Reviews for Gently Into That Good Night
The Swan chapter 1 . 3/12/2013
I find this story very realistic and disturbing. It's probably not perfect, but it's something that I can understand, if not relate to. The theme is familiar, but frightening. It represents something that really does happen, and it handles the psychology of the victim well. My only real criticism is that, even though it's disturbing, I don't think it's strictly a horror story. It does remind me somewhat of portions of Stephen King's book, Rose Madder, but it doesn't have the terror or horror elements that his work does to make it fit into the genre. However, that is only my opinion. I like your work!
Soulless havok chapter 1 . 1/28/2013
Erm, no, not particularly happy.

So, I can't quite identify with the main character here, but I think that might be because I'm an unmarried single fellow with no one in my life to belittle me like that. Regardless, her emotions, her reactions felt natural and normal for someone with a damaged self-esteem. That much piqued my interest.

Then you go on, later in the piece, and stop short of specifying how long the abuse has gone on. You show us just how damaged she is, and anyone can recognize that it takes more than weeks or months, even years to slip this far from reality. So the answer is laid bare before us: far, far too long.

And in a flash, she's gone from self-loathing, hating what she sees as herself to praising her destroyer, begging his forgiveness. This transition feels frighteningly realistic. He is her security, however false that is, and she will do all in her power to keep that security. At any cost. It's a simple reaction and probably the most sane she could possibly have, but it's misguided. Many a desperate stride toward destruction posed and veiled as salvation. Not a very comforting image.

So, to sum this up, I liked it, if that wasn't obvious. Can't say the perspective is my favorite aspect, but you made it work with the content. I doubt it'd be quite so enthralling in a first-person narrative.

Well done.