Reviews for Safe Keeping
Soulless havok chapter 1 . 2/11/2013
This applies beyond feelings of romance and affection, as well. You have only to look towards human behavior to see the natural thirst for control (maybe over others, maybe over one's own self, that's not mine to decide).

This fits well with the last one I reviewed, 'Gently into that Good Night', as well. For obvious reasons.

As far as the language goes, this is orderly and well thought out. Nothing is out of place, the flow is constant through each of the stanzas, and nothing really distracts from it. This is solid all around, really, and there isn't much that is in my ability to question.

I don't usually review poetry, does that show? It doesn't really matter, because this is about as close to flawless as something can be.

Well done, really.