Reviews for Fishing for likes
True Talker chapter 1 . 2/12/2013
Reading this makes me think. I do tend to choose the click on this to feed animals that need food. Why? Animals need food. REALLY. Other than that yes I have put thought into some things before I have clicked liked. What do I mean by some things? If I am unsure as to what they do mean I may not click like. If I think that it may be taken another way. Like for example if it is a story about a shooting - I won't like it. Why? I then tend to think - Doesn't that mean that one is liking the crime? If I like the fact that the word is getting out in regards something I will like it and explain as to why.

Cancer is NOT good and it has to do with the bodies cells, chemicals and stress. Cancer is NOT good and it has been in my family more than 2 poeple. Maybe even more than 3 however I don't know everyone in my family and I don't know how my grandfather on my dad's side had died. Why don't I know things? Because my mother and my father didn't get along and when they divorced I was rather young and so I didn't get to know my dad's side of the family. Only a few however not many of them. And what of my mother's side - They lived in a different country.

I am barely on my Facebook. Why? Because I tend to be on here or elsewhere. I have also noticed that hours can fly by if I try to catch up on things. SERIOUSLY. I have had 15 hours go by easily before with being on Facebook also. That is a LOT of time when technically I do have other things to do. SERIOUSLY.

I do like Facebook for the connection that people can feel when communicating with others. I mean those that communicate with their family members there and the friends that they have in their life. I like Facebook for the encouragement of things and I do like it when it spreads awareness and feeling.

What is more is when people communicate person to each other as in face-to-face. Then the true sense of meaning of a connection can really sink in. The giving out of things in regards to Facebook to me is in regards to words and thanks. To allow all to feel appreciated and that yes they do matter. Those are the reasons why I do like Facebook and I am certain that there is more. What do I mean? If there is an unkown artist that wants to be heard Facebook is also good for that. At least I think that it can be including in regards to other types of networking sites too. Thank you for sharing this as it has made me think. Really.