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Ckh chapter 26 . 10/1/2017
I really enjoyed my time with GG for what my short comment is worth. Maybe I need to reread it again to write a review - but I'll save that for when you update, haha.
lilis the pokemon lover chapter 26 . 10/27/2016
Hey there! Nice story here! I do not know how to motivate you, but do not give up! I want to read this to the end! It is an interesting story! Also, if you do not know me, I am your sister's friend, the one who wrote too many exclamation marks in my story(thanks anyway). Now, continue this story and be the writer you want to be! I will be cheering you on!
kumamon chapter 3 . 12/28/2015
Wow, I like your writing style, now that I've read it for the third time. It's light and playful and a change of mood from everything around me lately. That's great news, for me at least. I am seriously getting tired of your MIA-ness, please get back to me as soon as you can. Right. Now on to the review!

Greetings from Line Break! Again!

I like how the plot is going, Ken discovers his name and somehow remembers something from his life! That's terrific! I hope Takeshi doesn't have anything to do with Ken's death, that would be sad. :( No wonder Yuriko knew what Ken was thinking, she can read his mind! Do they share a mind or is it just a one-sided thing? As I have stated before, his whacky narrative is a plus for me, I hope Ken doesn't get more depressing over time!

Keep up the good work. Cheers!
kumamon chapter 2 . 12/26/2015
Looks like our gunslinger has a tendency to blurt out whatever's on his mind, this is going to be really funny. I like how Yuriko find Haiiro cute, that's effing cute! o(*)o I have a nitpick to point out: you mean doubled instead of doubly, right?

I like how the story is progressing. I can't certainly say that a clumsy mc is new, but it's nice to see the handicaps on his abilities. This should be interesting, if his opponent were to find out about his handicap they would use it to their advantage won't they? Why didn't he want Yuriko to explain either? I didn't really get that one.

The narrative is rather light-hearted and fun, which is something I like, because I find my own narratives to be dark and depressing. This is a change of pace of me, considering everything that's been happening. I also noted how you have the arcs planned out. Sounds like someone did do some planning.

Keep up the nice work. Cheers!
kumamon chapter 1 . 12/24/2015
Just a nitpick: 'thick purple soup' sounds better to me. Now that that's out of the way, greetings from LB's Criss Cross review thingy!

I really like your writing style, the ghost gunslinger sounds like a total dork, which is actually hella cute! I like how you used Chinese myths in this too. Maybe you should add the Demon King in later chapters too! I like the gunslinger's sense of humor, and his whacky actions. The idea that poltergeists and spirits are different is a refreshing breath of air for me, as I had always lumped them together.

Overall, I enjoyed it and I look forward to reading the other chapters! Cheers!
Benedict A.86 chapter 26 . 3/30/2015
Why do I get the feeling Ken-chan's actually the judge.
xXxd chapter 26 . 3/30/2015
It just gets darker and darker each chapters. The end in Masaru's perspective seemed to have him pulling some strings soon. So many string pullers around, the hiearchy is always changing every chapter.

Desires are dangerous, Bones. Kudos to soup lady and her acting though.

You know your body best indeed, Ryou. I didn't expect he would go against Takeshi though. Are they playing a game of Yugioh?

Dat cliffhanger leading to PPP. You got a knack for writing up to that point.

At least one character from this chapter is going to meet the death reaper soon.
Fatima's Labyrinth chapter 26 . 3/30/2015
For the past few weeks, I found myself rereading through the past chapters of GG on my rides going to school and going home from school. Frankly, my eyes had really blurred up during the past year, and I wasn’t one that’s impervious to motion sickness. But, once I start opening up that offline FP app on my smartphone and start reading GG, I can’t bring myself to cease ‘till the moment when I have reached my stop. That just goes to show how much I love it, no? :3 Whenever I read GG, I just forget everything for a while. My problems, stress, and everything else, to be whisked off into a world and a journey profound as it is beautiful. Once again, I just have to say thank you, Katsu-chin. For writing this story. I can’t say it enough times. I am eternally grateful to you.

With the re-read-through, I’ve finished the first arc again and am halfway through the second, and that definitely did make this chapter’s impact tome. Masaru’s writer’s block and loss of inspiration. Sayurin. Midorin. How the Crimson King made deal with Hitomi with the “bait” being to bring Sayurin back. I really despise villains who use other’s weaknesses to abuse and use them. But that’s what also makes them good villains, and I like it as much as it makes me feel angry. Again, a story that brings about solid emotions to the reader is a magnificent story. I really love how Masaru and Hitomi, being the secondary characters as they are, get so much characterization on this chapter. Like, you could really feel how much they cared for Sayurin, and how they want to see her again so badly. Midorin too. I wish for nothing else than for them to at least meet one last time, and perhaps have a really, REALLY, REALLY tight hug scene. Possible deep yuri kiss also. OuO SaMi FOREVAH!

I love this. I love how it went to “utterly hopeless and despair” as the last chapter closed up to, “a glimmer of hope” in this chapter, which reflects in the characters depicted in this chapter. Of course, I have to commend them individually, ya know!

LET’S GO MIDORIN! Cheer up everybody with your indomitable cuteness!

AWRIGHT, MASARU! Bash them demons with your keyboard! Show them a writer’s true power!

SOUP LADY FOR THE WIN! MOST BADASS GRANNY EVER! Kick that Bone-hole’s ass (I also loved the whole ploy of Zordandevis lusting for the Crimson Throne)! “I may not be his grandma, but to me, he’s my grandson.” EPIC SHIVERS AT THAT LINE HNNGHGH! So much adrenaline coursing through me!

RYOU YOU ARE THE ULTIMATE JANITOR! Hnnghg. To be honest, I have this inkling that Ryou might end up dying, but if he does, it would be in burning bright blue flames. If he’s going to go, he’s going to go in the most badass fashion ever. I just know it.

Don’t you worry, Yagami-chan. Hope is not yet lost. Kenichi will be saved. He’s suffering so much right now, so I want you to be there for him this time around, okay? No more crushing over dickweed bishounens who deserve utter garbage. Love the person who deserves your love.

Dat final scene. Oh gosh, just that whole scenario of Kenichi standing atop the Ferris wheel gave me so much jitters. I love it when minimalistic narration comes into my mind in seeping rainbow colors. Being halfway through rereading arc 2, I had cleared up that Kenichi’s mission is to capture the Judge and the person he eloped with. And to bring them out is why he caused all that chaos. “Morita-sama”. . . Hitomi’s mother, perhaps? Anyways, I just love the concept of a transcendent being falling in love. Love truly is a powerful force, enough to even make deities stupid.

This is it. The stage is almost completely set. The final battle is at hand. The “cycle” has begun once more. “I owe it to him to end the cycle”. I can see it. I’m not sure if my interpretations are correct, but I shall speculate as it is fun and exciting. This “cycle” that is referenced throughout GG might be the cycle of “reincarnation”. Of events occurring once more, of turning into a full circle. As this final arc reaches its climax, I think that only one thing remains to be answered, and it shall be the focal point of everything.

And that is.

Who is Kenichi?

Or rather,

Who was Kenichi, before? Who was Kenichi in his past life, before he died?

What memories did he have, and for what purpose did they disappear?

And has Kenichi actually been reincarnated multiple times already? Already having been witness to a multiple “cycles”?

This is going to be so epic. Hhhngh. HNNGH!

Y. S. Wong chapter 26 . 3/29/2015
Dat partial autobiography.

Between Voice Chan and Revolver Chan, the Chan family seems to play a pretty big role in this arc. And another cliffy. (*w*)
Y. S. Wong chapter 25 . 3/29/2015
The patient driver. The loving mother. The bubbly nurse. Dat despair ;(tilde);

Dat character development for Yuri-chan. (*w*) I hope this means the ending that I want. Because if not...


Cliffy with Yuri-chan locked up. Normally this would be cause for much mischief and fun, but nooooooo, my desired happy ending is in jeopardy! ;(tilde);
Tomoyuki Tanaka chapter 26 . 3/29/2015
I'm guessing that young man is Hideaki. And he's the skeleton guy's colleague? Wow. So they were in this together all along.

Love the dark humor sprinkled throughout the work, and Masaru seems to be a nice reference to yourself (and every other writer out there - I know the feeling of staring at an empty computer screen, typing a word and then watching helplessly as the backspace key flies past and render my past efforts for naught). Awesome story as always. I wonder what the soup lady is up to? And how will Kenichi ever return to his senses?
Y. S. Wong chapter 24 . 3/26/2015
"Ryou hated hospitals." Thought you were talking about Arubin-san for a moment. u


Michi being traumatized by the horror flick. MOE.

Weird chapter.
Fatima's Labyrinth chapter 25 . 3/22/2015

Kudos to those who understood the usage of a more than two-year old meme above. I’ve always wanted to use that meme! OuO

You know that it’s a great story when you just hungrily look forward for the next chapter to come out, and that when it makes the top of one’s priority list in a moment’s notice of receiving that e-mail notification that a new chapter has come out. Such is my love for GeeGee. Ghost Gunslinger. Alright, review time!

First, I just adore the title. Obviously, it’s a reference to a fairly popular classic novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” which I haven’t read, but I’ve seen it being a reference to titling in general. I really enjoy when a title alone evokes such powerful emotions from the very beginning. In this case, the feelings of anxiety mixed with excitement towards what’s to come are much powerful. Good job, Katsu-chin! dOwOb

The opening scene was most definitely impactful. I shall now revise my speculations from the previous chapter review, given the new info presented. So, it would seem that Kenichi’s new revolver from Bones does not cause brain control or any form of controlling per se, instead, it has the ability to bring out the worst desires and deepest negative thoughts from a person, and amplify them to a point of it being expressed in violent actions. It taps on the deepest darkness of a person, the suppressed hatred, and brings it all out in an unrelenting wave. I really like the symbolism of the bullet point being the heart, making that the connection between the soul and the body. I’m just kinda rambling of course, but these kinds of themes are just really a delight for me!

Midori’s hidden strength. I really enjoy learning new things about characters, and it’s always just a joy to see! Although just only for a moment, the lighthearted moment of Midori swinging that trashcan to knock Tetsuo out brought a smile to my face. Of course, it wasn’t too much that it ruined the ambiance altogether, but it was a quick, but well-appreciated breath of relief before things got going intense again!

Hideaki Yamamoto. It’s been a while, but all the same, the feeling of deep ire from just the mere sight of his name is an indication that he truly is a well-written douchepickle. I mean, I hate him, but the way he’s written is just. . . really good, as it would bring about such solid emotions from me. It’s a good thing that Yuriko’s opened her eyes to the reality that he’s just a huge ass jerk. It’s not definite yet and my interpretation might be wrong, but it would seem that Hideaki uses some form of. . . deception. An ability that makes people think of him positively and be pulled into him in an unnatural, forced, but imperceptible manner. I can’t find the proper words to describe it, but I think he can turn people comfortable and fond of him unwillingly. Like a spell or a charm. And Yuriko was just another victim of it, until she had seen the bare reality of who Hideaki was and broke herself free off that spell. Of course, it’s probably a misinterpretation given my current mushy mental state, but I think it’ll all be clear soon! :3

All in all, I once again enjoyed this chapter, as I expected I will. At the last scene of this chapter, there was just so much strong emotions that burst out, specifically from Yuriko. As Yuriko was sealed off and put off commission, there was just this overwhelming feeling of helplessness that I felt. Who was going to help them now? Only Yuriko is left to believe in Kenichi. Speaking of Kenichi, going back to the first scene, there was just this powerful feeling of suffering and emptiness emanating from him. He’s suffering so much deep inside, and Yuriko can feel that.

Who will be able to help Yuriko now? Midori can only go so far, and all the exorcists are selfish adults. And Takeshi isn’t to be trusted anymore, as he might be the Crimson King. The feeling of despair that Yuriko is feeling just really resonates with me, and I’m just really looking forward to the next chapter! :3 You really do make some damn great cliff hangers, Katsu-chin! They’re not always over-the-top intense, but the sense of them just making you want the next chapter as soon as you can get it is just solidly present always.

So, yeah! I’m hungrily looking forward to the next chapter! Once again, thank you so much for a delightful read! :333
cud-b-better chapter 22 . 3/22/2015
Wow has Kenichi taken on a new form was that wine/water or whatever done something to him? I'm guessing this series is going to end with a fight between Kenichi and Yuriko just to bring out more of my tears. Loved the jokes about wanting to see genitalia.

A somewhat sinister end to the arc, very well done.
cud-b-better chapter 21 . 3/22/2015
NOOOOOO! Sobs, you really are good at jerking the tears out of people. Haiiro was the best and now. Their friendship was the best and so dynamic, this story constantly jumps from funny to outright upsetting. Where do poltergeists go when destroyed? You maybe gone but never forgotten.
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