Reviews for Challenges
DCU chapter 1 . 1/29/2013
So true...
"So why not assume...that straight out womb, I've been marked by a beast of some-kind?" -Chris Daughtry's Crazy.

This poem has a great message. But, personally, the stanza that is "imprinted" in my mind is " Something that prevents you from going forward.

The one thing that lives off of fear,

Confides in pain,

Conflicts love,

Smiles in the name of Misery.

I love the poem, I love the word-choice/placement, I love the style...and I love the thought BEHIND it. HOWEVER...I cannot FULLY see what you see. It is blurry...vague and too abstract for my mind to grasp. But I am glad YOU can see is quite a gift. Not many people see what others see...