Reviews for 79 Human
poisedtokill chapter 1 . 1/11/2013
A lot of these lines really struck home with me. Especially "Stuck in a dream world that's infinitely better than reality."

I really am a hopeless space cadet, and a lot of people have judged me for it. Written me off as "strange."

All I can really say would just be trite and cliche, but here goes anyways: being a little "off" isn't so bad. Think about it. So you really want to be "normal." Sounds so boring, right? I have written on and off for a while. I wish I could stick to a schedule and write six hours a day an just come up with awesome stuff through sheer will and determination if nothing else. But... That hasn't been the case. Still, I'm a better writer than /most/ people and I attribute that one singular talent to being a little strange and having my head in the clouds.