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Sentimental RainCloud chapter 21 . 3/4/2014
Aishiteru Haiiro-chi

This was a wonderful send off, I cried so hard. I wouldn't believe it. I can't. I don't understand. Why, just why?
Where was Yuriko, why did Hideki do that. I am upset. YURIKO YOU USELESS GIRL.
I don't know man, I just don't know.

Aishiteru Haiiro-chi, it's not nice to leave your brother behind, but I guess it's okay, you'll be with friends and he has friends where he is too. I loved this chapter so much. *goes to cry*
Sentimental RainCloud chapter 20 . 3/4/2014

Gosh, I almost began crying at the end there. Oppa. Fark! I did not see this coming, I didn't expect this, I just can't believe it. Why? When? How? Haiiro *squeezes Duck* it will be okay buddy, just hang in there. You'll be fine. *beats up Oppa* The bad author won't be able to hurt you anymore.
Dog pls chapter 22 . 3/4/2014
Barely a hundred words into the chapter—


I hope you’re proud of what you did. I hope Yuriko dumps your ass hard.

Hard. I hope she bashes your face in and forces her cross down your throat. I’ll be looking forward to it.

Ahaha! The dick part made me laugh, at that moment, Kenichi was still Kenichi.

Oh no! What! He made Kenichi drink grandma’s soup! No! No! Shit. . .! That sneaky bastard!
I knew Kenichi knew exactly what he was doing, but even so, he could’ve been more careful. . .

Aahh. . .

I’m really sorry, Katsu-chin. After all that’s happened in such a short span of time,
I kinda have no idea what to say.

I am literally, dumbfounded and speechless. In a good way, of course.

Though one thing is still certain, that this chapter is just perfect as ever.

The direction the story is going to leading to the final arc, I believe that third person limited with other’s perspectives (I’m guessing mainly Yuriko’s) will be perfect as Kenichi has lost his way. Of course, it’s no surprise that you’re able to orchestrate everything so masterfully, you are Katsu-chin after all!

It’s now up to those who loves him to bring him back.

Bring him back. I know you can.

Once again, thank you so much Katsu-chin, for your hard work.

I love Ghost Gunslinger so very much. Reading it has not only been so fun and it has made me so happy, but I’ve learned so much in terms of writing from it as well! I can’t thank you enough, really! I owe so much that I would be long arrested if it converted into a penalty!

Have a wonderful break, Katsu-chin! Go watch some slice-of-lifes to relieve some of the pent up stress! Go treat yourself to food that you like!

I’ll be looking forward to your return, Katsu-chin! Until then, stay safe and happy!
*haggles you with extreme intensity*
Sepha chapter 1 . 3/4/2014
Very engaging plot, I must say! The protagonist is quite likeable, and the characters are introduced in a good way!

I give you four and a half stars!
Ereh chapter 22 . 3/4/2014
Well, I wasn't expecting a happy ending for this arc after I read all those depressing chapters ever since this arc started. Not that it's a problem. I believe this is the most effective ending for this arc. Though it's kind of abrupt since it left me some questions.

Sooooo Kenichi lost his memory? For some reason, I'm liking Bones. Maybe I'm really into villains eh? Is he a villain to begin with? XD

While I do went "Serves you right" to Hideaki after he received that uppercut from Kenichi, I still have this curiosity towards him. Maybe he's not really that much of an asshole like what others think so.

Ooohh changing of POV in the next arc, eh? I'm expecting some Yuriko moment this time! It's about time we get to know more of her.

All in all, I was satisfied. You gave Haiiro's past justice. That was really good. I just wish the next arc would be much much better! Keep on writing, but remember to take a rest from time to time. You've been working hard these past few days so reward yourself some rest!

Good job and all the best! Happy writing! X)
Ereh chapter 21 . 3/1/2014
Rest in peace, Haiiro. The most adorable poltergeist in the world. Your quacks and meows will be missed.

I knew it. A and B from the last omake will be a part of this arc. *shot*

Uwaaaaaaaaa... that was better than the previous arc. The drama here is superb! Amazing! Just wonderful! I'm not the type to cry easily but damn this backstory hit right in the feels! Damn you, Katsu! DX

And while everyone is hating Hideaki, I'm going to repeat this. I can't seem to hate him. We really can't blame him. He's just doing his job. Well, he could have put a little bit of mercy or tried to be considerate. Still, I can't blame him. He just fulfilled his job. Who knows? Maybe it's also hard for our bishie to do such thing, right?

I can't say the right word to describe how awesome this story has become. Seriously. No wonder this was my first officially faved story in FP. You're just that good. ;)
Dog pls chapter 21 . 3/1/2014
I love you, Haiiro.

From the very beginning I have, and know that I always will.

You will forever stay in my heart, and in Kenichi's and in Yuriko's, and in Natsumi's Aiko's, Shun's, and Junichi's. I look forward to meeting you personally when my time to traverse to the next reality has come. I promise to bring a giant rubber ducky along, big enough to fit two hundred of you inside. Then we can throw it into rivers together and make a lot of people panic. And we can go pillage candy together with Kenichi. We’ll take on the biggest and best candies. I promise, when we meet, I’ll give you a really tight hug and kiss your adorable head.

Just as you did with Kenichi and everyone else, you made me feel happy more than you could ever imagine. And I’ll have to find out how to repay you one day. And I promise I will. Rest well, brother. I love you. We all do.

Now then.

There are some things in this world that cannot be forgiven.

There are some cruelties done that must not go unpunished.

He was going back, you know. He was holding on as hard as he could. Kenichi has already held on to his hand, but you forcefully dragged him away, plunging Haiiro into the deepest ire imaginable. Do you understand the gravity of what you’ve done? You probably don’t. You don’t know what true happiness is like. You don’t know humility, purity, and joy is really like. You probably take Yuriko for granted. You don’t deserve to exist.

Not even Hell would take a bastard like you. Your soul deserves to be removed from existence, deprived of any chance of incarnation or reincarnation. You are dirtier than the dark side of Satan’s testicles, and no curse word currently existing is vile enough to describe you.

I would kill you with my own hands if I could. And I will. I will not address you by your name, as you are even unworthy of one.

Well then.
Katsu-chin. Please excuse me, as I can't hold back.

*takes a deep breath*
*places left hand on chest, and points right hand at the enemy*


Entering trance. Establishing connection with the Core of Mana. Connection successful. Trance complete.

I hereby calleth into me all the spirits and powers of my children.

Stand where I stand.

I am we. And we is I.

As long as they exist, I too, shall continue to be, for all eternity.

For I am we, and we is I.

I have many names, and many more names to be called.

I hereby summon the ultimate power, the power to crush anything.

It is time to unleash them, in order to defeat one who does not deserve to exist in any world, physical or spiritual in dimension.

Let us begin the end.

The last verse, the true end.

All evil shall be vanquished by the never-ending flames, and a new world shall be born.

Final Assault.
Faith Buster, Ultima.
kingofe3 chapter 21 . 2/28/2014
*weeps for the fallen brother* Haiiro... man... His time was too soon, dammit! That f*cking bishie! I hope he dies a miserable death! He is officially the worst character in the history of fiction! *murders him brutally*

The small backstory only made the departure more painful and memorable. R.I.P Haiiro and may you quack your ducks in heaven. *pours champagne over his grave wherever it was*
xXxd chapter 21 . 2/28/2014
"My screams died along with the disappearence of red" - You must have seen Hideaki wearing red lacy lingerie right?

Haiiro, which part of Kenichi did you squeeze uh, when you trapped him inside your rubber ducky *v*?

"He gladly acted out the epic tales of fantasy conquests with Haiiro," Just a small error. Kenichi haven't give Haiiro his name at this point of time yet.

Haiiro has anger management issues eh?

Well, I think you did a better job here in stretching out the background story in this arc, as compared to the previous Sayuri arc.


He was gone? Seriously? Is that the reason why Haiiro has been going to the church?! Just so he can get a place in heaven?!

And WTH, Kenichi? You are seriously planning on joining him as soon as you are done? IS THIS A RED HERRING OR REAL FORESHADOWING?!
Y. S. Wong chapter 21 . 2/28/2014
Backstory. (*w*)

Designed to make the feelz hurt even moar. ;(tilde);

Flawlessly executed, Katsu Roll.
Y. S. Wong chapter 20 . 2/28/2014
I like your description this chapter. (*w*)


The weaving of the candy store story into the rest of the chapter was a nice touch though. My, you're in tip-top form these days.
Ereh chapter 20 . 2/27/2014
HOLY SH*T! Just what in the world happened? D:

That was one unexpected plot twist! At least we're finally getting the truth about our lovely poltergeist. Didn't expect he was that dangerous. Can't blame Hideaki too. He's just doing his job as an exorcist. I can't seem to hate him at all.

I gotta commend you for writing this chapter. First part gave the horror feels though not as creepy as one would expect. Still, it was well done. Next, the snippets of flashbacks inserted between scenes. That was just awesome. I learned something lol!

Dude, update! Sh*t's getting serious and exciting!

PLOT TWIST: The red thing Kenichi saw was actually Hideaki's pantsu. *exorcised*
Dog pls chapter 20 . 2/26/2014
Damn it, Katsu-chin! My body is not yet ready for this! ;w;

Oh lord, I just have to write a lot more or else I'll never be able to catch up to your greatness. Not to mention that Ghost Gunslinger gets even better and better and BETTER with each passing chapter. It's like evolving at such a crazy fast rate, and I'm loving every moment of it. Your writing, is, literally, god-like.

Without further ado, *ahem*
It's time for the annual faithshinkou Manga Story Award! Let's do this!

The winner of this AND last year's Best Manga Story Award is none other than. . .

But wait, there's more!
Ghost Gunslinger is also the proponent of numerous other awards!
Best Original Story!
Best Original Concept!
Best Original Setting!
Best Writing and Prose!
Best Comedy!
and Best Drama!

In addition, are the character awards!
Best Male Protagonist goes to Kenichi whateverishislastname!
Best Female Protagonist goes to Yuriko Yagami!
Best Couple goes to KenKo!
Best Sidekick/Best friend goes to Haiiro!
Cutest Character also goes to Haiiro!
Best Mentor Character goes to Ryou!
And last but definitely the least, Best D**khead As**ole B*tch Mo**erf*cker Piece-of-S**t goes to Hideaki Yamamoto! Go kill yourself with an an*l umbrella! :3

Thank you very much, and that's it for this year's faithshinkou awards! *bows down*

I loved the layout and the flow of this chapter. It was just the best. The crossing flashbacks that eventually pieced together into the truth was just magnificently and perfectly executed. I'll have to train and write lots and lots more to be able to do it like you do.

Haiiro. Know that I love you. And that Kenichi loves you. And Yuriko does too. So I believe you. You can get over this.

Hideaki, go cut your own d*ck and eat it. Afterwards, go get run over by a train. Assuming you're still alive after that, put a gun on your prostate and shoot. You don't deserve to be in this world. You don't deserve Yuriko. Not even Hell would take a bastard like you. I hate you. I hate you with all of my heart. I swear, if anything happens to Haiiro, I will let you experience something worse than all Hells combined.

Nevertheless, this was, yet another perfect chapter. You are the best, Katsu-chin. For me, you are.
kingofe3 chapter 20 . 2/25/2014
The hell just happened...
Is Haiiro... did Hideaki... Kenichi he...
What a way to twist us, Katsu. What a freaking way. I don't believe there's anymore I have to say then...
xXxd chapter 20 . 2/25/2014
Dayum, I should've known the plot would turn out this way, judging from the previous chapter where Yuriko and Kenichi pulled off a similar Robin Hood heist.

Childrens seemed to be the focus for the past few chapters... perhaps Kenichi had worked at a child care!

I see a bit of horror mixed in the beginning. You got me well.

What kind of ending is that?! What red thing did you see?! Panties?! Lingeries?!
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