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Daniel Kozaki chapter 60 . 6/6/2014
And Ryan dropped the ball.

*Disowns as one of my favourite characters*' - there goes Eddie Murphy.

Hm, you know how to end a story, you...
Daniel Kozaki chapter 59 . 6/6/2014
I love how they're called Seraphs.
'The three Seraphs [are] ready to strike.'
'"And… something will have to be done about all these witnesses."' - Fallujah all over again. Well, will be harder that the victims are British.
'"How…" he whispers. "How could we have let this happen?!"' - :/
'"How," growls Azure, drawing his friends' attentions, "are these guys any better than R.A.I.N.?!"' - No Azure, they make RAIN look like little girls making daisy chains.
And Miss Stuffy Paws is out of the bag. And she got a sword. And royal blood.
Daniel Kozaki chapter 58 . 6/6/2014
Coup d'etat.
'"Today will be the last day R.A.I.N. as an organization exists, Edgar."' - We'll see about that.
'"It'll… it'll be o—" Gina reaches out to hold the girl, but her voice falters even as she tries. She shakes her head. "Who am I kidding…."' - powerful imagery of war.

'Good lord, you have the power for us to hate beyond unstoppable levels. D:'
'( T_T ) ( T_T ) ( T_T ) ( T_T ) ( T_T ) ( T_T )'

You're enjoying this huh Wong, you bad bad boy. -w-
Daniel Kozaki chapter 57 . 6/6/2014
Oh dear, return of the mechs. A military crackdown is made all the more otherworldly when you add mechs to the attacking force.
War crimes. Another... heavy subject that hits too close to home. Which is why I applaud ORCHID.
'"...You'll be okay, I'll get you out of here soon!" *looks behind her* Fifteen centimeter piece of glass embedded inside her back.' - dammit, Wong!
Carnation... another flower symbolism...
'"I'm going to destroy the Grand British Empire."' - Azure of the Rebellion.
Nice chapter name anyway. The beginning, and the end. Halcyon Days are Over, brought up to the next level.
Hamlet. Tragedy.
Daniel Kozaki chapter 56 . 6/6/2014
Cheltenham... they always have the best of luck, huh. Ah, Julia. That makes sense.
'"It doesn't help that we've had to withhold their pay due to the financial constraints imposed by the Regents."' - of all things... withholding their pay? At a time like this?
Hm, by the look of things, Murphy's Law it is.
'"Thank goodness, it's all right…."' - jinxed. -w-"
Daniel Kozaki chapter 55 . 6/6/2014
'"I'm certain your troubles with your boyfriend will work themselves out."' - K, dat's awkward. Wait, he must be a troll! Dammit.
'"You'll catch [a] cold if you always keep the window open like that..."'
'"There are currently forces at work which prevent us from acting with full prerogative."' - conspiracy or birocracy?
And... wrong answer, Azure. Liggins is a loyalist, so... Well, as if Azure would lie.

You know, when you said final arc, I thought, 'what could be done in less than 10 chapters that beats the incident in Dunbarton Tower? It's hard to pull something more epic than that, but then... I remembered impending RAIN crackdown. And... if ORCHID is going to have a sequel, usually this is the part where everything either gives hope, or is squashed into obeying Murphy's Law. Or both.

'You are going to Edgify her, I know it.'
Daniel Kozaki chapter 54 . 6/6/2014
Finally, a sword can't fight a gun without a shield! Funnily, it was the same thing against Nathaniel (just that it was Arctus, and Azure did not have Excalibur back then).
'Putting a hand to his hip, Astra glares at Tsukiko, his other hand with the revolver still pointing in Azure's face. "Well, well, another toy appears for Astra to play with!"' - this is an awkward pose that, strangely, fits Astra so much.
One stabbed shoulder and four shot limbs. Ow.
Mana conversion... My guess: Azure was imbued with genes from the mana eel! *shot*
Lol Mimi, asking Azure if he had his vitamins.
'Edmond Dunbarton does not reply.' - powerful sentence.
I wonder what Forsythe wants with Arctus... or maybe he just approached all of Azure's friends...
Koi no chikara! 'Tsuki-chan, you bloody troll.'
Daniel Kozaki chapter 53 . 6/6/2014
Do you know that scientifically, a bullet passing through a bolt of lightning would make it through unharmed, without even slowing down? Never mind, magic. In the universe of ORCHID, even wind can make bullet faster at close range.
'...but his eyes widen immediately as five more bullets come flying straight at his unguarded front.' - It's like Azure can see the bullets, yes he can hear them, but bullets are at the speed of sound. Well, shonen through and through. Moving on!
Clones. That, and twins, make for surprising story twists. Not as convenient as magic, but still a convenient trick.
'This time, Astra's bullets fly even faster.' - shonen logic: berserking makes bullets fly faster. Never mind, magic! :p
And Chef Wong's famous homemade cliffhanger again...
But seriously, this one screams 'final battle' with a chorus BGM type.
Daniel Kozaki chapter 52 . 6/6/2014
Very calm and quite talkative for a dying person.
Again, this chapter felt short.
But I love the last sentence. Window-shattering mana rampage on top of a tower is epic.

'Killing characters off is one thing (and also a RAOSC writer's favourite past-time), but its impact on the closed ones is equally crucial, if not more.' - having fun reading other readers' responses.
'He actually resembles Mercutio from the tourney more than Mercutio himself, minus the Shakespherean speech patterns and alliteration. Loved Azure's reaction and outburst in the aftermath of the scene.'
Katsu knows what to point out.
Daniel Kozaki chapter 51 . 6/6/2014
'"Forget it, Arctus," she says. "She's much too old for you."' - Ouch!
Cue tense and epic music! It's already a downhill rush anyway.
And... oh you, you meant to say 'It's all gonna be downhill from here, huh?'
Daniel Kozaki chapter 50 . 6/6/2014
'"I have gone to great lengths to ensure that none of the plans I have set into motion in my lifetime will die with me. Indeed, plans much larger than you or this situation will likely move even faster with my disappearance."' - Dumbledore parallel, again. Although, I wonder, he probably has his own networking, people Azure had no idea existed. ROSE?
Well, Ryan, your mana conduction... Either your magic skill is doomed as joke fodder forever, or you have something special and unexpected.
And... The Tower that Burned. The Lightning-struck Tower? A parallel to Dumbledore's death scene?
Please shoot me for keep pulling out JK Rowling's references.
Daniel Kozaki chapter 49 . 6/6/2014
Dynamic entry! *w* 'If ORCHID was a movie, I'll watch it.' - KS
Ugh, Malfoys vibes over 9000!
'"...After all, this is not our mess. This is our contractor's."' - Hm, either the Germans, or some evil secret society, or some betrayal from the political higher ups...
Good one, Tsuki-san.
Daniel Kozaki chapter 48 . 6/6/2014
'"Did you break the toilet again?"' - lol the perfect response. Notice the 'again'. That's why you shouldn't let Ryan be the bearer of grievous news.
'"...a number of armed intruders!"' - Hm, not just Astra...
And Nathaniel returns.
A group of teenagers to save the day, HP style.
'"Don't worry, I've studied the theory very closely."' - famous last words if it's not Arctus.
And... Mimi. I pity her for only being used as comic relief so far. Really. Seriously. She shouldn't be just a shounen useless female character.

'...I do wonder if Azure can save his father or if he is going to go join Batman and all the others in the men who seen there fathers die in front of there eyes club.' - Nananana*shot*
Daniel Kozaki chapter 47 . 6/6/2014
I notice the use of Google Street View.
Fisher-san... bait?
Still... a letdown, but not fully unanticipated. Still, one should not have too much high hopes when it's Wong-sensei writing.
And... Return of Astra! I bet readers are already groaning.

'Father and son together. Honestly, their moments are quite... halcyon. Like two people who just want peace x3' - Gah, now I'm reminded of Harry-Albus again.
Daniel Kozaki chapter 46 . 6/6/2014
Super Mimi Attack...
'I'm gonna join the military and follow Azure wherever he goes!' - uh huh.
Still... dat feeling when you realize you're graduating...
Knowing of ROSE's existence (or soon-to-be existence) makes me realize that it might be too early to find Valhalla. Maybe.
Hm, this chapter feels a little bit short. I wonder...

'But where's the :}'
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