Reviews for Rooftop
Ashton Brooke chapter 1 . 1/24/2013
I'm going to start crying! It drives me crazy when I hear people say something like this because I know that no matter who you are and what you think someone DEFINITELY cares about you. Suicide doesn't solve anything - it only creates more depression and therefore more suicide.

(I'm sorry if this offends you but I'm going into preacher mode now :)

Also God does NOT want you to kill yourself. Have you ever heard about the going to hell if you commit suicide thing? I always thought that was very offensive but I understand it now. The reason why that's true is because God would NEVER tell you to kill yourself. Any and all suicidal thoughts are the work of the Devil, who wants to keep you from God. The Enemy wants to make sure that you'll never understand that Jesus loves you and that it would make Him distraught if you killed yourself. There are people out there who care, lots of them. And I can list of two for you real quick: me and Jesus :)

(I really hope that doesn't scare you off. I just recently became Christian and got saved and there's been a lot of people who are treating me like a leper now. Lindsay included. She hasn't spoken to me since I told her.)