Reviews for An Old Man's Tale
Erika.Carpenter chapter 2 . 1/13/2013
Hmmmm... makes one wonder about that werewolf skin on Drake's office floor doesn't it? (Insert Evil Maniacal Laughter here)... Guess you gotta read my stories to find that out... while I am allowing Darkmoon to use my universe and fill in a few blanks and throw out some serious teasers... don't be disappointed if there are no huge reveals about the Nox Chronicles here... about Jin's life and family history however... well even I'm not to sure and am waiting with anticipation to read about it!

And Babe as usual funny as hell and fantastically written can't wait for more!
Erika.Carpenter chapter 1 . 1/12/2013
Fantastic to see the story from an outside perspective. And I couldn't ask for a better person to write it then the one who inspired me to write the books anyway! Too cool... thanks for the use of Sensei Kume in my story and thank you for writing this perspective for me! The Old Kume's are great for a laugh. And thanks for the SHAMELESS pimping of In the Heart of Darkness! it's appreciated!