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Tomoyuki Tanaka chapter 24 . 3/14/2015
What the hell?! Takeshi is the Crimson King? Really? Um, okay. I didn't see that coming. Poor Ryou, he never knew what hit him. That nurse is a bitch, though. I suspect she'll get what she deserves and Ryou will be laughing his head off at her. Or just staring at her and saying his usual one-word sentences. "Ha." Or "Funny."

Oh man. What happened to the girl Yuriko gave her toys to? Did she...die? Is she a ghost now? Things have gone really dark now, huh. There's still some humor here and there, but it's mostly dark now. Ouch. Anyway, looking forward to the next chapter.

And Yuriko, nobody needed to give Kenichi permission. He has the right to do whatever he wants.
some1eleven chapter 23 . 3/9/2015
YES RI-CHI! SLAP THAT BISHIE! SLAP HIM HARD! Oh goodness, that was bliss. I'm not often happy to be right, but it's definitely one of these times. Though... It seems there is something far more sinister to the bishie than I first suspected O_o;

The new arc starts on a very sinister note in general. Free of Kenichii's perspective, we get to find out what happens behind the scenes. Frankly speaking, I love to hate what I see :\ So far, we've seen the dark, dirty secrets of the main characters (mortal and not-quite-mortal). Now we find out that the big shots of the otherworld have skeletons in their closets too... Just how awful is it going to get? And how much depth does it add to the whole story *w*

The final scene was amazing. After all the silliness and emotional moments, you serve us a menacing murder scene (whether real or not?...). It sounds like something way out of your usual comfort zone - and yet, it's perfect O.o Starting from the boiling cauldron of negative emotions walking on two legs (the victim) down to the brutality of the 'bet'... It's chilling, it's ugly, and it still reads so good. The new Kenichii is... Pretty much everything a good villain should be O_O I can't recognise him, I have every reason to hate him, and yet I have to admit- he's also just plain awesome.

There are a few things that could use some technical polishing (mostly towards the beginning. It's obvious you got back into saddle as you wrote u b), but in general, the new arc starts with a blast. I hope you'll keep it coming, Katsu-san. I didn't have to wait for it as long as the others, but you've sure proven that I should be looking forward to it :]
xXxd chapter 23 . 3/6/2015
Reading this 2am in the morning isn't exactly the best idea, but your third person prose is easy to absorb, so here goes my (troll) review.

Damn Bones, crafty as usual. You won't get away with cheating old soup lady's feelings.

Damn female classmates, gossiping behind others' back as usual. You girls will forever remain as Hideaki's fans and nothing more.

Damn Hideaki, for breaking Yuriko's heart. Your seductive tactics won't work on her anymore, not even if you buy a new rubber ducky.

Damn imposter/doppelganger, killing a drunk insurance agent. You won't get away with tarnishing Kenichi's reputation. The original will hunt you down.
Daniel Kozaki chapter 15 . 3/6/2015
And! Before I knew it, got back for another bowl of Katsu-don!
Ah, fake fat man.
Knocking of a tooth from your future father-in-law in disguise is... well, befits Kenichi's luck.
'Damn, you got me, chant-decipherer. Time to switch to counting kitty ducks.' - lol
No more 'baka hentai'? Oh dear, I sense a descent towards darkness and angst for the storyline...
Oh mai, Zwei-kun, is that you?
'"Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah (Read: Too lazy to list the tedious details)..."' - the world as seen through Ken-kun's eyes. XD
'"Meow!"' - lol
Drawing... a rubber duck? But... no amount of art can give it justice!
Manga-esque school art duel. Check. What does GG not have?
'There were girls with similar body builds as their male counterparts, and they weren't shy about showing them off.' - lol thank you for that mental image! Ow...
'The screams which followed were of sufficient vindication.' - This. This.
And that ending.

Good job on making every chapter narrated through the lenses of emotion that Kenichi experiences. In this one, jealousy. The tone reminds me to Unfinished RPG, with humor sandwiched in between every once in a while. But with visible and felt improvements. Yes, a step up from the last chapters.

And good luck with the final arc. ;)
Benedict A.86 chapter 23 . 3/6/2015
O, what a dark and tumbled take you twist!

Skillfully spun sinews of a story silenced to a hiss.

But, mayhap a boon, for those who list,

Bring laughter at the close? At the pass of slaughter?

A plea: "Mirth find me. My kingdom for laughter."
Dog pls chapter 23 . 3/6/2015
Two words.

Still. Perfect.

And I’ll tell you why.

You haven’t lost it. You haven’t lost any of it. In fact, I can say with full confidence that this is just. . . oh I love this so much. It’s so hard to put into words. No amount of words can ever capture how much I love this. If I could marry this story, I will. If I could have a copy of it inside of my coffin as I am laid to my final resting place, so that I could read it endlessly over and over in the afterlife, I will.

That first scene. Oh my god. Oh my god. Do you know? DO YOU KNOW? Do you know how much shivers I had when I read that part with “Aww, grandma, why won’t you let me drink your soup? I’m like your number one fan!” and the soup lady turned around and it was actually Bones. . .! Do you know much I shivered like, so deep inside?! How that reached into my entire being like the whole world just shook? ARGH! AAAAH! That was perfect! So perfect! AAAAH! I swear, my brother came over worried because I was really visibly shaking! AAAH AND IT FELT SO AWESOME!

Zordandevis. Damn. If there was ever a cool-er, evil-er sounding name for a villain I’d. . .! HHNNG! Just his name makes it worth seeing how it all ends! It gives me chills! I could feel the evil! That’s what a good villain is! He hasn’t done much yet, but his presence is just overwhelming and what he has in plan is just. . . I can just see that it’s set out to really hurt a lot of people and I really should brace myself for it!

This is just. . . so exciting! I want to know who the Soup lady really is as a whole, and I can really feel how she’s a cornerstone from here on out, and that she had always has been! RRRGH! I’m so sorry for the sudden grunts, I just AAAH! I can’t calm down properly enough to write this review, damn it!

Midori is back. . . ! Yes! Alright, I can feel that she’ll really play a big part from here on out, and I just love it! You can just feel how this is the point where everything will start to rise up to the big conclusion. Everyone will be there, and everything will drip down all at once. MIDORI, YOU CAN DO IT! They need you! I believe in you too!

Katsu-chin, your vocabulary. . .! It’s so much more sharp and polished and even I’m having a hard time at some points to keep up with some of the words, but that doesn’t take away anything from it at all! If anything, it just shows that you just keep on getting better in what you do and just. . . HNNGH!

The flow too! It’s just the same as it was back then, and it’s even better! It’s so smooth and so comfortable, and it takes no stress at all to read it and it’s just so, so fun! WAAAH! JUST YOU WAIT, I’M GOING TO BE WRITING MORE AND MORE TOO! AAAHHH I WANT TO WRITE SO MUCH RIGHT NOW! AND I WANT THE NEXT CHAPTER TOO!

I love the transition from the last arc. Evidently, some things happened in between, like Yuriko finding out what happened to Haiiro (and possibly to Kenichi at this point). Even though it’s been a while since I finished the second arc, everything just started coming back as I continued to read through the chapter. It was. . . so amazing. Everything started to come back. The emotions. The memories. It came down crashing back into my chest like a waterfall and it was just. . . oh god. Oh my god.

That minimalist perfection. Those small yet perfect placement of details! Like the notes Midori passed, and Yuriko’s slap! It’s all so clear and it all moves with life! I want to be able to write like this! I wish I could write so much with so few words! (TwT)

Ahahaha, I think I’ve finally calmed down. I’m so sorry for the violent, erratic, unstable writing above, I just couldn’t help myself. The impact to me was just so powerful. I love it. I needn’t say anything anymore, but just that I love it, and I can’t wait for the next chapter.

I feel so happy right now after reading GG. Thesis writing at university really is messing me up so much. It’s so restrictive and uncomfortable and I feel like it’s ruining my imagination. It’s nothing like writing stories. Creating words. Creating life. Research writing and academic, scientific writing in general, for me, is just. . . painful and horrible. So dull and lifeless. I can’t even say what I want so say without citing somebody else and I just find that so frustrating. I can’t wait to going back to writing stories.

Thank you so much. This new chapter of GG did so much more for me than just make me happy and have a good time. It reminded me of what’s truly beautiful. Of what I love doing. Of what is home to me, where I belong.

I should get that stupid thesis done right away so I can get back to doing what I love.

Thank you, Katsu-chin. Now don’t you dare take too long for the next chapter, okay? But don't you rush it, either! :3

Once again, thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart. (bows)
Tomoyuki Tanaka chapter 23 . 3/6/2015
HELL YEAH! You are BACK! WOOHOO! You're finally back! I've been waiting for this! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

The darkness is, well, sad, but...I guess it's necessary to develop the tale. Wish for more of the old humor, but we can't have everything in life. Besides, the story itself is getting better and better, so no complaints. For Kenichi!
Daniel Kozaki chapter 14 . 3/3/2015
New arc yay!
[Training, Mirror and Exorcist]
'Dozens of unconscious souls floated facedown on the surface of bubbling pits...' - [face down]
So it begins... with a dude in skirts, as expected of Katsu. Is he by any chance Scottish, I wonder?
'A subsequent discussion with Takeshi lead to the proposal...' - [led]
'"You forgot to zip your skirt."' '...and showed me the things that I would have preferred not to see.' 'One that involved smacking C's fleshy buttocks so hard...' - why thank you for all those delightful mental image, good sir! Ugh...
As laidback as always, Ken, keep up at this pace and Yuriko will turn old before you get anywhere significant.
The Judge fell... in love. o_o A unique setup alright.
'"You never quite took down that mask of yours, did you?"' - Ouch. Deep.
Joss sticks. Ow.
'That remark proved sufficient enough to fire up whatever manliness I had left remaining in my reserve.' - lol. Uh... does this come from days in the military service, Katsu-dono?
Meowing duck. I'm confused... ;(tilde);
'The choice of honorifics were certainly intriguing...' - [was]
'"...did Yagami-sama undergo a sex change operation or something?"' - well that escalated quickly.
And Mr. Idiot gets teamed up with Mr. Perfect Bishounen. Should be fun. :3

To quote someone, 'Kenichi will soon run out of letters of the alphabet to address people as.'
some1eleven chapter 22 . 3/1/2015
"Do you know when people joke? When they're scared. They see something and they're so frightened they can't take it. So, they laugh it off. Because when it's all shit and giggles, there's no way it can be a serious business, right? And when it's not, you have to look it straight in the face and say, 'holy crap, this is real'. That's why people joke. It's how they run away."

While I'm not quite comfortable quoting one of my own characters, I can't find a better way to sum up this second arc q.q

What we took for the main themes of the story turned out to be just painting over dirt, a merry illusion hiding a score of ugly, depressing truths. All the crack and jokes were little more than symptoms of something much darker hiding beneath the surface. I don't know if you were aiming for a Nakige formula, but it's executed to perfection. Not only you turn the atmosphere of the story upside-down, but the paradigm shift robs the reader of everything they knew so far. Here we were just a few chapters ago, laughing at some antics, customs, habits and running jokes that appeared purely comedic... Only to find out that in fact, we were laughing at something deeply tragic O_O

To make it even worse, the characters are thrown into as much tumoil as we are.

To Kenichii, it's as much of a revelation as it is to us, although without doubt it's far more painful. What's more, where we simply didn't know what we're reading, he was actively running away from it. In a way, it's as nice to the reader as it is cruel towards him - it gives us a chance to say 'we had no idea we're laughing at something so wrong' in our defence. In another, it means that the news just hit us harder. Much like Kenichii, I felt that the ending swept me off my feet. No wonder it gets such an emotional reception q.q

Still, Kenichii... FFS, don't make a literal deal with a devil while emotionally unhinged O_o; Having several experiences with that state when you just stop feeling anything, I can swear that it'll pass. It might take some time, but it's always temporary. And then, you'll wake up with no way out of your deal q.q
... but then again, how are you supposed to know? After all, like most *everything*, it's new to you :(

On the bright side, maybe it will tear the Yuriko x Annoying Bishie ship apart. It's the first time when we see him make an actual important choice. I wonder how Yuriko will take to her crush killing Haiiro? If there's anything that could put cracks on that crystal image, then it's that. Let's hope that it does, and that she'll find what it takes to make things right. After everything that happened so far, I'd love the final arc to give our heroes a happy ending.

Somehow, however, I'm not exepecting it anymore ._. At best, only a bittersweet one. With a bigger emphasis of 'bitter' than 'sweet'.

Not that it makes me look forward to it any less :) I know that heavy content like that can be very draining, but I hope you'll treat us with yet another arc sometime soon. You delivered an absolutely amazing story so far, Katsu-san... And it's an awful moment for a long cliffhanger! ;)
some1eleven chapter 21 . 2/28/2015
I love it when a story comes together. That moment when you look back at what you read, and out of sudden you see a whole new big picture. This story... It comes together just beautifully.

Every small detail. Every quirk, every weird custom, each mannerism that made my eyebrows rise. All the tiny things that gave me the feeling that both the story and the narrator are some strange patchwork, a dream-like soup of elements that have nothing in common except for water they're boiling in. If only I knew how close I was to the truth ._.'

On top of that, I can't marvel enough how well did you tackle your main topic: A 'blank slate' ghost protagonist. From the way he desperately grabs the 'inspirations' for his behaviour to his detachment from the whole world to the moment when he's found by someone who can hear him... I never thought I'd use such a praise, but I've never seen such a deep flat character. While normally you'd expect a protagonist to be defined by his/her traits, personality, story or the people s/he met, Kenichii is defined by the lack of them. It defines him so strongly, too. The moment I realised why he's *always* talking to himself I had to hold myself from bursting to tears (in a crowded train compartment, no less) Y_Y

You did some incredible work. Not just on this chapter, but on the work as a whole. Keeping it all that coherent while leading your readers by the nose, letting them believe they're reading simple senseless crack... That's just admirable v b
some1eleven chapter 20 . 2/28/2015
. . .

So that's why.

No wonder the whole narration felt so surreal o.O Or that Kenichii sounded like he was going through a dream. In a way... He was? :(

(For God's sake, Kenichii, just shoot the damn bishounen already. You'd do the world a favour :\ )
Guest chapter 18 . 2/28/2015
*faints from suffocation after holding breath for the entire chapter* THAT WAS AWESOME! I mean, in a clearly sad, horrible, painful way ; u ;

If I still had any doubts, then they've all been dispelled. That was enough bittersweetness to win me over, and then some. Absolutely beautiful, Katsu-san. You certainly know how to make yourself a fan out of an unrequitted love story sucker ; u ;

All the impressions that the story isn't real are long since exorcised, too. This whole chapter was sheer flesh and blood, as much as a date with a ghost could possibly be :}
some1eleven chapter 15 . 2/27/2015
O_o; To think I said Kenichii didn't feel real just a few chapters ago. Goodness, how much character development is there in this final part? :o

It's only all more delicious since Kenichii has got so little to his name otherwise. Just his hat, his revolver, his gunslinger persona, his work for the T-Corp, one poltergeist with a duck... And a tempest of feelings, all revolving around one girl. There's just no way he's going to let this love go easily, no matter how much he might wish to. He simply has too little to hold onto to let anything go :(
I've got to say, Katsu-san, I'm a major sucker for unrequitted love stories. So far, Ghost Gunslinger turns out to be a real treat in that regard ; v ;
some1eleven chapter 13 . 2/27/2015
*sighs and facepalms* Baka hentai -_-;;
some1eleven chapter 12 . 2/27/2015
"Eleven: The Drawing of Three" Oh my God, what did I do? QQ It's a gorgerous pun, though. Especially for a "Ghost Gunslinger" story :)

I have to say, I found the first arc... Weird. Really, *really* weird. At first I thought it was a matter of all the crack content, but after a few chapters I realised it's something else.

"Ghost Gunslinger" doesn't feel real.

Reading the story so far felt strangely like dreaming. A string of scenes, events, characters and ideas that are tied together by some blurry, hidden logic that I can't quite grasp. The feeling that Kenichi just acknowledges all the crack, all the randomness, every new nonsensical character, accessory or development like there was nothing strange about it. The impression that the reality bends each time something bizarre happens to contain it, changes so that it becomes nothing out of ordinary. Even the fact that every other character can hear Kenichii's internal monologues O.o'

All of it left me with an impression that I dreamt "Ghost Gunslinger" rather than read it. I can remember all the crucial events, but not *how* I found out about them. Even more, there were many times when I felt completely disoriented while reading. Much like in a dream, I couldn't remember what I read just moments ago or tell whether it was important or not. I could summarise the most crucial events of this arc, but... If I were to tell what it was all about, I'd draw a blank :\

I wouldn't say that it's a bad thing. After all, what else should I expect of a story called *GHOST* Gunslinger? :3 In a way, that strange, unreal quality is so very fitting. In another, it's also a major charm point of the story. I have to admit, however, that it also made it kinda difficult to get immersed into the book. Up until the final chapters of the arc, it felt a lot like wandering in fog - it's definitely very atmospheric, but at the same time it makes me wish I could understand where I'm going. Or where I even am, for that matter :)

One of the major factors into it - good, bad, ugly or just carrying a gun - is that Kenichii doesn't feel real, either.

It shouldn't be all that surprising since he's the narrator, and the whole world feels like a dream. Why would he perceive himself any different? Still, as one of the characters said, "It's not like just because we talked briefly, you've got a full character profile for me in a .doc file". I have been with Kenichii for 11 chapters now, and I don't have it, either. In fact - barring the last two or three chapters, perhaps - I'd be hard pressed to say anything about his character at all :o

Furthermore, I don't think that Kenichii has got that .doc file himself, either.

For some reason, Kenichii feels extremely detached both from himself and the whole world around him. Most of what we learn about him is either rather superficial ("he's not much of a fighter material") or comes from the outside ("Yuriko thinks he's a baka hentai"). There's little that shows his character, values, convictions, emotions; in fact, for most of the time, he leaves an impression as though nothing of it was real to *him* in the first place. Neither he nor the events, none of this is really happening. It's just some story he's watching together with us. He just happens to do it from the first person point of view ._. (Is someone in a major denial here?...)
Again, it's a huge hit and miss at the same time. I'm 95% sure that's what gives the narration this dream-like quality (and makes it so charming), it's deeply grounded into the story (Kenichii's amnesia)... But at the same time, it makes it hard to invest into Kenichii as a narrator :\ If the narrator himself doesn't seem to care all that much about the story, then should I do that as a reader?...

That's why the emotional conclussion to the arc is a real breath of life into the story :) This chapter was just plain beautiful. Sayuri's story is so vivid and emotional, it comes as a real shock. Especially after Kenichii's dream-like narration, it hits like a hammer. Crystal clear, perfectly coherent, completely honest and just plain alive, it's a true tear-jerker. I don't know whether you wished to contrast these two - the gunslinger with no identity or memories and a girl who had almost too many things that defined her as a person - but you certainly succeeded at that. It's one of these chapters that'll keep haunting me for a long time after I'm done reading them :)

All in all, I can't shake off the feeling that GG is far more than it lets on. The first arc left me feeling confused, lost, disoriented... And wishing to find out more. Somehow, I have no doubts that I'm up for a big surprise. And one that I'll remember fondly for a long time X3

So with one wall of text out, onwards to the next arc!
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