Reviews for Soul Sisters
Social Anxiety Lives chapter 1 . 5/3/2013
Wolves! I see we have this in common. I just recently tried my hand at writing on these fine creatures. If you have any tips please let me know! I like the title. It kind of gives me that First Nations spiritual type of feel. I am disappointed that you don't have a summary. Give me a catchy summary. Just by looking at the introduction I can see that it is very short. Would this be a prologue or just set off as a quick paragraph before we jump into chapter one? First line doesn't steal my attention. I want you to drag me into the story and hold me captive. There is a lot "I did this" going on. Try and take out half of those "I"s.

"the I take a huge wiff"

I think you mean "then" instead of "the".

Put the sound words in italics rather than asterisks.





I am thinking you are young up and coming writer. There is some spelling mistakes and grammar issues to work with. I wouldn't worry about them too much while you are young. Keep writing and practising. The technical stuff will come with age and experience.
Elam Rachel chapter 2 . 2/20/2013
great work!
the only thing i recommend is for you to split the sentences once in a while, like in books. It makes it easier to read because it makes it look like less words.
PS i don't mean braking up as in paragraphs just putting the next sentence beneath.