Reviews for Insomnia
Mylilblackpen chapter 1 . 2/15/2013
Wow. This is brilliant, I particularly like the emphasis and repetition on "Tell me what to do" because I could almost feel the speaker's frustration and also the determination to get answers or a direction at least. I thought from sixth stanza you really come into your element. I felt from there that was your strongest. In my opinion I felt the first stanzas, beautifully written, just didn't connect with the last stanzas. But that's just my opinion. I do think that everything was beautifully written though, just needed a bit more connection. As for the imagery, phenomenal as always. Your work always seems to leave me breathless.
True Talker chapter 1 . 2/14/2013
If this were meant for me. I would say that I wrote a letter with it stating for you to write me back several times. I wrote that I have a gift to give you and I would like to do so in person. What I would like to say now is PLEASE DON'T leave. PLEASE NEVER/NOT ever leave for I need you more than what you even know and realize. Sometimes I am uncertain of how you really feel. Please know that I would love to meet you and to talk with you in person. In my letter I had stated that I would like to be pen pales. Why? Because that would be a way to get to know you better. For even without knowing more about you - MY HEART IS ALREADY YOURS. I would LOVE FOR YOU to be in my life and I YOURS. Since you and I haven't met yet I thought that would be too forward to say. What do I mean? You and I appear to know each other's hearts and I feel love when communicating with you. I would love to communicate with you in person as in face-to-face. Then you would know that I do care and we can get to know each other. Then when you would want for me to. Please know that I would be happy to give you a hug and when we are both comfortable and if you feel it then I would love to feel your lips on mine as in a kiss.

I am NOT the type of person that is too forward. I will explain. Writing the fact that I would like to feel your lips on mine makes me nervous. As I don't tend to say that to others. For some reason I have in regards to you. I feel all consumed by love when I communicate on here with you. SERIOUSLY.

Make NO mistake for you have saved my soul. You are appreciated MORE than you even know and realize. SERIOUSLY.