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Darth Zannacross chapter 62 . 3/11
All right, lets do this.

ORCHID as a whole is a intense historical story, and I be lying if I said I did not see the Code Geass parallels. It managed to go its own way, felt like a mix of Guilty Crown to. RAIN was a fun order, though from the very start it seemed like they were not the real threat, reminded me a lot of Funeral Parlor from Guilty Crown, Macbeth reminded me of Guy.

There was lots of drama and action and suspense, was one tense roller coaster.
Azure as a main lead, eh, I suppose him being spineless, even in crucial moments, was a rather major turn off, I find it hard to take that he would be so chipper a mood at the end there. He had his moments though so, I do hope he rebounds from this to make one hell of a come back in ROSE.

Tsukiko , she reminds me of a cross between CC and Rachel from Blazblue, one frosty ice queen to say the least. She put on the whole mystery girl act well, she pulled through in the end, though it seems the revelation put her in a bind, a pity it ended on such a sour note, I can only hope things progress more in Rose.

As for the rest well, a mixed bad for me. Those like Mercutio were a treat, others like Ophelia felt more or less like role fillers, though I suppose Ophelia just about had it worst the Sherly, well, almost, ( Shakes fist at Rolo) .

Had a few bad guys like Nathaniel and Astra that were hate magnets, and yet overall there does not seem to be a overall bad guy, I guess Forsythe? Even so, he did his role but did not stand out.

The plot moved smoothly enough, though at times it did get side tracked.

Over all grammar wise nothing to fuss about, you got that part all done well.

I will say once more, I just thought the ending was a let down, it built up to something quite epic, then stopped short to say the least, still face palming at how pitiful Azure looked in the final arc. Thankfully that's not the over all end so we will see how it goes.

There were a few times when I thought the characters acted odd emotionally but I guess that would boil down to personal taste.

So to attempt to sum up ORCHID it came off as a intense drama about a man trying to find his way, and not quite getting there, stumbling along the way, oh, and mecha to lol. I did like the magic element. From start to finish I suppose Azure is in a much worst spot then where he started, but he is also enlightened, gaining a sense of justice and what not. I can only guess what this will lead to something in ROSE, something more, heroic.

Things have come far in ORCHID, changed from school to a war, with all the emotional baggage that the ride gives out. Was a well crafted story, so keep up the great work and till next time Wong
Darth Zannacross chapter 61 . 3/7
So, Tsukiko more or less admits she has no power and is in a bad position meanwhile Azure admits that he has nothing is quite the , unexpected way to end this. To be honest I thought things were just about to kick off, things ending here is, anti climatic to say the least.

I have to be honest here, Azure is coming off as a total wishy washy wall flower who fails rather hard as a hero so far. Even compared to a lot of Gundam hero's even those like Kira and Loran would tell him to be more proactive so say the least. I just hope he is able to be less lackluster in the sequel.

Also, for a epilogue it felt like a lot of the other players actions were left out, not really clear on what is going on with the antagonists. I suppose its your choice, would have liked to see more of Ryan's perspective or what happened to the rest of RAIN but, oh well.

Well, for the over all review I am going to look back at things to give a full assessment, want to make sure I cover all the bases here.
Katsurou Shimizu chapter 62 . 3/7
Eh? So short? What happened to thanking your parents, your friends and the trolls who followed your adventure each step of the way?

Ah, nevermind. I can excuse that little blip. *cough*

Okay, where do I start? Ah... since ORCHID is a completed work, let me give it some appraisal like all acclaimed novels get.

"ORCHID is a fantastic alternative historical work with elements of fantasy that lends it extra entertainment during the short yet exciting battles. The main character Azure will make you want to facepalm at times with his periodic displays of weaknesses, and the side character Tsukiko will make you want to hug her and melt her icy heart (only to get a slap in return). There are tons of entertaining side characters in the mix, some for sheer comic relief, some to hint at the corruption and conspiracy lurking within the empire etc., so the author clearly has got his bases covered.

Prose is great, different from the usual vein with its use of present tense and a more omniscient form of narration, but it's a good sort of different. Wong backs up it with picturesque sceneries and cinematic action scenes, though the emotional scenes tend to get a little dwarfed as a result with the distancing nature of the narration... BUUUT... wait til you get to the later chapters... WAIT TIL YOU GET TO THE LATER CHAPTERS...

All in all. This humble reviewer has nothing to say but, read it. You'll learn more about history, you'll learn more about Shakespeare, and you might be inspired into changing the world yourself."
Katsurou Shimizu chapter 61 . 3/7
And I was wondering why you didn't post it earlier on. Now I understand. You must have been busy writing that 69k author's note right? I'll get to that later *w*

Dis a good epilogue, not exactly as rage-inducing as I have expected. Yes, Tsuki-chan has to go fly fly butterfly into the shadows, and yes, Azure has been chained up and expected to suffer (or enjoy) some S&M, but there's still hope among the despair. Hope which springs from the characters' desire to fight against their fates that they have been subjected to, instead of simply moping around and accepting things for what they are.

It's been a great ride for me. More general thoughts when I get to your epic author's note ;)
Sentimental RainCloud chapter 5 . 3/4
Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. What and ending to the chapter. *already knew what went down because she read until chapter 6*

Wong, I really want to know how you came up with this plot? It's very attention gripping. The characters and their interactions alone says you invested a lot of thought into the plot? I want to know what gave you the idea for R.A.I.N and their motives and how well did you plan these characters' backgrounds? (*w*) Maybe you'll reply to my questions, or not.
Sentimental RainCloud chapter 4 . 3/4
. Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Wonton-chan... Such drama. Much wow. So interesting.

Poor Azu, going through such a difficult moment. Read over chapter 3, but couldn't review Q.Q
Azu like modern fiction James Bond. I'm still in love with Mercutio. Much manliness, such speech, much wow.
Why, just why as Ophelia there, she shouldn't have been there. She must have wanted a glimpse of Azu and when she saw Mimi with him, must have felt hurt. T.T Mimi that man stealer *shot*

Love the minimal description as always.
Thanks for the good read. Kyaaaaa.
Sentimental RainCloud chapter 2 . 3/4
Awwww snap. Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Wonton-chan Such cliffhangers . I loved this chapter, reading it for a second time uwu. I know who that girl is . Yes, I know her personally. We attending HS together. *slapped*

Poor Azure. Poor Mimi. Poor Lord Wellington. Poor Mc-Wonton. There is so many character introductions in tthe first two chapters , How did you pull it off?

Loved it. *rolls onto chp 4 because she reviewed 3*
Katsurou Shimizu chapter 60 . 2/28

*Disowns as one of my favourite characters*

I'm a little disappointed with Azure's moment of weakness in this chapter. I was so certain that he would steel his resolve a little. That slap was well-deserved.
Darth Zannacross chapter 60 . 2/28
When it rains it pours, looks like on top of everything Ryan is a sell out, looks like Azure really is screwed, and about to be royally screwed over. Well, him still not wanting to fight after everything makes me face palm but, looks like our new princess is going to be put in a new game, a game of thrones. Hope she does better at the game then the Starks.

So, not to much else to say but the stakes are even higher so looking forwarded to where it goes from here, till next time keep up the good work.
Sentimental RainCloud chapter 1 . 2/23
Kyaaaaaa Wonton-chan You sly, sly man. You wrote over this chapter, didn't you Don't think I didn't notice. There were a lot more explanation of things than they were in the original piece. Felt different. I prefer the original for many reasons, but I guess you always planned on writing it over, huh? It's good that I still have the PDF to it ;)

I felt as if there were some info dumping or maybe I just didn't notice some stuff in the original piece. I must say, I am not pleased with the last line. It isn't as gripping as the original. It also reads a bit odd. .-. I don't know why.

Nonetheless, I loved it. Always a fan of your writing. ** Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Katsurou Shimizu chapter 59 . 2/22
I'm not sure if I've seen these Axelrod guy before, but he is as loathsome as Draco Nathaniel from first impression.

And cue Tsuki-chan's revelation to save the day. I expect that Axel bastard to try to sneak in an attack just because.
Darth Zannacross chapter 59 . 2/21
Well, the cat, or the princess is out of the bag now. Nice job with the Seraph fight, was good. Seems the soldiers are getting to rowdy, that can't end well for anyone.

Looks like we are on the verge of something major here, looking forward to where it goes from here, keep up the great work and till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 58 . 2/14
Looks like Azure has some rage to deal with, ideally on those mecha that are giving him some problems.

Talk about a cliffhanger, death is close to just about everyone here, time to see who will get out of the bloodbath alive.

Keep up the great work, till next time.
Katsurou Shimizu chapter 58 . 2/14
The sheer irony of dat title (After the R. . comes the rainbow? Oh, you gotta be kidding me, Wong).

Expected rising of death counts, betrayals, burial scene, soldiers behaving like savages.

Yet another depressing chapter. I'm hoping for a payoff that will make all this torment worthwhile.

On a slightly more brighter note, action was sugoi.
Darth Zannacross chapter 57 . 2/7
Good greif, Azure kind of sucks at protecting people eh? His track record seems even worst then Leouch, hell, its right up there with Shu from Guilty Crown theses days lol.

So, that said, now he thinks he can destroy the Grand British Empire by himself eh? Well, it could work but it seems like it will take quite a lot for him to be able to pull that off, and if you said this is only one last arc then it seems that things are going to be quite explosive for the final run. Well, you also said this was just part one so, I guess we will see eh?

Quite the emotional chapter, keep up the great work and till next time.
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