Reviews for Transparent Answer
Ereh chapter 1 . 1/6/2013
Ok I'll give a final review here. I won't mention anything about the grammar anymore. It's good as it is. So I'll just go story-wise. It's good enough as a one-shot than a series. I don't see a continuation anymore so I think this is good enough as a one-shot. Another thing that is good about this is that it's not just about two living humans who met each other, it's a human guy and a ghost. Something I always find in a typical romance story: Something that should be different once in a while. Also, when I was reading this, emotions in the story totally got me. At some point I felt sad (Honestly). Ending was good, especially what Shinji did for Monoko: Making paper cranes that is. That was cool for me. Here's the only con, despite being a one-shot, you should not limit the events in the story and just add more if you can. Overall, it was good and different from your typical romance story. Good job. XD