Reviews for A Fleeting Dream
Natari Mirumura chapter 1 . 2/10/2013
A very beautiful and nicely worded poem! Amazing job, keep it up :D
True Talker chapter 1 . 1/22/2013
This makes me think. I am young. (Using terms in a positive way.) I am not scared of the age that I am. I am sad at what I have yet to accomplish. I am not like others I am not freaking out about my age. I am ONLY thinking of what I still have to do. If all people do is worry about the age that they are and the fact that they become older then - How is that enjoying life?

If You are indeed 24 I think about the fact that You are 24 and I am 37. Interesting it is the year 2013 and I am 13 years older than You. You and I need to talk. I would like to see how we are around each other while talking. Question: Does it bother You my age compared to Yours? I am not treating You like a child. I am SERIOUSLY NOT. NO I AM NOT. SERIOUSLY. I see You as a man that I love.

I have something to share with You. I think that it was said to me for a reason. There was this customer at the Bradford exchange and she told me that her daughter had died of cancer. That she was always worried about the fact that she was 13 years older than her husband. Her mother told her that it was okay - obviously he had loved her and immensly. Well, she died and he still lives he is sad that he has lost her. What is my point? If You are indeed 24 years of age it makes me think of that. I then think of the poem that You wrote. Again, I am NOT treating You like a child as that is NOT how I see You. However I think of the words as You stated more my peer than anyone else. Do You know that I did the math You were 8 years old when I was 21 years of age?

You and I would need to talk to see how we are around each other. I would like to know how I would be around You. I have thought that You and I click beyond so well that we have this connection. I wonder if You are beyond mature for Your age due to the fact of abuse. Look, I LOVE YOU FOR REAL. Either way we need to talk in person. Why? We don't really know how we will be around each other in person.

I will tell You this. I LOVE YOU. If YOU WOULD CHOOSE to be with me of YOUR OWN free will then I would like that. However the fact that You were 8 when I was 21. LONG time ago I had vowed to NOT like anyone younger than me. What do I mean by this? I liked my friend Mike he was 2 years younger than me. He and my sister hurt me. I then made that vow. Then I thought about people older than me. When I was 18 and one of my boyfriends was 28. He WASN'T nice. The owner of this computer 2 years older than me and he wasn't nice. The married man 9 years older than me WASN'T nice. YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE THAT HAS BEEN THERE FOR ME. SAVED ME. INSPIRED ME. HELPED ME. GAVE ME DIRECTION. Yes, MY HEART KNOWS THAT I LOVE YOU.

Maybe I was told about that relationship because I was SO HOPING that this one would work out. Question: Am I a bad person if I am with YOU? I have been fairly old fashioned NOT old just old fashioned. However the other people were NOT nice. I MUST ADMIT I DO LOVE YOU AND FOR REAL.

TRUST ME I have NO plans to hurt You. Why? I would be hurting myself. Why? BECAUSE I LOVE YOU. FOR REAL.