Reviews for a peace agreement
Brandy chapter 1 . 2/4/2013
I struggled for a bit to uncover the symbolism in this poem. Sometimes your beautiful writing and eloquent word choice distract me from the analysis portion of the program. I thoroughly enjoyed that this wasn't the typical "I am a writer and I write." type of poem; I have read too many of those in my poetry scrutiny. Very nice!
tolerate chapter 1 . 2/4/2013
It's fascinating the way the poem looks like a table. The peace agreement reminds me of history and all wars, and the white flag makes it seem more so. The poem feels secretive, like a behind-the-scenes thing, all backstage and whispers. I don't think it's so much on the love side than it is on the war side. [Ink pen sinking into manufactured paper] would, of course, make us think of the signing of the contract. I think the [two hearts untrained that beat together in synchronization] isn't about love. I feel that because it's war, it's their thinking and what they want from the agreement that's the same, which is why their hearts are beating together in synchronization. [ should be illegal the way we melt together into one] makes me think of countries, or states, at least. There were countries that were close (in terms of distance) and I don't think that's the message you're trying to convey, but the poem makes me think of it that way.

The last two lines are good. I feel that the 'I' in the poem is a country that has surrendered, but [blood smeared on the tattered white flag] makes it look like even after the surrender, the fighting was still ongoing and it was only after a while that the peace agreement was signed.

That was how I interpreted the poem, and overall, it was genius and the best I've read all day.