though! Um, slowly but surely!

Hehe, first off, your chapter title is so awesome :D. And yay, a chapter full of meetings (well, we already met Bubbles, but there is a name now). I absolutely loved how you let us meet Mace – like what an introduction! Also he sounds hot (pssh, of course he is hot), also he has a hot sex face, which is clearly the most important thing in the world ever. Bless Hadley – like maybe his sex face is ugly and that’s why he doesn’t have a boyfriend. Daww. It probably doesn’t have anything at all to do with the fact that he’s sort of antisocial? Nahhh.

The orgasm was hot. I will say this. Even though Mace wasn’t actually doing anything (or having anything done to him) it was hot. So, yeah, totally empathise with Hadley’s ‘standing ovation’ there because I’ve basically got an imaginary hard-on. Also, woot, I looove how this just makes us want to see actual sex so bad, so like way to keep us reading :D.

I wonder how Mace found out that the Prof is a sex phobe. Like...has he just been trying things in lectures to make them go faster? Experimenting and such? Or hmm, maybe he actually knows the guy. MAYBE IT IS HIS DADDY. Oh the mysteries :D. Your characters are so fun and quirky and sparkly – I love how they all seem so individual and cool and I want to befriend and hug them all. I like Hadley the most at the moment (mainly because I sympathise with his awkward turtle-ness in the lecture theatre – yeah anyone would be awkward and/or turned on with that going on. Also because of the cat. A lot because of the cat). I’m so happy to see Bubbles is Win too – Bubbles was such fun and I love him and want to squish him forever. Also, the obvious contrasts between him and Hadley should be awesome to see given that now they’ve been squished together into this dorm room :D. ALSO BUNKBEDS. So cute.

Also the giving of the fucks thing was great. Your writing is so clever and funny and woooonderously easy to read – and that was just one example of your lovely little observations. I wish I could be so smart :(.

Eee this review is so poopy, I’m out of practice :( I need to go shower / get out of my pyjamas, but hopefully will be able to read some more today!
Hedonistic Opportunist chapter 1 . 11/29/2014
So I should be doing actual work tonight, but I came across this, and decided to review, because I wanting to read this eons ago :D So yeah, this one's for EF, and I may claim it for another round of something else, but anyhow :)

I have to say I love this one to bits and pieces already, starting off with the awesomesauce writing style. It's not only light and utterly smooth in terms of flow, but it's just hilarious in tone and in terms of dialogue. Each of your words, every single line reeks of sarcasm and tongue-in-cheek cheekiness that I love, because it puts a grin to my face and makes my entire day better. I always feel that writing like this is something that should be celebrated because it's enjoyable. :D :D

I love the storyline itself too already, because it's whacky and unusual, but that already sells it: I know I'm in for a fun ride here, and what I especially need in terms of reading these days is something that just makes me sit back and forget RL and being an adult for a second. So thank you for writing a crazy story about a crazy kid who is antisocial but being forced to socialise. I especially love how you make this utterly sarcastic and crazy, because it just lends more humour to this story.

I love Hadley already, because he's clever and impossible and rude. I love how he tries to make everyone hate him, especially his new friend, Bubbles. The exchange where he went from saying he is homeless to having fucked a cat was priceless, because I know it made me grin and cackle. Hehe...he's impossible and rude, but yeah, gotta love his wit :D Bubbles, too, seems very tongue-in-cheek and I cannot wait for their future interactions :P
K chapter 7 . 10/16/2014
Why you no continue writing? :'(
faerie-gumdrops chapter 1 . 7/28/2014
Rule 10 shebang here :D. And I am excited at starting this – I am continuing on on my quest to read through all your stuff, muhahaha. Nothing is sacred. But yeah, I have a killer headache so sorry if this is short and rubbish!

So hello new (old) story! :D. As usual, I’ve pretty much fallen in love with all your quirky characters, even though it is just chapter one. Obviously, I love Bubbles, being as chirpy and creepydorable as he is. One must fall in love with people who sing about cats dying of bumsex. Yus. Also, Hadley is a curious kit. His antisocial-ness is sort of cute in a way, the guy’s clearly a bit of a control freak, and yes OTHER PEOPLE ARE MESSY. Oh laaa, if the boy was my roommate I think he would have to kill himself for real. Also, ha, I like how you’re not afraid to joke about suicide (even the ones that aren’t meant to result in death) – that’s pretty badass of you. I like how your comedy can be so dark, and how there aren’t going to be any awkward boundaries that you’re afraid to smash through :D.

I loved the homeless person thing. And the cat thing. And the fact that Hadley appreciates his mum’s lack of interest so very much. I sort of love his interfering father who insists that he knows best (and meh, he probably does – Hadley seems like the sort to secretly enjoy being wound up a bit :p). Very cute. I can’t wait to meet your other boys! But for now, I shall just steal Bubbles and have him sit with my in my bedroom, making bad jokes and singing about cats. That would be a good life.

Ooh, so I’m not completely useless, there were a few little typos (like where/were etc). but I’m sure you know about those already (plus, it’s totally minor). Also haha, the fact that Hadley wastes so much time of the emergency services might piss people off (could he be arrested for that or something o.O) but ho ho, this is all in jest, and taking it all seriously would ruin the fun :D.

Weee, will read more soon because I want/NEED to find who to ship and who to love the mostest and who has sex with who. THIS IS ALL VERY IMPORTANT 333
SuperNovaEclipse chapter 7 . 6/14/2014
Omnoodles I love this so much. I literally couldn't go a single paragraph without reading something that made me laugh and fall in love more
Spicy-Jayson chapter 7 . 3/13/2014
More? Plz?
I like it. :)
miaou chapter 7 . 12/19/2013
no. non on on non on on no no. I'm such a spaz omg. I was looking for completed stories but somehow ended up here and *assumed* it was complete. enjoyed myself so much and then I hit the last posted chapter. I hope you come back to this ouo;; I am bad at reviewing because I don't what to say and stuff like that (so now I'm rambling) /runs away
Grandchild chapter 1 . 8/4/2013
YOU NEED TO UPDATE THESE THINGS holy schmoly you drive me crazy, you.
semantics chapter 7 . 7/28/2013
Detective Mace and Hadley to the scene! LOL I hope Win isn't really a girl... Hadley needs choices ;) Great job, looking forward to the next update.
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