Reviews for Demon Huntresses
vengeance's wildflower chapter 1 . 6/25/2013
Hi Dreamingvixen13! (Love that username). :) It's Margaret. Since you said in your bio that you don't get much helpful criticism, I'll try to go into a little more detail with this.

I've only read the first chapter, but the premise is very intriguing so far. It reminds me a lot of the City of Bones series you mentioned in your bio. But then again, I've only read the first chapter so I can't say much. Anyway, your first paragraph is a great attention-catcher. I feel like you should slow down just a bit, however, for just as Kristen is introduced as the typical teenage bitch, she is also introduced as a demon not many paragraphs later.

I really like Isabella's character. Her well-developed, sassy personality keeps me interested in what she has to say next. The writing style also carries the same feel. The supporting characters, Candice and Trisha, are hilarious too, though I'm not sure I would feel like I know them if I didn't know two people with similar names in real life.

Sometimes, I think you don't need to elaborate on how a character says something-the dialogue alone already shows it. Two examples:
- "Oh, shit," she swore.
- "Yes, some of us have attitude and prefer jeans and deadly weapons," teased Isabella
Maybe it's just me, but "swore" and "teased" distract me a bit from the dialogue, especially when the reader can infer how the character is saying it. "Said" or something simple works well in these instances.

Overall, great writing style, main character, and premise. I have to go now, but I'm definitely looking forward to reading more of your writing.
ignorant yet arrogant chapter 1 . 2/24/2013
*clap clap* GO ISABELLA