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Lyara Canero chapter 39 . 3/1/2023
For Christ's sake, I've been following this story for almost a decade, sometimes struggling to find it again, and now I beg you, PLEASE, write another chapter! I'm done with all the waiting, really need it! Please, come back, for us, your fans!
Estrellagrace chapter 39 . 4/15/2020
I absolutely love this story. I kept getting mad bc I'd be at like chapter 33 and be like "NOOO There's no way that this story is finished in the next five chapters" and I'd get all huffy bc I need closure like I need my weighted blanket. Tristan is a super great character, but goodness sometimes I can't stand Cody. Cody is awesome and all, but idk sometimes he doesn't act his age and I'm like... fr?

I do hope that your hand gets better (or is better by now as I'm writing this half a year after you posted this chapter) and that you find your motivation. I also had quite a few stories that I loved at the time and changed who I was, but I lost the motivation and sadly I never got it back. I still wish that I had the willpower and the love to finish my poor babies, but the love just isn't there. Though I hope you find that love, if you don't just know it's okay. Don't feel guilty, just make this your best life.

And kissing someone I just met? Been there, done that, will likely do that again in the future. Aahhahahha I think it truly just depends on the situation and how inebriated you are. Much love!
Slynn.B chapter 39 . 12/31/2019
Now here we are at the end of all things.

For this chapter, I was really surprised and delighted at the subversion. Tristan thought his Christmas was going to completely suck, but it turned out to be a great one. I love how down to earth Bree is. I didn't see nearly enough of her character.

For the story overall, the amount of dedication and effort you put in really shows. You didn't shy away from the darker plot lines and gave each character room for development and growth. Gave them space to breathe and exist, it really gives them depth. Nobody is any one thing all the time. Personalities shift with mood and environment and your characters reflect that.

Tristan is a fascinating character and I am fully invested in his development. My heart sank when he was down and I found myself smiling with him when he was happy. As someone who used to self-harm, I related to the early chapters where he was tempted to do it again just to get some relief but had to fight against it. You really captured that war of need versus shame.

The discovery of his sexuality and eventual acceptance was handled well. It was gradual at first, but he was forced to face it. Then he had to decide for himself what it meant and learn to be comfortable with that part of himself.

I do wish there was more. I was interested to know how you would handle his descent to where he was in the prologue. It feels like it wasn't far off from here. I was expecting it to be tied to Cody's discovery that Tristan had feeling for him, and Tristan running away before Cody could stop him. Or maybe Landen catching them. I could be entirely wrong, but that's what I felt like it was building up to.
And I still have so many questions. I wanted to know more about Dion, and we never did find out why the bullies mentioned Beth when they attacked Tristan. And obviously, I wanted to know how Cody and Tristan would resolve things once they both discovered/admitted their feelings.

Regardless of what I want, I do understand if you don't want to or can't work on this story anymore. Sometimes life just doesn't cooperate and, unfortunately, part of being an adult means you have to let go of things to make room for something more important.

If you ever do update, I'll be excited to read it. If not, that's okay too. Just like Tristan, you have your own life and path that you have to find. Thank you for everything up to now. I really loved the story. You are an excellent writer.
Slynn.B chapter 38 . 12/31/2019
What is Mr. Jackass's problem? Is he just an ass, or is there a reason he keeps singling Tristan out and calling him the wrong name? Rude.

Dion and Tristan make such a cute couple. There's an innocence there as they figure things out.

I do like that up to this point Tristan has had a few encounters with guys that were quick to spark into something, but, in contrast, his development with Cody has been slow and steady. Building over the long haul.
Slynn.B chapter 37 . 12/31/2019
A deep and moving chapter. Very well done. In writing it, you didn't shy away from Cody's anger or shame. You captured it well. I love that Cody found the strength to face his abuser because Tristan was in trouble. It's poetic in a way.
Slynn.B chapter 36 . 12/31/2019
A healthy, balanced relationship built on trust? In Twisted? What has the world come to? Seriously though, it was a sweet moment.

Followed by a disgusting Uncle Perv. That was definitely a dumb move on Tristan's part, but it came from a good place. He really wanted to protect Cody and his choices reflect that. Actions speak louder than words.
Slynn.B chapter 35 . 12/28/2019
I feel so sorry for Jason. He waited so long. There goes my OTP up in flames.

I’m getting so close to the end and I’m not ready for it. I’ll finish up the last few chapters tomorrow.
Slynn.B chapter 34 . 12/28/2019
Welcome guests to the tour of Tristan’s harem.

Seriously though, I was hoping I was wrong about Uncle Perv. Poor Cody.
Slynn.B chapter 33 . 12/28/2019
I’m never going to be allowed to just have one ship, am I? Cody and Tristan is adorable still.
At least Jason is responding now. Wonder when we’ll figure out what’s up with that.
Slynn.B chapter 32 . 12/28/2019
The Dion/Tristan moment at the party was sweet. I hope that doesn’t blow up in their faces later.
And then I cried like a little girl. You’ve done an excellent job with this chapter. Their emotions are so real. My heart aches for them.
Slynn.B chapter 31 . 12/28/2019
For someone who’s referred to as a “man-whore,” Dion is very patient. I like it. This is my new ship. At least until it sinks.
Slynn.B chapter 30 . 12/28/2019
Dion and Tristan is not my ship, but damn it’s getting toasty over there.
Ah, the heartbreaking reality in your final notes. Tristan and Jason are not endgame.
At least there’s a life raft with Dion.

I’m so proud of Tristan in this chapter. He’s finally taking some ownership of his own sexuality, even if the labels are still iffy.
Slynn.B chapter 29 . 12/28/2019
Ah, yes, the trend of forcing things on Tristan continues. Does anyone actually respect his wishes?
Slynn.B chapter 28 . 12/28/2019
Holiday craziness is over, so I can take the time to read again.
I’m with Tristan. Everyone needs to stop dragging him around like a rag doll. It’s just rude.
Dion needs to learn about boundaries. Pushing Tristan too much is just going to hurt them both. I do hope they manage to resolve this though. Tristan has so few people he trusts, and he’s never going to expand that list if he keeps getting bitten for his efforts.
Slynn.B chapter 27 . 12/25/2019
Wtf is up with Desmond/Chris? I'm with Tristan. So many questions.

Tristan must be the hottest guy ever. He's got girls and guys fawning over him. He could build his own harem.

Cody has been trying to get Tristan to open up and trust him, but here he goes hiding things from Tristan. I look forward to when they finally start relying on one another, facing their problems together so that no one person has to hold the weight of the world alone.
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