Reviews for Dark Times
SilentMonnlight chapter 1 . 3/24/2013
Name: Rowan Fletcher

Age: 20

Classes: Mage-sage-Arch Sage(knives)

Appearance: is tall and slender, has short pixie cut dark brown hair , has an olive skin tone, and a collection of swirls starting from her left shoulder running down her back.

Sexual preference: straight

Personality:She is quite sharp tongued and never censors what she says, she is not afraid to use sharp witted retorts and sarcasm and often scoffs down at something. she isn't afraid to take the credit for something she did because she believes she deserves it but hates it when people push the blame on her. she always is baiting for a fight and always wants to prove herself. she hates being told what to do. she always gets to the point and is very stubborn and often never changes her mind. She always believes that if she works towards to something that she will get it. She is always taking risks and is an expert at lying and scheming . She also has a strong sense of right and wrong and will help people who have been wronged or who seek revenge. She often is quite arrogant and believes she is right. She also seems quite emotionless , cold and snarky

Likes: practicing magic, deducing people, taking risks and being right, sketching , dusk , being at high places , being active, or acting with her knives.

Dislikes: being weak, showing weakness , being still, taking orders

History: when she was a baby he was severely ill so her parents called upon an arch sage to help. Which he did but the price was that she had to join when she was 10. Her parents were reluctant to let her go but they did. Throughout her training she was often bullied by the other trainees as being thought of as weak. So she was determined to prove them wronged and trained twice as hard meaning she specialised in her first element, fire , quickly. So she moved up class. And trained in the other two elements by this time bandits had been invading the region where she was located so her and some fellow novices went to deal with them. One time an arch sage, the one who saved her when she was young , got kidnapped and she saved him. So he named her his successor and gave her the class of arch sage. From that moment on she has been training with her knives to be the best she can.

Romance: sure thing but she has commitment issues

Other: she has a pretty good aim with a knife and sh prefers using the element fire
For Agrippa's Sake chapter 1 . 1/23/2013
Name: Margaret 'Maggie' Poynter
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Class: Thief – Dagger
Appearance: She is average height but her confidence can make her seem taller. Her eyes are a pure blue-green color and are rimmed with long dark brown lashes. Her dark red hair goes, in waves, down to her mid-back. Her cheeks are full and occasionally, when she spends too much time in the sun, are littered with freckles.
Sexual Preference : Bisexual
Personality: because of her harsh past she has learned to fend for herself. She has no problem with using her feminine wiles to get what she wants. She was betrayed when she was young so she trusts no one and is more often than not the one who deceive people. She is confidant, loud, and sometimes raunchy. She doesn't hold back, speaks her mind and conscience seems nonexistent, but that is how she prefers it. She doesn't let people close to her real self. She does her best to gain people's trust so that she can have supporters in times of trouble but to earn her trust one would have to save her life, know her for a very long time, or do something incredibly noble.
Likes: She likes being in command. She also makes it her mission to help women find that they can be as strong as any man. She loves the forests and valleys and dislikes the crowds of large cities. She is also a dog lover and is known to sometimes keep one as a companion. She loves trees and can climb very well. She is also a fairly good horse rider but, if possible, she prefers to stay on her feet.
Dislikes: Unlike many of the members of her group she does not hate every man, just the type of man that owned her. She is just fine with more innocent types of men. She hates being confined and has a case of acute claustrophobia. She also dislikes battle, she doesn't like to be in immediate danger and prefers stealth.
History: She was born into a very poor family. When she was around 15 she got caught up into a bad crowd. She fell in love with a man who she trusted. He ended up betraying her and selling her to slavers. She eventually ended up in a brothel. Needless to say she didn't have a great time there and was forced to work as a prostitute. At first she found no friendly faces there. They didn't expect her to survive there. She was strong-willed and confidant. Often, she tried to escape and still, even after being reprimanded, she remained herself, unbroken. She eventually gained the trust of the other women held captive there and they revolted and escaped. She and the women didn't know what to do with their newly-found freedom. The only things they possessed were their knowledge that they gained from the brother, shame in what they had been forced to do, and a hatred for the society that let that happen to them. They all decided that they would get back at society. They created a group of bandits (At that point in time she was about 19) They terrorize and steal from men and allow any woman who wants to join them. They have never been caught yet but that can change during the story.

Romance: Yes. Because of her first unfortunate romance may have trouble accepting someone as her love but that will just make the story more interesting. chapter 1 . 1/19/2013
Name: Jaya

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Classes: Pegasus Knight (lance only) (female) - Falcon Knight (gains swords) - Seraph Knight

Appearance: Long white blonde hair, one green eye, one purple.

Sexual Preference: Straight

Personality:Jaya is very strong and corageous, but her willingness to help others may put her life on the line.

Likes: Dancing, sunsets, good companions.

Dislikes: betrayals, and spicy foods.

History: Jaya was abandoned at a young age and left to fend for herself. She became a Pegasus Knight to protect her country.

Romance: Yes

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