Reviews for Tathered world
Cyborg chapter 1 . 10/10/2013
Name: Cassandra
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Class: Cleric
Starting Spells: Cure light wounds, create the illusion of a wall.
Protective Clothing: Cloak, heavy wool clothing.
Appearance: Brown hair in bob cut, brown eyes.
Personality: Tends to act as if she knows everything.
Likes: Books, riddles, puzzles, shiny stuff
Dislikes: Stupid people, blood.
History: Cassandra has been a cleric for two years.
Sexual Pref: straight
Jacki Thompson chapter 1 . 3/21/2013
Name: Nevver Morr

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Classes: Archer

Advanced Classes: Ranger

Appearance: A tall, willowy girl with brown hair, streaked with different shades of blue and with hazel eyes, the color of an oak's bark. She's got a scar on her back in the shape of a dragon; being part of a wizard's ritual that's not completed will do that to a person. Always carries a silver bow and arrows with blue tips.

Sexual Preference: Straight, but is really not interested in a relationship. Like, cut-off-your-head-if-you-flirt-with-me, not interested.

Personality: Very stiff, never shows any emotion, except if you can count anger and rage. If she did fall in love, it would be a very confusing thing for her and she would probably run off after a few kisses and if he admitted that he liked her as well.

Likes: Killing wizards and being left alone.

Dislikes: Crowds and anyone who uses magic.

History: Nevver's father was a wizard, and had always experimented unsafely with it. He tried to use her in a ritual as both a power source and a way to use the energy. But the ritual went wrong, and she was left with a scar on her back in the shape of a dragon and a deep hatred for wizards and anyone who uses magic.
Valkyrie99 chapter 1 . 1/22/2013
Name: Mi-Hyun Lee

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Race: Werebear

Classes: Mage- masters of spells

Advanced Classes (for later to advance to): Cleric for healing and better defensive spells

Starting Spell(s) (for mages): Silent Night, can turn black as the shadows to spy on anyone but cannot attack using this spell. Soul Shield, can amplify her power to form a dome like shield with a five foot radius. Frost Cast, can create a spear of pure ice.

Appearance: Long, wavy, mid-back length dark brown hair, brown almond shaped eyes, five feet two inches tall, peach colored skin, light freckles on nose and cheeks, slightly thick eyebrows, long nails that are extremely sharp, sharp, white canines, and red lips.

Sexual Preference: Bi-curious

Personality: Kind, silent, gentle, sharp witted, book smart, prefers to analyze her surroundings, open minded, and very motherly. She prefers not to fight but will if the situation calls for it and like a mother bear, if pushed far enough, she can exert amazing strength and rage. She can keep order within a group and when she loses control of her rage, goes on a violent rant in a level tone.

Likes: Fish, fruits, drawing, bold flavors, sewing, cooking, candy, reading

Dislikes: Vegetables, meat other than fish, people who are close minded, people who won't listen

History: Lived with an old human wizard who taught her spells, how to recognize several languages, and raised her as his own daughter. Once he died she took control of his book store and ran it.

Protective clothing (for mages): A floor length black fur cloak with the head of a bear for a hood; the fur is as strong as steel but light.
Curiouslylost chapter 1 . 1/18/2013

Age:103yrs. Looks around seventeen.



Classes: Rouge

Advanced Classes:Assassin

Starting Weapon Type(s):Daggers

Appearence:Tyren has green eyes and shaggy dark brown hair. He has a tatoo of thorned vines on his left shoulder and down his arm.

Sexual Preference:Bi

Personality: Tyren is a very dark soul. He broods on the past and keeps to himself. Rarely does he put his trust in anyone else let alone speak to anyone.

Likes:Quiet and dark places, Blood, Sleeping, Sparring

Dislikes:Sunlight, being blood deprived, being near others

History:Once a servant to the vampire lord, Tyren wanders aimlessly in the shadows brooding on the dark deeds he committed while in the lord's service.

Armor: none
Little purple bookworm chapter 1 . 1/19/2013
Name:Jess (short for Jessica)

race: werewolf

Advanced class:Assassin

Starting Weapon Type(s)(for warriors) or Spell(s) (for mages):

Appearance:tall brown wavy hair green eyes

Sexual Preference (gay, straight, bi, bi-curious or something I didn't list):Straight

Personality:Quiet, but will always fight for what she thinks is right. Hates people who are condsending and full of them selves.

Likes:Forests, quiet places, animals

Dislikes:loud, annoying people

History:Lives with her mom and brother in a small house by a forest, she feels her peaceful life was disrupted by the war

Armor:Very light, if anything at times

pm me if you have questions chapter 1 . 1/19/2013
Hi! It's me!

Name: Branwen

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Race:Elf- Best known for their healing magic and unparalleled marksmanship.

Appearance: Long, white hair that is usually elaboratly braided. Green eyes, pale skin, and short for an elf.

Sexual Preference: Straight

Personality: Funny, and ferosious. (Sorry for my bad spelling) Clever and outgoing. Smart.

Likes: Hunting, singing... running. Good food, and good companions.

Dislikes: People who get in her way, decivers

History: Branwen left her parents to go find some adventure and has been running around looking for some of that adventure.

Armor: Is this needed for my charcter?

Good Luck! Cookies Stars and Brofist!