Reviews for ORCHID
c'estquatre chapter 3 . 1/9/2013
What confused me at first was the setting.
There were things like skyscrapers and cell phones, and Mimi being a Kennedy, and then there was talk about India being a part of the Empire, and calling India a wasteland which made seem like this was set during the Victorian Era, and then came the picture of Lincoln.
But pretty quickly after that I got the gist of it being in the present.

Secondly, the tense usage is correct. There might be people weirded out by the tense, but it's the right tense to use in Light Novels, in fact, since the English speaking world is so accustomed to past tense writing, Light Novel translators usually translate the Japanese present tense into English past.
I didn't notice until halfway the first chapter, but that was very clever of you.

Lastly, love the Shakespearian names, excellent idea, but the way Mercuito talks is stilted. It doesn't flow properly. I understand how difficult it is considering that it's early modern english, but yea.

Overall it's interesting with an Indian child as a protag, something fresh.
M C Mihjazi chapter 3 . 1/9/2013
I sure liked this so far. You have excellent use of detail though sometimes it can get redundant, like "rapidly sprinted", though that is a small matter. I thoroughly enjoyed your use of Shakespearean character names, that was a nice touch.
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